Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Melaka Hotels


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Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Melaka Hotels

  1. 1. Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Melaka HotelsVisit Pulau Pinang http://PulauPinang.orgMandy asks…Hotels in Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia?i am planning to go on a vacation to alor gajah as I am planning to go to tampin and pengkalanbalak. so i am looking for hotels around alor gajah.Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Depending on what type of hotel you would like to stay, whether it’s a five star hotel or a budgetchalet by the beach?Obviously, the best choice around Alor Gajah would be A’Famosa Resort. Unfortunately, that isthe only hotel available in Alor Gajah. There are a few decent hotels around Tanjung Bidara,which is considerately near to Pengkalan Balak. To name a few, Tanjung Bidara Beach Resortand Samudera Hotel and Resort are not that bad. But if you insist on staying in PengkalanBalak, there are quite a few chalets there, but quite small and rundown looking. Seraya PantaiChalet, Sri Impian Chalet and Chalet Sri Pengkalan Balak are some of the chalets availablethere.If you willing to travel, try getting a place to stay in Malacca Town as it offers betteraccomodation. After all, Malacca Town is not far from Alor Gajah and Tampin, takes you 45minutes to reach there.I hope this piece of information helps. 1/5
  2. 2. David asks…would u suggest budget hotel in melaka town?i would like to visit to melaka for business trip. what i need is a cheap and clean hotel. Hotelwith easy to park my car, and perhaps inclusive breakfast. My budget is below RM100.00Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:There is a hotel which name i can’t remember in Bandar Hilir ( just opposite the ferry jetty ).Eventhough this hotel is actually made up of few shop houses but it is very clean and nicelydecorated, they even have a small coffee house on the ground floor. The rate of the room is notmore than RM100.00.There is no parking problem, you can just park you car in front of the jetty or in front of the hotelitself, most of the time there will be empty lots available. The hotel is also near to MelakaParade, A Famosa, The Ship and souveniers stalls, you can’t even walk to these places, don’thave to drive. 2/5
  3. 3. William asks…travel in melaka, the transport?cheap hotel,if any?foods?bazaar,ilike shopping?i planning on going to melaka for a day or can i get there from shah alam?and the rates?how to travel around melaka?is buses and taxis a lot?fun places to go?and the must places to visit?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:First you can take yourself to the bus station in Pudu Raya in KL to take a bus to Melaka. I’mnot sure about the rates, but I think it will not be more than 15 RM I guess. I’m not sure aboutgoing around in Melaka but I think there are taxis and buses all around. You can go to:-A Famosa built in 1511 by the Portuguese.-The Stadthuys In 1650 this was the official residence of the Dutch governors.-Dutch Graveyard is a war memorial devoted to the British officers and soldiers who died in theNaning War (1831-32).-Portuguese Square is a Mini Lisbon situated within the Portuguese settlement. This squareboasts all their culture and history.-There is Port Dickson if you like beaches too.As for transport if you have driving license I would suggest you to rent a car either from ShahAlam or from there in Melaka and go around easier any time around the day. It takes one to twohours driving from Shah Alam to Melaka. Have a nice trip. =)Oh I forgot, check these pages: and Really great site for traveling. 3/5
  4. 4. Nancy asks…I have plan to go melaka,i plan go for 3 days 3 night.Ist enough?I m planning to go city historical place,a famosa,air keroh and pulau uteh.Ist possible?And ineed a re comment on a budget hotel which is cheap and comfortable.Thank You.And also isther any bus to go genting highland every day(how many hours per trip)?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Melaka like all other towns has many budget hotels. My favourite is Hotel Puri along Heeren St.Also the Baba house same road. The road itself has many attractions. The hotels also havemany interesting historical items to photograph relating to the Straits Chinese era.Visit the Baba Heritage Museum, eat at Cafe 1511. Then cross over to Jonker street to take inthe many antiques , handicrafts being sold plus local food like “chicken rice balls”. You canwalk across the bridge to Stadhuys ,Christ Church and visit A Famosa as well as the“Portuguese ship”, Museum, St Paul’s Hill, all within the same area.Pulau Upeh is closed due to renovation. You can find other budget hotels within the same area.After the toll plaza at Ayer Keroh, you might want to spend a night at the area to visit theRecreational forest, Auyin Hill Resort, Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary,, Melaka Zoo, MiniMalaysia/Mini Asean . There are hotels/chalets around this area.Seri Warisan Ayer Keroh 06 2325211 4/5
  5. 5. Puteri Resort 06 2323333 Ayer Keroh d’ Village 06- 2328000 Also call Tourism Melaka office for budget hotels around Ayer Keroh 06 2881549/3304/3785 Check to find out which is nearer to places you want to visit in Ayer Keroh as this is not within the town area. Donald asks… city park hotel, melaka? Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers: What is it you want exactly?? Powered by Yahoo! Answers Visit Kuala Lumpur Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Melaka Hotels 5/5Powered by TCPDF (