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Ovulation Tests How They Work
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Ovulation Tests How They Work


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  • 1. Ovulation Tests How They WorkUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgRuth asks…How well do the home Ovulation tests and Fertility Tests work?WHEN do you have to use them (like im supposed to start today, pregnancy test showednegative already) so WHEN am I supposed to take the fertility test??Then WHEN am I supposed to take the Ovulation test?Share your personal story? did they work for you, or not?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:For fertility test it’s cd3, as for the ovulation test you start testing around mid-cycle until you geta positive. 1/6
  • 2. Betty asks…How exactly do ovulation tests work? Can you take themwhenever?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:To the best of my knowledge they find a hormone your body releases just before, during, andJUST after ovulation.If you have a 28 day cycle you are expected to ovulate between days 14-16. So you would startpeeing daily on the stick around the 12th day.“They are looking at when your lutenizing hormone (LH) is on the rise. This hormone goes up or“surges” 24-36 hours prior to your ovaries releasing an egg. You are considered the most fertileon the day your LH surge is deteced and the day after.”Hope that helps. 2/6
  • 3. Jenny asks…ovulation tests!!?how do ovulation tests work do they tell you how many days u are fertile??Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:They measure the LH surge which happens just prior to an egg being released (ovulation). Thissurge only happens once a month, so most women only get one positive OPK every cycle(although many catch the surge as it is happening and then coming back down, resulting in twopositive results on consecutive days).Lisa asks…Do ovulation prediction tests work?I just started ttc and this month nothing. I though about getting the opt the one from firstresponse with 20 tests. I was wondering how well they work. I’m really anxious about havinga baby and I have no patience what so ever so anything that would help would be great. And if 3/6
  • 4. you have any tips please include them!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Well, I used ClearBlue Easy for my babies. I actually used it to plan for my boys and one girlusing the Shettle’s Method. Timing really is everything! We are working on a 2nd girl this timeusing the ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor. Quite expensive but after spending $$$ on six monthsworth of the disposable sticks, it’s well worth it. Ebay sells used ones which are fine if reset andmuch less$$.Do NOT by First Response multipack mid-stream sticks—not sure what they were called butthere were about 30 of the toothpick size strips that you pee on. Not as expensive but theymade me miss my peak days 2X. I was so mad! Just not as sensitive. You get what you payfor;) Good luck to you!Sharon asks…how do ovulation tests work?how do these tests work??do i take after my period to find out how many days till im fertile…im confused how they work.any advise is much appreciated thanks 4/6
  • 5. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Well first of all try concievin on day 14 15 16 and 17 of ur period wait three weeks before u dotest get a clear blue one and it will tell u when u last concieve rememeber to take folic acid goodluck lolNancy asks…Do store bought ovulation tests really work? How?I am not having trouble conceiving, I just want to find out when I ovulate, as I am planninganother child soon and I thought this may help. My husband wants a boy (of course) so hewants to plan to you know around ovulation. Let me know if these work and how they dothanks!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Try this test.After the 3rd day from the day that menses started put a thermometer into your mouth andcheck your body temperature every morning before you start turning in bed. The best time is at 5/6
  • 6. about 4 a.m. Maintain a chart. You will find that on one day the body temperature drops from 1/2 degree to one degree. This is the day that your eggs are being released. If you want to get pregnant this is the day that you must have sex. After having sex stay in bed for about 30 mins with your knees bent up so that the sperms will not pour out – to enable them to travel up. Get your husband to save his sperms in the testacle for at least 5 days before sex to enable them to mature well to do their job. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Ovulation Tests How They Work 6/6Powered by TCPDF (