Negative Lh Surge And Pregnancy


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Negative Lh Surge And Pregnancy

  1. 1. Negative Lh Surge And PregnancyUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLisa asks…Pregnancy symptoms but negative hpt…?My period is not due for another 8 days but I am already feeling the exact same symptoms that Ihad with my daughter. My husband and I did have unprotected sex before, during, and after myLH surge was detected. My breasts are extremely sensitive, I feel nauseous, and I have aheadache. I normally run a temp of 97.6 and was 99.0 last night which is odd for me because Inever get a temp that high… I took a hpt but it was negative…Could I be pregnant again so soonafter having a baby just 3 1/2 months ago? Or could it just be a flu bug?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes you could be pregnant again, your hormone levels may not be high enough yet to register.It could also be pms after I had my son and my period became regular again my symptoms forpms seemed to mock pregnancy symptoms alot of the time. My Doc said it was all thehormones still left in my body causing it. It takes 9 months to have a baby and some peoplethink that everything goes back the way it was overnight. Your body is FOREVER changed nowand things will be different that they were before..Good luck and God bless 1/6
  2. 2. Ruth asks…pregnancy after miscarriage!!?I was just wondering what my chances r of being pregnant? I had a micarriage exactly 14 daysago at 5 and a half weeks, and when i checked to see if i was ovulating last night with aclearblue digital ovualtion test, it came back positive dectecting my LH surge. And negative bythis morning. I Had unprotected sex the night before and the night I tested. Can i be preggersso soon? If so, what are the chances of a healthy pregnancy this time? I am taking pre-natalvitamins and have been for about 1month now. Would love to hear ur story..Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If you just had a miscarriage 15 days ago you should wait 3 month before trying to get pregnantplus after a miscarriage you need to wait 6 weeks before you have sex 2/6
  3. 3. Betty asks…I’m confused, is this picture a positive or negative OPK?Ovulation test NOT pregnancy test?Ok…this is my first time to use and opk. I have PCOS and I am on clomid so I know that it caneffect and ovulation test. I took a test yesterday and couldn’t tell if it was positive or almostpositive. Most people told me it was positive. But I took another test today and the test linelooks lighter than it did yesterday. It starts out dark at the top part of the test line then it kindapatchy. So I don’t know if it was just a bad test or what. So my question is…is it positive, did Ionly get an LH surge for one day….did I ovulate, am I ovulating or am I fixing to ovulate. In thepicture the top test was from yesterday and the bottom was from today. The control line is onthe right and test line on the left. Thanks for any input or experiences. Here is the picture (sorryits blurry took it with my phone) Advisor’s answers:OPKs are so confusing! Anyway, it looks like you’re close but not quite positive. You only getan LH surge in the 24-36 or 48 hours before ovulation, which could explain the second testbeing lighter. This is why I do basal body temperature charting– I was getting too confused overOPKs and I couldn’t stand it any more. Good luck!Nancy asks… 3/6
  4. 4. Positive OPK’s for 5 days, Negative HPT. . . Pregnant?I have been using the ovulation tests while TTC baby #1. I got my first positive 5 days ago, andfor the most part, they have continually gotten darker every day (only 1 around day 4 lookednegative, but then day 5 was the darkest yet). I’ve heard that OPKs can be positive if you arepregnant because LH and HCG are almost identical. I took a pregnancy test and it wasnegative but I am still at least a week away from next period. So my question is, is it possiblethat this never ending LH surge is due to pregnancy, and the pregnancy test is just toosensitive to pick it up? Or is it normal for the LH surge to last until your next period?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:OPK’s are really only positive for 1 day. The day that you see the darkest line (darker than thecontrol line) is when it is positive. LH is in your body at all times, however not at peak.Sometimes, if you didn’t really ovulate, the OPK’s will show positive multipile times throughoutyour cycle. Have you been taking your BBT? (Basal Body Temperature) That will pinpoint andtell you exactly when you ovulated, so that you would know there is something going on withgetting mulitpile positive results. I am part of, as I am trying to concievemyself and they have taught me so much about the TTC process. You should give it a try if itdoes turn out that you are not preggo. I’ve always found that my preggo tests don’t come backpositive until way after normal time frames. You may have to wait a bit longer to take anotherone unless you get your period. Good luck!Mandy asks… 4/6
  5. 5. Ovulation/Pregnancy Question?Okay I was hoping for my BFP But however I think I’m going to have to wait until next month.But this month I did by an OPK, and my hubby and I baby danced multiples times during my LHsurge. SO my question is do you think there is something wrong with one of us? Should we goto the dr. and get checked out? This was month 4 of us trying to concieve. However this wasthe first month that I used an OPK. I still havnt got my AF this month either (2 days past due) ,but I have taken two first response pregnancy test and both were negative. Is it possible that Istill could be pregnant? Please HELP!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You’re doing the right thing. But yes, this waiting game is horrible. I just keep thinkingsomething is wrong with one of us. But I finally did some research and understand that it cantake a while for even the healthiest of people.I understand your frustration, but keep up the good work(baby dancing) you’ll get there.I’m 13dpo and 2 bfn’s, so I think I’ll get the OPK too to raise our chances…., I’m still going towait it out, hope AF will suprise me and be a no show.Keep us postedLots of baby dust to you!!Lizzie asks… 5/6
  6. 6. Weird Pregnancy Symptoms… Real or Imagined? My husband and I are now trying to concieve. I stopped taking the mini-pill on June 20th. I started my period on June 23rd. Using an OPK, I got a (+) result for my LH surge on July 5th and 6th. My husband and I had sex on July 5th, 6th, and 7th. I started to feel mild cramps this week and for the past three days, my mouth has been watering as if I am about to throw-up but I would not vomit. Convinced that I’m pregnant, I took a First Response pregnancy test yesterday and this morning but they were both negative. My period is due to start in 4 days. Am I pregnant or are my symptoms imagined???? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: Thats almost exactly how it happened for me! I had the light cramping and was a bit worried and had and still have the watering mouth but no vomiting! I tested about 12 days later and -. Only after about 17 days after conception i tested positive! I dont want to get your hopes up- i think u are pregnant. Test again after about 5/6 days! Holding thumbs for you!! Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Negative Lh Surge And Pregnancy 6/6Powered by TCPDF (