No Lh Surge On Ovulation Test


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No Lh Surge On Ovulation Test

  1. 1. No Lh Surge On Ovulation TestUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgRuth asks…Positive ovulation test confusion?I started taking ovulation tests on feb 7th. The result that day was a dark pink test line provingthe LH surge. I was curious how long it would last I kept testing each day. Feb 8th am- same asfeb 7th. Feb 8th pm-line fading but still matching color on reference line. Feb 9th-feb 10tham-no testing, out of town. feb 10th -pm- line same as on feb 8th -pm. Why would my testshow positive this long?I also tried a different brand and I’m still getting positive result.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It’s not technically positive until it matches the control line. Mine are generally like this too. Ithink I had like 4 days of somewhat positives, and the 5?th was a definite positive. And tocontradict the first person, the egg lives for 12-24 hours. Sperm can live for 5 days, but not asmany make it that long. 1/6
  2. 2. Sharon asks…Me and my husband are trying to concieve..i have no LH surgeyet? is it possible to ovulate later 1 month???!!?Its only cycle day 14, the day which i thought my egg was going to be released, however i haveno LH surge, i am using two different brands of ovulation tests, one which the test line islighter on,,,,and the other the line has been gradually going darker so that it now matches thecontrol line…….am i ovulating?we have had sex all this week and i had a cramping in my left side, and a b it of fertile cervcalmucus…so why not the surge on one of the tests? is it possible to ovulate a bit later onemonth?, or not ovulate at all…..if so that owuld be so annoying cos im very regular and we got anLH surge LAST month when we wasnt trying????!!!!!!! whyCan i still get pregnant?Many thanksPregnancy Advisor’s answers:It’s possible you just may ovulate a different day,or yes not at all is possible as well. You won’talways ovulate on the same day every month and thus the need for these expensive tests. 2/6
  3. 3. Laura asks…Ovulation test kit was positive yesterday..But, Not today?Moredetails from my last question?Yesterday i got a positive on my ovulation test stick (clear blue easy) and this morning no LHsurge.. MY temp chart at fertility friend is still saying Ovulation not detected..But, That i am inthe green..Most Fertile days…LH surge yesterday…None today..When will i ovulate? I babydanced yesterday..Could be i got pregnant? why no LH surge today?…My temp dropped thismorning from yesterday morning..Yesterday 97.50 this morning 97.44…I am on cycle day 16…yesterday when i recorded that opk was positive on fertility friend..It said I should be ovulationon the 15 16 and 17 cycle..So i should have been ovulation yesterday today andtomoorw..Thanks hope it workedHow do i show my whole chat…I mean chart.. have you seen anything on my chart that you can share with me?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:When you get a positive result on your opk that means you will ovulate between 12-36 hoursafter that positive. So if you took another opk the next day it’s ok that it wasn’t positive. Thatjust means your LH surge has passed, it doesn’t mean that ovulation passed. Your chart willshow ovulation when your basil body temps remain elevated for 3 days. That’s when the“crosshairs” will show up on your chart. If your temp dropped today, that could mean you are 3/6
  4. 4. ovulating today. Usually your temps will drop on the day of ovulation and then begin to rise. Soif you did ovulate today, then your temps should continue to raise and stay elevated until youget your period. If you are pregnant they will stay elevated instead of dropping like when you getyour period.Mary asks…ovulation; how is it only 25% chance?if you have sex after you pee on every ovulation test out there, LH surge and sex, how isn’t ita 80% chance? it makes no sensePregnancy Advisor’s answers:Other factors figure into the equation besides just timing. Even if you time it perfectly, if a manhas fertility problems with his sperm, that will affect the chances of conception. In a normalscenario, out of the 50+ million sperm a man ejaculates, only about 200 even make it to theegg. Then there’s the chance that the pregnancy might not be viable and the egg might notimplant. Honestly, if you think about it, it’s truly a miracle that pregnancy can happen at all! 4/6
  5. 5. Donna asks…Hi Everyone, Im using the ovulation predictor kit for the first time.Acc to this, the Control band and Test?Test band, if of the same or higher intensity signifies LH surge. I started testing on the 10th dayafter my period. I got a lighter Test band on the 12th day and an even lighter band on the 13thday. Today i.e th e14th day, when i tested there was no band at all. Can someone please tellme what does this indicate. Has ovulation occured? or is it going to occur. I usually have aregular 28 day cycle, but since the last 2 months it has got delayed by a couple of days. Lastmonth I got my period after 31 days and this month after 32 days. Please guys I really needanswers. Thanks for all the help.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Normally you’ll ovulate about 10-16 days before your next period starts with the average being14 days. If your cycle has lengthened to about 32 days, then you will ovulate somewherebetween cycle day 16 and cycle day 22 (most likely on cd 18). So it’s entirely possible that youhaven’t ovulated yet.Good luck to you!!!!Mari 5/6
  6. 6. Susan asks… Test positive for being pregnant anytime? I was told that at anytime you can take a HPT and it can test positive if you are pregnant. True? For the past 3 weeks, I have been taking the Ovulation tests and they have all come No LH surge even though I have had physical signs of ovulating. So we had intercourse on all those days, and I’ve been having symptoms ever since. I have not missed my period quite yet but my period is irregular….how do I know? And can we test anytime and show a positive result? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: You can test any time – after 10 days past ovulation. However, if you are testing before you miss your period I would suggest testing with first morning urine. I got a positive at 10 days past ovulation without first morning urine, but I still suggest waiting. Keep in mind a few things about testing early: 1. There is a high rate of false NEGATIVES and 2. You may get a positive result and go on to get your period – it can happen in as many as 60% of conceptions. This is called a chemical pregnancy. If you had never tested you would have never known. However, I did test early and my pregnancy continued, but it was a very large fear. Next time I will wait until I miss my period. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge No Lh Surge On Ovulation Test 6/6Powered by TCPDF (