Luteinizing Hormone Test


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Luteinizing Hormone Test

  1. 1. Luteinizing Hormone TestUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgSandra asks…why would dr test luteinizing hormone?I had a reg. period that started on 2/1/09. lasted approx 4 days. I had spotting that started on2/21/09 lasted for two days and a reg. period started on 2/23/09.Dr. tested thyroids, LH, and for menopause. I am 24 years old, have one child almost 5 yearsold, and i am so confused. I will not know the results for a couple days and i was wonderingwhat are some good questions to ask her when the results come in. I am TTC #2… and its beentwo years. I have a very stressful job (as a CPS social worker) and i am just very anxious andconfused right now.I am praying it is not premature menopause….. BTW this is the first time in my life this hashappened to me… Dr. told me that if it continues to see my obgyn.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:So you basically had a 22 day cycle with 2 days of spotting? Are your cycles usually regular,and if so how long?I don’t think that what you describe necessarily indicates premature menopause. It could be anumber of things, including that you just had a weird cycle due to stress, sleep, diet changes, 1/7
  2. 2. etc. Stress can definitely play a role in messing with ovulation, so it might be as simple as that.If you’ve been TTC 2 years, though, it is good to do some tests. Other tests that I wouldrecommend you ask the Dr. About are FSH (day 3- which may have been the “menopause”test), day 21 progesterone, and testasterone/androstenedione (to check for polycystic ovariansyndrome). Also, ask your doctor for a blood sugar test. Women who are insulin-resistant (like indiabetes) often have ovulatory dysfunction that is quickly fixed through medications.This website will show you all of the tests and what their numbers mean: .I hope the results show that everything is fine! Best of luck to you and lots of baby dust!!!Lizzie asks…Ovulation sticks, after testing positive for Luteinizing hormonewhen is best for sex?I did a urine test for LH and today it came back positive. I looked it up on two sites and one said36 hours was optimum tiime and one said only after 24 but before 48 hours. 24 hours wouldmake it 4.30 friday afternoon which isnt good for me or my partner. I would prefer sat morningwhich would be around 40 hours after the test! is that going to be too late? both me and mypartner are morning people. Ive been trying for months without tests ect and am trying to get itright this time. any tips and help would be apreciated. 2/7
  3. 3. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:There is a 48 hour window once ovulating. Make sure you have intercorse when it shows apositive for LH also when he is about to ejaculate have him on top, and once he is done place apillow under you booty and place your legs up in the air for about 30 min. (that trick helps alotwhen trying to conceive)baby dust and good luckNancy asks…Just had a blood hormone levels test done, can someone tell mewhat these levels indicate?Luteinizing hormone: 34.60mUI/mL, FSH: 86.90 mUI/mL, Progesterone: 0.71ng/mL,Prolactine: 11.10ng/mL, Estradiol: Less than 20.0 pg/mL, Testosterone: 29.80ng/mLCould these levels be as a result of stress? Or is it a clear inication of menopause with no doubtat all?Or maybe not menopause but pre-menopause and then no possibility left of becomingpregnant. This is what really interests me.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Im no ob/gyn. As such i can only tell you that menopause is defined as 1 year without menses. 3/7
  4. 4. So if its been a year since you last bled, then thats menopause with no doubt at all.Helen asks…LH (Luteinizing Hormone) reading 5th day in row (ovulation Kit)?I need heaps of answers so all r welcome. Hubby and I have been trying since april after ourloss in feb, last week I finally decided to get an Ovulation kit, and so far use 5 all have come outpositive, 4 I use in the morning, and 1 I use in the afternoon, but wasn’t as dark as I had a drinkonly and hour before hand but the 5th test next day came out darker. my last cycle was august22 but only went for 25 days, actually since june my cycle as been either 25 days or 28 days, itgoes in a pattern very weird. I’ve heard you can still have your period, my friend was 4 monthsalong before she found out she was pregnant had her period too. My next period going by 28days is September 18, should I do a pregnancy test tomorrow or wait till my period is due, if Imnot that far i know it wont show ill have to be more than 4 weeks for test to show right.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I have been using ovulation tests for a while now. You are not supposed to test in the morning.Anytime after noon, but i wait until 2pm. Testing in the morning will most likely give you a falsepositive. You can take a HPT if you want but you are probably getting the positives because ofthe time of day you test. But if it were me I would never get it out of my head and take a HPT. 4/7
  5. 5. Jenny asks…if you do not ovulate will luteinizing hormone still be in your body?so i am having trouble ovulating, i am on clomis 150mg now, before i was not having a periodthere for not ovulating, on my first dose of clomid i was on 50mg, when i would test for ovulationthe test was always negative with only the control line showing, now on 150mg of clomid i amseeing two lines, even tho it is still a negative it is detecting that i have the LH in my system, somy question is this a better sign then no line at all?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If you’re seeing 2 lines now then yes it’s a great sign!!! I would lead the hubby to the bedroomand keep him there for a while!! LOL Good luck and baby dust! 5/7
  6. 6. Mandy asks…The infamous digital pregnancy test question!!!?So you aren’t supposed to open a digital pregnancy test. I know this. But I am apee-on-a-stickaholic…Are there ALWAYS two lines on the digital test? Or is there only a faint line if the test detectsthe luteinizing hormone and a dark line if it detects the hCG?I guess my question is, the results were “not pregnant”, but does 2nd line mean that I am likelyto be ovulating? Or what else?Any other POASaholics out there that have any info experience?I have checked out for their info about the digital tests..but I am still a bitconfused.HELP!I know the two lines don’t mean I’m pregnant..I’m just a little more curious what theymean…lol…Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Most women will typically see 2 lines on a digital test because of the normal presence of LH. LHis usually present in some quantity throughout your whole cycle, thus, you’ll likely ALWAYS seethat 2nd line on a digital stick. The digital tests pick up both LH and hCG. Doesn’t matter whichline is dark, which is faint….the test reads the intensity of the lines, it doesn’t just read whetheror not it’s there. In other words, we can see that it’s there, but the tests only read whether ornot it’s the right shade. Why? I don’t know. I just know that that’s what the company says.*shrugs* Sure doesn’t do any good for up POAS-aholics.So yeah, it’s a negative – for now anyway. Good luck to you!! I hope you get that BFP soon! 6/7
  7. 7. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Luteinizing Hormone Test 7/7Powered by TCPDF (