No Lh Surge On Clomid


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No Lh Surge On Clomid

  1. 1. No Lh Surge On ClomidUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLisa asks…Ovulation without LH surge??I was on clomid in June and July and became pregnant. I miscarried and I am taking a monthoff of clomid but I am still TTC and charting and using my clearblue monitor. I am at CD 14 andfor the past 2 days have had ovulation pains in my left ovary. Pretty noticable ones! But myclearblue monitor has not picked up on any LH surge, its still saying Low. Is it possible toovulate and not have the LH surge?By the way, when I was on clomid I didn’t ovulate till CD19, but with these pains I waswondering if maybe I ovulated sooner. ( my temps show no signs of ovulation , and no EWCMyet.) and I know htese pains aren’t from any leftovers from miscarriage.. im all clear! HCGlevels back to normal.Thanks for your help!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I asked this question yesterday!..( then I got a peak on my monitor this morning..).NE ways Iwas told that you do not ovulate without an LH surge…I thought I ovulated early and the monitordid not pick it up but I was wrong..(as usual)…keep checking though, you may ovulate late thismonth. I ovulated on CD13 last month and this month it looks like it is going to be CD16 or 1/8
  2. 2. CD17..I am on CD15 nowGood luck!Nancy asks…I am on my third round of Clomid with a Novarel injection and oncycle day 17 with no signs of ovulation.?I ovulated on my first two cycles. I took an ovulation test today and it doesn’t show any LHsurge. Does anyone know why I wouldn’t have ovulated this cycle as opposed to the first two?I am confused and frustrated.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I would give it a couple more days to see if you ovulate. Contact your doctor which should beable to provide your next plan of action.It is likely that you are either not going to O or you are going to O late. I did 5 rounds of clomidthat worked and on my 6th round it did not work so it is possible for the third round to not workbut additional rounds to work. Good Luck and best wishes! 2/8
  3. 3. Betty asks…Can OPKs be wrong? I have been doing Opks from day 10 and stillhave not had a positive result?I am up to day 21 with no positive result and have been on 100mg of clomid this cycle is itpossible I missed my Lh surge or didn’t ovulate?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes, you can miss it if you are not taking the OPK’s at the right time. Remember that the LH isnot released into your urine until later in the day…at least 10am but can be tested for until 8pm.You also need to remember that you need to take the tests at the same time every day so youdon’t miss that positive. I know of women who have still had problems ovulating on 100mg andhave gone up to 150mg to ovulate. I hope this helps and Good Luck! 3/8
  4. 4. Linda asks…TTC with PCOS. Dr perscribed Clomid…question about O kit andthe med, any help would be great!?Ok so I was dx with PCOS almost a year ago. We weren’t TTC when I found out so I startedBC and Metformin. We have since gotten married and have stopped the BC and started TTC.Dr. told us to try for 3-6 months if nothing was to happen she would prescribe meds.Well we tried for 3 months and I met with her again she prescribed Clomid 50 mg along with theMetformin. I had to take the Clomid from day 3-7. She said if this round don’t work she will upthe dose and try again, if still no success she will up the dose 1 more time and if still nothingshe is going to send me to a specialist. She told me to get an O test kit and start on day 10.That was today, she also said to bd every other day (which we have been doing) and that anychange in color on the O test is a positive sign when you are on Clomid.Anyways I took the test this morning and the LH surge line was darker than the reference linewhich the test says is positive for O. It is a ClearBlue easy test and I plan on bd tonight and stilltesting in the morning to see if I get the same result, there’s no way day 1 of testing is the day IO! I also have had some brown discharge, which is unusual for me.Anyways my questions:1-Is Clomid at 50mg on days 3-7 a low dose or normal?2-I had no side effects so does that mean it didn’t work?3-What is the likely hood of having twins on this dose? (I’ll be 23 in April)4-Could the discharge be positive sign of O?5-Should I keep testing with the ClearBlue easy? and was this result positive?I’m still pretty new at this and any other advice would be great! Thanks in advance.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:50 mg is the typical dosage for anyone beginning Clomid, I believe they usually only prescribeup to 150 mg, but I could be wrong. Lack of side effects doesn’t mean it’s not working, youcould just be one of the lucky ones The likelyhood of having twins on clomid is about 6%. Idon’t know about the discharge, it’s always possible to have old blood which didn’t make it’s 4/8
