No Lh Surge But Ovulated


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No Lh Surge But Ovulated

  1. 1. No Lh Surge But OvulatedUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLinda asks…can you get a positive LH surge and not ovulate still?When you take the at home ovulation test. ( pee on the sticks) is it possible to get a positive Lhsurge but never actually ovulate?? I have been told if you show the hormone in your body andtest positive then its a fact you will ovulate and are ovulating that there’s no problems with just want some more info. I always test positive but it’s been 6 months TTC and still nothing.My first child i got pregnant first try so i am a little discouraged.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes it is possible. The reason it can happen is because the LH surge happens when your bodyis “gearing up” to ovulate. But if an egg doesn’t release, ovulation doesn’t actually occur. Theonly way to know for sure that you ovulated is after you ovulate your temp rises. If you are reallyTTC, you should be charting your temps along with using OPK strips. I would recommendGoogling “BBT” and you can get instructions there. Also keep in mind that you could beovulating and just not getting pregnant. It can take healthy couples a year to conceive even ifneither one has any fertility problems. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you! 1/7
  2. 2. Lizzie asks…Day 16 and NO LH surge in sight…Please help?I have normal 29-30 day cycles and I have been using the clear blue easy fertility monitor for 3months now. The past months I have hit my “high” mark on days 12 and 13 and my “peak”days on 14 and 15.I am 16 days into my new month and haven’t even hit a “high” day yet!I know it’s possible to have and LH surge and NOT ovulate….But is it possible not not evenhave an LH surge??Has anyone had their surge happen much later than day 15? What day did it happen for you??Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Hey hun! I had been using the answer ovulation kits and thought that I was supposed to ovulateon valentines! But I didnt get a positive until the 21! That was day 23 of my cycle! Out of a 31day cycle! But my AF is now 2 days late. I got a faint positive 2 days ago but I took some morethis morning and nothing! So i guess we will see! Good luck and baby dust! 2/7
  3. 3. Nancy asks…why extra LH in beginning of my cycle?So Ive noticed, even with bloodwork that I have LH that increases in the beginning of my cycleand then later in the cycle, I ovulate (like LH is high on day 6 and then on day 16 surges).This month as a for instance, I took digital monitor test. I got an ‘egg’ symbol on my monitor ondays 11 and 12, took a pee on the stick test and didnt get 2 bright lines until day 12 but on asmiley face digital version got a O symbol, no smiley face. The reason for the 3 different tests isbecause my RE told me that the digital monitors register too low of a hormone, but I hadleftover sticks from previous months and used them just to see. The pee on the stick kind I wastold were more accurate but it was too hard to decipher the lines, so when I got a really darktest line, I bought a digital smiley face version and was getting O verse smiley face centers.Today I had an ultrasound to see what my ovaries were doing. They looked normal with anormal cyst that hadnt ovulated an egg yet. The tech said based on the size, I should ovulatewithin a day or two so I went home and did a smiley face tester and got a smiley face =)Ive had bloodwork before and noticed that I get high LH levels in the beginning of my cycle andthen,will have a surge where I ovulate around day 16. I have normal 30-34 day cycles.My question: What causes excess LH in the first part of the cycle that doesnt correlate with theovulation surge and what might it mean?? Thanks!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Everyone has a certain amount of lh in their system the whole month- but everyone’s different.What could be considered ‘high’ on the test, could simply be normal/baseline for you. Unlessyour RE thinks its an issue, I wouldn’t worry too much about it 3/7
  4. 4. Ruth asks…My LH surge was Thursday and it is now Saturday and no tempelevation yet, did I ovulate or not?I thought that the kits show your LH surge within 24-36hrs of ovulation and within 24hrs ofovulation you have your temperatue spike. I haven’t had my temp spike yet. This is my firstmon trying and I have been off Nuva ring for 4-5mon and I was just trying to pin point ovulationfor future sucess. Any ideas if you can surge without ovulation or if it just takes much longer tosee the temp elevation? I have regular periods so timing wise I know I should have ovulatedand my periods have been heavier after the BC so I just figured things were back on track butnow I’m not sure.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Well hun lets look at it this way!You got your positive OPK Thursday!Therefore you could have ovulated within 24 to 36 hours.Lets just say you ovulated within 36 hours. Which meant you would have ovulated today!So it is to early to see your temp spike! 4/7
  5. 5. Even if you ovulated yesterday, tomorrow is when your temp would most likely spike!So don’t go to nervous yet! If it hasn’t rised by MONDAY morning, then you can get nervousabout not ovulating.There have been times my temp. Didn’t spike until 2 or 3 days after I ovulated!So keep an eye out for it, it should spike soon!! )And I noticed you said this is your first month trying! Congrats!!TTC can sometimes be easy.. But yet sometimes hard. Sometimes its quick.. And sometimes itslong!But it is something I do not regret doing!! The power of positive thinking is ENORMOUS whenyou are trying for a baby!!!Good luck hun! I wish all the baby dust in the world! May you recieve your BFP quickly!!!!! )-BrittanyMaria asks…I’ve been doin my OPK for a week now and im supposed to beovulating today but there is no LH Surge any advice 5/7
  6. 6. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Do you think that you’re supposed to ovulate today because of some average number? If sothen I would say not to worry at all. I don’t ovulate due to PCOS, and my first month on Clomidmy doctor told me I would probably ovulate on CD 14…..but I never did until CD 20. Everywoman’s cycle is different, so you may just ovulate later than the average for your cycle length.It is very possible.I used the OPK last month and I’m glad that i did, since i ovuated so much later than theaverage. We ended up with a chemical pregnancy, but that had nothing to do with the OPK.Good luck! Don’t worry, that can actually delay ovulation. Baby dust your way!!Helen asks…Found my LH surge, when is the best time to have sex with hubbyfor a baby?All day yesterday i felt like I was ovulating b/c of pain on left side of stomach and cervicalmucus. This month I bought ovulation kits from the dollar store and when i got home at 12amwith hubby I tested and the test showed I had an LH surge(so excited b/c all 4 that I usedearlier in the week were neg). We had kind of already planned to have sex when we got home,so we went ahead with it:) But I know that I may or may not of ovulated yet.Now when is the best time to have sex in order to get pregnant?Thank you everyone. I am really hopeful this month. We have not been using any protectionsince February and no success. i was starting to wonder if I was ovulating or not. AND I AM!yay! Anyways thanks again for your answers. 6/7
  7. 7. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: If you’ve had periods you have been ovulating. The best days to have sex is the day before ovulation, during ovulation and the day after as sperm can live for up to 5 days in some cases and if the egg is around to catch it it can be fertilised. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge No Lh Surge But Ovulated 7/7Powered by TCPDF (