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Lh Surge During Ovulation
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Lh Surge During Ovulation






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    Lh Surge During Ovulation Lh Surge During Ovulation Document Transcript

    • Lh Surge During OvulationUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLisa asks…LH question. Is lutenizing hormone present during pregnancy?If so, do the levels vary? Is it as much as when you get a surge during ovulation or alwaysless?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:During the luteal phase (before ovulation) , rising estrogen triggers the release of LH whichtriggers ovulation. LH is not released all at once, but rather it rises and falls for about 24-48hours. It is this rise that an OPK will predict.LH is necessary to maintain luteal function for the first two weeks. In case of a pregnancy, lutealfunction will be further maintained by the action of hCG (a hormone very similar to LH) from thenewly established pregnancy.Which means, by the time you would test for pregnancy, LH would no longer be present, ashCG would be maintaining the pregnancy. 1/7
    • Ruth asks…Multiple LH surges during 3 weeks using OPK… concerned?I have been using an OPK for the past month. I had what looked like a surge for 2 days thathappened exactly during the predicted window of ovulation, which for me was betweenFebruary 4th and 9th. I continued using the daily strips (came in a pack of 20) for the past 2 anda half weeks, just to make sure everything was normal. My OBGYN thinks I may have PCOS(history of irregular cycles and of large, painful ovarian cysts) so I was really thrilled when I hadmy LH surge when I was supposed to.But in the 2 and 1/2 weeks since then, I have had several days of nearly invisible faint lines,followed by darker (but not positive) lines, followed by a few more days of faint lines… and nowyesterday’s test was very dark, not quite positive, and today’s test was a definite positive. NowI’m worried, because I have read that women who have multiple LH surges usually have PCOS.Why am I having multiple surges? Does the fact that I’m about to start my period soon haveany impact on my current LH level? I’m very worried about what this might mean. I am seeingmy gynecologist next week to talk to her about it, but I wanted to see if anyone here had anyhelpful info about the problem.Thanks so much for your help!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I too was using ovulation kits and found it weird that the first day every month that i tested wasalways my most fertile day! But i eventually started testing almost every day thru the month andalways had positives. I talked to my gyno and after blood work and tests I was diagnosed withPCOS most woman with this always have an increased Lh level which is giving us the positive 2/7
    • lines on the tests sorry but that might be what it is. Don’t give up though because I did getpregnant, it just took a little longer than most woman …about 2 years hang in there and goodluck …BABY DUSTSharon asks…Implantation bleeding happening during ovulation?I had a LH surge day 13 and 14 of my cycle. We have been having sex every day during andbefore this time. On day 14 I got some spotting and then two days later I had alot of cramps.Could this be implantation bleeding at all? I know it usually happens about 6 to 10 days afterovulation but is it possible to happen that early on? Or is it more likely that the spotting was justdue to ovulation in general?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Hiit sounds more like ovulation spotting to me. I always get ovulation spotting and then the nextday i cramp pretty bad,it gives me a day or so warning that im very close to ovulation.Hope this helps and baby dust to you =) 3/7
    • Maria asks…LH surge and pregnancy ?My wife is not showing a positive result on her LH surge on a home ovulation test…. Can shestill become pregnant? Or can a woman only conceive during an LH surgePregnancy Advisor’s answers:A positive result on an ovulation test means her LH surge has been detected and ovulationusually occurs around 24 hours after this. An egg, once released, can be fertilised for up to 24hours. So, once the ovulation test shows a positive, she is still probably fertile for a couple ofdays afterwards.I got a positive ovulation test while my husband was away. We conceived our son 1.5-2 daysafter my positive result. 4/7
    • Susan asks…Do you think I have a good chance of being pregnant?Me and my husband have been trying to concieve. My last period was April 27th and mypredicted ovulation date was May 15th, but I think I ovulated on the 12th. We started havingsex on May 1st and have had sex everyday til the 14th of May. Do you think I have a goodchance of being pregnant? I got a ovulation predictor kit May 14th, which was yesterday andtook it and it said I haven’t had a high LH surge yet during ovulation and then today I took itand the lines were lighter. Do you think I have passed ovulation? Starting on the 9th of May Istarted having this white foamy stuff after sex and I was super wet and my discharge was clearand slippery, then two days ago I had a dry spell. I have been dry ever since. What do youthink? Please give me some advice. And how early can I go to get a urine test at the clinic?Thank you for your comments.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Honey, this is damn good change 5/7
    • Nancy asks…If fertilized at ovulatoin time, would the LH surge dropimmediately? or would i have to wait for preg. test?Okay, I am trying really hard to get pregnant. I am 30 and this would be my first child. I havebeen charting my ovulation and of course I have a LH surge (3 days ago). I have beenattempting to get pregnant during this time. Today I checked and my surge is non existant. Is itpossible that if the egg gets fertilized that the LH surge will drop immediately? I know you onlyovulate for 5 days, but this morning I showed full ovulation and this evening NONE??? Cananyone explain this to me? My thought was maybe, or hopefully, my egg fertilized and itstopped my ovulation LH surge!!! any chances?Thank you for the input…. so when do i know that exact 12 hours the egg is waiting? I am justtoo impatient!Oh.. I have a sperm donor. My first day of ovulation we implanted the sperm, then second, thenthird and all the way up to even fifth (when no LH surge was present). But there were a fewdays he came at midnight and then back around 7 am then back at 10pm the next day.Basically there were a few times that he waited over 12 hours to return (he was too busy) I hopeI did not miss that 12 hour span :*(Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You only ovulate once, not for 5 days. You are supposed to have sex during the 5 days aroundovulation *3 days before, the day of, and the day after* to increase your chances of becomingpregnant. Three days before because sperm can live inside you for 72 hours and the day afterbecause if unfertilized, eggs have a very short lifespan. Good luck and baby dust!Powered by Yahoo! AnswersAnswering Your Questions on LH Surgehttp://LHSurge.org 6/7
    • Lh Surge During Ovulation 7/7Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)