Lh Surge Before Ovulation


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Lh Surge Before Ovulation

  1. 1. Lh Surge Before OvulationUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgBetty asks…Can you miss the LH surge?Is it possible to have missed the LH surge before ovulation if you tested at 10 am in themorning every day?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:No ? 1/7
  2. 2. Jenny asks…I had sex day before before ovulation test detected positive LHsurge could I be pregnant?I had sex on the wednesday morning and detected the LH surge on the thrusday afternoon. Mypartner went away and we did not have sex for 72 hours. I understand that it is best to have sexwith 48 hours after a positive test detects an LH surge. However, I have read that sperm cansurvive up to five days in the womb and am confused as to my chances of falling pregnant. Myperiod is due next week.How hopeful can I be??? What are my chances of falling pregnant???HELP!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:PRETTY DARN GOOD IF U HAD SEX DURING OVULATION HOPEFULLY NEXT WEEK YOUCAN TEST AND GET YOUR BFP GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!Helen asks… 2/7
  3. 3. So ovulation prediction kits detect your LH Surge, which happens12-36 hrs before ovulation…?What happens during ovulation, will a test show the 2 lines or none at this time?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Most likely it will show a neg result. LH surges right before ovulation and then quickly goes backdown. So typically, by the time the egg is actually being released the LH is low and won’tregister a positive on a test.Carol asks…Had sex 18 hours before detecting the LH surge – will it be a boyor a girl?Just found out I’m pregnant with third baby. As I already have two boys, I have been trying tofollow the Shettles method to have a girl. I have been using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor totrack my cycle. I normally have 3 HIGH fertility days followed by 2 PEAK days. I had sex on mysecond day of HIGH. The next morning the Fertility Monitor still said HIGH. However, I took aseparate Ovulation Predictor Test at 2.30 pm on second day of High and it had detected theLH surge. Therefore, I had sex about 18 hours prior to picking up the surge. Ovulation thencomes about 24 hrs later. 3/7
  4. 4. Of course I am happy to be pregnant, and want a healthy baby above all else, but justwondered if you think it’s more likely to be a girl.The Shettles method suggests having sex 2-3 days before ovulation for a girl, and within 24hours prior to ovulation for a boy (the day before and also on the day of ovulation).Thanks!The reasoning to have sex BEFORE ovulation for a girl, is that the male sperm swim faster butdie off quicker (so they should have died off by the time you ovulate when the egg comes). THefemale sperm swim slower, but live longer. Therefore to get a girl, the female sperm will be alivelonger to fertilise the egg.I KNOW it’s the sperm that decides the sex of the child, but the timing of intercourse in relationto ovulation also plays a part as male sperm swim faster to get to the egg but don’t live as longas female sperm. So if you have sex when you ovulate, the male sperm should get to the eggbefore the female sperm as they are slower, but live longer. That is why it’s recommended tohave sex BEFORE ovulation to conceive a girl, as by then , the male sperm should have diedoff.The Shettles method is supposed to raise your chances to 75%. It would be 50/50 otherwise.THANKSPregnancy Advisor’s answers:If it is all true with what you saidcertainly its a girlDonna asks… 4/7
  5. 5. Can anyone tell me the symptoms before LH surge?Is there any kind of cramping at lower abdominal side before LH surge? My last cycle was 28days and therefore I got LH surge after 14 days . Last month I got period on 16th then I got LHsurge on 29-30th day. I don’t know why but in this month my period started on 8th so what willbe mine LH surge date or ovulation day? I am under stress and I don’t want to missmy ovulation day, now my cervical mucus is whitish in color not exactly transparent . But I havecramping at lower abdominal side. Have I miss my LH surge or I shloud still wait to check LHsurge?Please tell me the symptoms before LH surge .Thank you.I have already checked my OPK test, test line is lighter than control line.I have started testing my LH surge from 2nd day after my period finished.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I’m monitoring my cycles at the moment, this month the ov cramps started 4 days before I gotmy LH surge.These are my symptoms leading up to before I get my surge:4 days before – mild cramps3 days before – mild cramps2 days before – Dull ache on one side in the pelvic area, clumsy, low back pain on one side,1 day before – mild crampsDay of LH surge – stretchy egg white cervical mucus (ewcm) quite painful ovulation cramps onone side, like a burning pain, bloated, tired,Day of ovulation (day after surge) – very painful ov cramps on one side that last a few hours,low back pain, ewcm, mouth ulcer, tender and bloated tummy, shooting pains down below, tiredI always know when I have ovulated because I do experience the very painful cramps but noteveryone gets it like that and the day after ov I always get a migraine. It’s hard to say when youwill ov as the first half of a woman’s cycle can vary due to all different factors – illness,stress etcbut the luteal phase (time from ov to period) will nearly always be the same length, mine isalways 12 days. Therefore predicting ovulation in irregular cycles is quite impossible withoutusing opks.I don’t think you’ve missed it yet as you’ve been testing from day 2 although it is possible tomiss your surge if you are not testing at the right time of day. I always find it best to test around 5/7
  6. 6. 6pm. You can miss your surge if you test in the morning. I would keep testing.Mary asks…can i get pregnant 1 day before detecting LH surge?Me and BF are trying to conceive baby #1 after a m/c in December. I bought the clear blueovulation kit and got a smiley face today 4/12… we baby danced 4/10 and 4/11 but we weren’table to today but will tomorrow! Has anyone out there got pregnant a few days beforeovulation?Im so worried since m/c I over evaluate everything!Ovulation due on 4/13Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Sperm does like for 72 hours but you should really baby dance the whole 5 days because yourchances are wayy higher. On the other hand, if its going to happen it will happen. I know howyou feel i micarried dec 07?, just relax and enjoy!*****BABY DUST***** 6/7
  7. 7. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Lh Surge Before Ovulation 7/7Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)