I Want To Get Married Now


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I Want To Get Married Now

  1. 1. I Want To Get Married NowLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgMaria asks…How can I convince my boyfriend that I don’t want to get marriedright now!?Me and my boyfriend have just got engaged which I am over the moon about, and he is, but heis like I don’t want to get married now, and I said neither do I, and he thinks I am just going tostart planning everything like tomorrow, what can I do to convince him I don’t want to getmarried for a long while, and being engaged to him is a celebration of our love, and we will getmarried in the future, I think he is getting scared.to the second answer, I don’t want to get married right now! I have college and stuff to thinkabout, I really want to get engaged but I don’t want to get married like now if you read thequestion right, and I want him to understand that and not think I am going to start bookingplaces tomorrow.What the hell is everyone talking about, I live with my boyfriend, I am at college in my hometown and I‘m not from America, we have been together over a year and I am 21 lolBlissful Relationship answers:To keep it simple, I’d decide on a timeline with him. For example, “let’s get married thesummer after I graduate. We’ve got lots of time so I probably won’t start any planning until ayear before then.” 1/6
  2. 2. My husband and I wanted to get married as soon as possible. For us it was like the line from“When Harry Met Sally”. “When you know you want to spend the rest of your life withsomeone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” But we were both in our30s and didn’t have anything like education standing in our way.Just agree with him on a general date and set aside the marriage talk for now. I would bet you’llhave a hard time not looking at magazines or dresses but if you catch yourself showing himsomething or talking about wedding plans, make sure to reference your agreement that itssomething that’s 4 years or whatever down the road.Jenny asks…I really want to get married right now, but my parents will flip cuzIm only 20. What should I do?I want to get married now, but my parents don’t like my boyfriend because he may be thefather of another girls baby. They were together before we got together so it really doesn’tbother me like it does them. They have been supportive of past boyfriends, but dislike the onethat actually treats me perfect. I don’t know what to do. I love him more than anything, I justdon’t know how or if I want to tell my parents about possibly getting married.Blissful Relationship answers:I don’t really see any reason to rush. Marriage is just a title, afterall…I was with my guy for six 2/6
  3. 3. years before we tied the knot…we started dating at 19 and just got married now (age 25).What’s the difference? He’s there for the long-term regardless of the title.As to him possibly having a child–its a test of his character if he does the necessary paternitytesting to find out for certain and if yes…then to take responsibility.Laura asks…what should i do i actually want to get married now?i love my boyfriend i always have even before we got together. im freaking out now becausebefore these past couple days ive never even wanted to get married or have kids but now withhim i do want the whole married with kids thing.Blissful Relationship answers:That’s nice 3/6
  4. 4. Carol asks…Is it terrible that I want to get married now instead of waiting until Igraduate from college?My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 3 years now and we’ve talked aboutgetting married. He just graduated from college and has begun working full time. I don’tgraduate for another year and a half. I am ready to settle down and begin the next part of mylife. I don’t really have the nerve to talk to my boyfriend about it. All of my friends are gettingmarried and it seems like everyone is pregnant. I feel that I am ready to get married and starta family. WHAT SHOULD I DO???Blissful Relationship answers:That is the same situation i am in sort of…i am 2 years away from graduation and getting marriednext summer. The best advice i can give you is what my dad told me. That is to do what makesme happiest but not to forget all of the things i want to accomplish. My fiance supports me andwants me to finish school so i think getting married before i graduate will give me moremotivation to finish! Good luck 4/6
  5. 5. Lizzie asks…I married a fillipino girl, and now I want to immigrate there?I meet the on a dating site I visited her and we got married, now I wish to live there how do I goabout it.What I mean to say is I want to marry her but how do I go about locating there to be with herBlissful Relationship answers:Did you really, legally get married? Did you come here with all the papers you needed and go toyour Embassy and get the papers from them that you (MUST) have in order to get legallymarried?Did you get the paper work and police clearance for her that you (MUST) have to legally getmarried?Did you file and wait your 10 days for your marriage lic.?Who married you? Was it a Pastor (non-Catholic) if so was he ordained and legally registeredable to perform weddings in the Philippines? (alot of them are not)If you want to live here did you talk to your (wife) first about that before you got married? If notand you do move here you may find a complete different person than the one you married, asshe may have had plans to go to the States (or wherever you are from).How old are you? Do you have a pension or other steady income? If not how in the world doyou plan to live here?If you are an American or Britt odds are you will never find a job and if you do are you happyworking for $2.00 a day?If you plan to work here, do you speak the language? Yes many Filipino speak some Englishbut if you are going to be working and be around them in a business atmosphere you betterknow how to talk to them in their own dialect.If you are married and you do want to live here, bring all your papers that you think you might 5/6
  6. 6. even need or want…..along with proof of income and have your wife file a (13A) visa for you. Powered by Yahoo! Answers LH Surge and Ovulation http://LHSurge.net I Want To Get Married Now 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)