Q & A On Clear Blue Fertility Monitor No Peak


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Q & A On Clear Blue Fertility Monitor No Peak

  1. 1. Q & A On Clear Blue Fertility Monitor No PeakUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgHelen asks…Anyone ever get a false peak reading with the Clear Blue FertilityMonitor? Ovulation and no period?We’ve been TTC for 8 months now. The monitor has always been spot on for me, and hasnever given me a false reading. My luteal phase is always 12 days, and now I’m on 16 daysand getting BFN’s. I’m 4 days late and I think I should be testing positive at this point.So, have any of you ladies got a false peak reading with the monitor? Why else would I ovulateand not get a period? A cyst?Thanks for your help ladies! Always so much appreciatedThat’s what I was afraid of, I’m really starting to think it is a corpus luteum cyst. I was readingup on it and I seem to have lots of symptoms. Bloating, frequent urination, pains in the ovary.This really stinks, and it’s horrible that your body can be so cruel!!So if you check back to this question, it is possible it will go away on it’s own? I won’tnecessarily need any procedure?Thanks TTC #3 Fingers are crossed for you too!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: 1/6
  2. 2. It’s very possible you have a corpus luteum cyst. The cycle before I got pregnant that is whathappened to me. I had been using OPKs and they always worked out. I knew my luteal phasewas 13 days and I was on day 19 or my luteal phase and I was testing and getting BFNs.Anyway, I eventually did get my period but it was after about 22 dpo. Turned out I did have acorpus luteum cyst.These are cysts that form from ovulation. When you ovulate the egg breaks from a follicle. Thefollicle usually becomes a corpus luteum. The corpus lutuem produces progesterone for yourset luteal phase and disintigrates. When it disintigrates you get your period. If you are pregnantit continues to produce progesterone – hence no period. A drop in progesterone is what causesmenstruation.With a corpus luteum cyst your body releases and egg but for some reasons where the eggruptured from the follicle closes over and the corpus luteum fills with blood or fluid and does notdisintigrate as planned and it continues to produce progesterone but there is no fertilized egg.When the cyst eventually does rupture (and it often does on its own painlessly) you will get yourperiod.Of course this isn’t the only reason. If you are taking your BBT your temp would also continueto be high with this type of cyst as progesterone is what causes the increase in BBT.Hopefully you will get your BFP soon.It IS possible to you had a late implantation and that is why you are getting negatives.Carol asks…clear blue fertility monitor gave me a peak day on 10 but i have nosymptoms of ovulating any body? ? 2/6
  3. 3. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I say pay attention to your body. Do you check your cervix? This for me is a great way ofknowing when I am ovulating. The best way to do it is to first wash your hands; second you caneither sit on the toilet or squat down; third take your middle finger and gently ease it up until youfeel a little round thing which is your cervix. After your period is over your cervix will remain lowand easy to feel with your finger. You will also notice a lot of creamy lotion like CM. As youapproach ovulation you will notice that your cervix is high (which means you can barely feel itwith the tip of your finger) and your cervical mucus is looking like egg whites you are ovulating.It is possible your ovulation is a little off. I would check your CM and see if it looks like ovulationfluid. I personally don’t trust OPKs because they are not always accurate.Lisa asks…Clear Blue fertility monitor day 17 still no peak!?!?This is my first month using the monitor and I have had high readings from day 14 to 17 andstill no peak. Has anyone else experienced this?? Can I still get pregnant if I dont get a peak ordoes that mean I havent ovulated?? Please help!! 3/6
  4. 4. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Last month was my first month. I had 4 or 5 “high” readings followed by two days of “peak”.Just keep testing. The monitor is getting used to your body and is telling you that you haveenough hormones in your urine to get pregnant. The book recommends that you have sexduring your high phase as well as once during your peak phase. It’ll show you a peak…promiseGood luck to us both…Sandy asks…13 days on high with no peak with the clear blue easy fertilitymonitor? Please Help?Today is day 27 of my cycle, my cycles usually run from 31-33 days long. I am 23 years old thisis my third cycle of clomid 150mg and I take one 500mg tablet of metformin HCL twice a day.And so far I have had 13 straight days of high readings. I know that clomid can mess up thereading but I have never had this happen before. The only side effect of clomid I have is hotflashes. I have been using the machine for 3 months with no problems up until this month. Ihave a doctors appointment for tomorrow to get the results of my 21 day progesterone test. Anyhelp will be very much appreciated.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: 4/6
  5. 5. I stopped taking clomid to use the monitor, the only thing i can think of is maybe our hormonesfluctuate all the time, and ur monitor may just not be able to detect the change this month, ihope everything works out, sorry i cant really help?~?good luck?~?Laura asks…Clear Blue Fertility Monitor NOT work for anyone else?We’ve been trying for a little more than a year. I’m 26, he’s 31. A few months ago I borroweda Monitor from a friend and have been using it faithfully. It shows I’m high/peak fertilitybetween days 11-15 consistantly but still no luck with conceiving. Doctor has checked me outand said I’m normal. Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If you borrowed it from a friend, it’s going to have your friend’s info on it. I bought mine off ofebay but was told that I had to reset it so the monitor would start memorizing my info instead ofthe person’s before me. It will reset just like you bought it brand new. Here’s how to do it:1. Remove the plastic cap from one end of a clean-unused-test-stick and snap the cap onto theother end of stick. Insert the test stick into the test stick slot of the monitor. The beveled corneron the insertion end of the stick must face in toward the monitor. THE STICK MUST SNAPINTO PLACE TO PERFORM PROPERLY. THE MONITOR SHOULD NOT BE TUNRED ONUNTIL STEP 2. 5/6
  6. 6. 2. Press and hold the “M” button. Continue pressing the “M” button while turning the monitor on. NOTE: Do not take finger off the “M” button until these directions say to to do so in Step 5. 3. The screen will show the “remove the test stick” symbol(a flashing test stick with an arrow pointing right). Conitnue pressing “M”. 4. Keep pressing the “M” button and in about 20 seconds, you will see a screen full of symbols. The screen will also display these symbols when you initially turn the montior on for the FIRST time. This indicates the memory is now cleared of all prior data. 5. Remove test stick first and then QUICKLY release your finger from the “M” button. The memory should now be cleared. 6. Your screen should display a flashing “M” and one or two dashes. If it does not, it will probably show a “1? and an “M” in a non-flashing mode. If so, you will need to repeat all steps of this process. This procedure may take several times before you successfully reset the unit to its”new” state. 7. Start using the monitor on CD 1 as per the instruction booklet. Hope this helps and good luck! Powered by Yahoo! AnswersAnswering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Q & A On Clear Blue Fertility Monitor No Peak 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)