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Fertility Calculator Online

  1. 1. Fertility Calculator OnlineUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgHelen asks…Any idea when I would be most fertile, see all the details beforeyou answer ??Been on Ortho for 2 yrs. Stopped this last pack after first two weeks. Last pill taken 03/21. Wedecided to TTC. We BD 03/22,23/24/25/26/29/30, 04/1,2. Yes we’re married and we are TTCbut we have a good sex life any way as well as a great over all relationship. I know it probablywill take a while since I was on the pill was wondering… when can I guess I would be the mostfertile? I had my period while on the pill started March 4, then after I went off the pill had it againa full period started on March 26. I did an online fertility calculator …. how accurate with mehaving 2 periods in one month. No stupid answers please. And Baby dust to all TTC …I’m 27, good health, average weightI am taking folic acid every day.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” by Toni Weschler. I had no idea how many things cameinto play when ttc. I think it suggests two full cycles after coming off bc, just to get your bodyback on schedule. It will give you a chance to determine your cycle length. Sometimes it takes awhile, other times people conceive right away. I hope you and your husband are part of thelatter group! If you really enjoy sex and are having a good time, you shouldn”t really worry if itdoesn”t happen in the first 6 months (unless you are 35+++). 1/6
  2. 2. One thing you can start doing immediately is to chart your cervical fluid, and wakingtemperature every day. Ideally, you ovulate 14 days before you start your period. However, thisisn’t always so cut and dry. You should have a peak day around mid-cycle when you have anabundance of cervical fluid. The prime consistency should be that of raw eggwhites. You willovulate around this time. So, I would have sex once a day for the four or five mid-cycle days,and if that does not work start sex only every other day. This should give your husband’s sperma chance to replenish. Also, start taking prenatal vitamins. They should be present in yoursystem before you are pregnant (again, this is ideally…it’s OK if they are not).Good Luck.Laura asks…Are you more likely to ovulate earlier or later?My period was oct 9th and then nov 4th. This was 25 days. My period is always 5 days long sonov 4th-8th. My husband and I had sex on Nov 11th. According to online calculator usingthese #’s My high fertility starts on 11/12 ending on 11/17. Can I have conceived by ovulatingearlier.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:For sure you could have conceived.Our bodies can vary someimtes due to conditions.So, if you ovulated early, then you could have! 2/6
  3. 3. Good luck for your wishes to come true — whatever they may be!Ruth asks…trying to concieve i will pick the best answer easy points?anyone know any good online ovulation/fertility calculators/calendersPregnancy Advisor’s answers:I like babycenter.com or whattoexpect.com really the same websites that give you info onpregnancy can help with fertility. For Android users I like this App called PT it helps determineyour fertile period and future periods. Hope this helps! 3/6
  4. 4. Maria asks…Need help determining when I’m most likely to conceive!?My fiance and I are trying to conceive, we’d like to before he leaves for the Navy… so if itdoesn’t happen soon, it won’t for a while.My period has given me a bit of trouble lately. I’m usually due the last week of the month.January fell on the second to last week of the month, then this month, I got it… I’d say the 10th.VERY OFF! Now, according to online fertility calculators, I’m most fertile THIS WEEK… is thistrue, or what should I be factoring in considering the fact that my periods have been off?Well I planned on that! At least, every day possible.I’m just wondering… should I be most fertile this week or not?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If hubbie is leaving (my husband is on the navy, so i get it. No fun ) I would just have sex everyday he is home so you don’t have to guess. When trying you can have sex daily, it doesn’tdecrease your chances. 4/6
  5. 5. Donna asks…Pregnant??My husband and I had sex on almost all the days I was suppose to be ovulating (according toonline fertility calculators).. I am expecting my period in a little under 2 weeks.. Just looking forsome piece of mind since i have to wait.. (the wondering is killing me!)I dont think i have any symptoms really.. except the occasional little pains in sides, back, andstomach.. and i have cold symptoms as well.. really runny nose, mild cough, and starting to feela little nausea after i eat anything or stand up for too long..what do you think?thanks a ton!I counted wrong.. i guess im about a week and a couple of days from my period..Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I wish you all the luck.It only takes ONE time so if you “did it” on most of your ovulating days then I would say youhad a good chance!My husband and I only did it once on my ovulating week due to us both having the flu – and Iam pregnant now! 5/6
  6. 6. Mary asks… Too soon for pregnancy test? I last had protected sex on 13th March, and I was due to have my period on the 3rd April, as I’m usually about a 30-31 day cycle. So my period is 5 days late. I checked online fertility calculators and such and my fertile days were after the 18th March, 5 days after I had sex. Although I used a condom, is it possible that I could be pregnant? How long can sperm survive in a female around 5 days before ovulation? I have some PMS but they were late and still no period. Should I take a pregnancy test or will it be too soon? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: Since you missed your period you can take the test now. The best time to take it is with the very first urine in the morning. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Fertility Calculator Online 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)