  5. 5. way out until there was something else (CM) to flush it out. Yes, this was a positive result, whenthe surge line becomes lighter again, or disappears, that means you have ovulated. Mine aresometimes darker for 3 days or so. ClearBlue easy is as good as any of the others.Good luck!Ruth asks…no ovulation on clomid 150mg, what next?Does any one have knowledge or experience of what happens next?Can a Gynaecologist prescribe anything other than clomid?PSOC suffererIm 35third cycle of clomid 150mg days 3 – 7.ultrasound day 13Dr thought there might be a follicle, 13mmblood test day 24showed no ovulation (no LH surge)He want’s to see me not try another cycle of clomid?Type 2 diabetiesOn metformin 3 x 1000mg tablets a dayNova rapid 3 x a day with mealsProtopane morn & night2 Children first marrage 50 mg clomid worked 1st time for both 5/8
  6. 6. Lost 50kg after my second was born.Hubby and i have had 2 boys already naturally.Lost 4 kg in the last 2 monthsDon’t know why things up the creekPregnancy Advisor’s answers:I am not sure if this would work and I am not a doctor. But I have done lots of research on theInternet for myself to find information to improve my chances to conceive ( trying for #1 for thelast 6yrs after 2 miscarriages) and this is what I found: FertilAid for Women.“Enhance your fertility the natural way with FertilAid for WomenFertilAid for Women is a fertility-enhancing supplement designed specifically fortrying-to-conceive women. Formulated on the basis of established scientific literature, FertilAidcombines fertility-enhancing nutrients with a “Just Right” formula of essential vitamins,minerals, and key antioxidants to promote hormonal balance, improve reproductive health, andincrease your chances of conceiving.FertilAid for Women is:Is scientifically validatedEffective at promoting regular ovulationComprised of all-natural ingredientsAn “all-in-one” complete formula that serves as both multivitamin and herbal fertility supplementDoctor-designed by leading fertility expert Amos Gruebaum MD, Ob/Gyn“FertilAid is designed to enhance fertility and support overall reproductive health.” – AmosGrunebaum, MD, Ob/Gyn* FertilAid should not be taken with Clomid or other prescription fertility drugs without consultinga doctor.A proprietary blend that integrates complete prenatal vitamin support with herbal ingredients likeChasteberry (vitex) and Red Clover Blossom – designed to help restore female hormonalbalance, promote regular ovulation, and support reproductive wellness.FertilAid for Women:Provides key fertility enhancing ingredients not found in other supplements including:PABA – a B complex vitamin that increases the ability to estrogen to facilitate fertilizationRed Clover – which contains isoflavones to promote estrogen production.Contains the correct preconception dosage of folic acid which is important in preventing birthdefects 6/8
  7. 7. The only fertility-enhancing supplement that is also a complete multivitamin. Studies haveshown that preconceptional multivitamin supplementation has a positive effect on fertilityBased on established, mainstream scientific research. The herbal and nutritional components ofFertilAid were selected based on their scientifically demonstrated ability to promote reproductivehealth and wellness.Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility.” Then I found this little bit of information I don’t know how true it is but anyway. “Recentresearch has called into question this drug’s (Clomid) effectiveness. In fact, a 2008 Britishstudy actually found that Clomid users were less likely to conceive than non-Clomid users!” Ifyou go to the link that I put in source spot for it shows you the type of vitamins that it contains. Ifyou do think that you are interested don’t forget to talk over with your doctor . Hope this help.Good luck. Lots of Baby Dust.Mandy asks…Failure to ovulate on clomid what goes on next?PSOC suffererthird cycle of clomid 150mg days 3 – 7.ultrasound day 13Dr thought there might be a follicle, 13mmblood test day 24showed no ovulation (no LH surge)He want’s to see me not try another cycle of clomid?Does any one have knowledge or experience of what happens next? 7/8
  8. 8. Can a Gynaecologist prescribe anything other than clomid? Im 35 Type 2 diabeties On metformin 3 x 1000mg tablets a day Nova rapid 3 x a day with meals Protopane morn & night lost 3 kg already Hubby and i have had 2 boys already naturally. Don’t know why things up the creek Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: You can try an IUI or IVF. My sister and her husband are struggling with PCOS and trying to get pregnant. Clomid didnt work for her. Shes had 2 or 3 IUI attempts that failed. Now, she is giving her self trigger shot injections, to try to get her to ovulate. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge No Lh Surge On Clomid 8/8Powered by TCPDF (