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System center drill down


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  • 1. Private Cloud with System Center 2012Chris SmithCore Infrastructure SpecialistMicrosoft Corporation
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction• Why Microsoft System Center 2012• Enterprise Application Management• System Center Application Management Solution• System Center Datacenter and Private Cloud Management• Next Steps• Q&A
  • 3. Challenges, Needs, and Opportunities “We’ve virtualized. What more do I want to worry about “I don’t get with a “I need to deliver private cloud?” of cloud infrastructure.” on the promiseFaster Time to Market computing.” Application SLA Infrastructure SLA “I need to have centralized control of our up with faster release “I need to keep “Are my applications and operations teams cycles in this world of cloud computing.” datacenter infrastructure.” aligned?” “How can I deliver higher application “We need to invest in applications that offer availability?” us a competitive advantage.” App DC CIO Admin Owner
  • 4. System Center Helps Deliver IT as a Service Configure App Controller Orchestrator Deploy Virtual Machine Manager Service Service Operations Manager Model Delivery and Self Service Automation Configuration Manager Data Protection Manager App DCOwner Admin Service Manager Service Manager Monitor Operate Application Management Service Delivery and Automation Infrastructure Management
  • 5. System Center 2012 Cloud and Datacenter Management PRODUCTIVE PREDICTABLE APPLICATIONS YOUR CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE Heterogeneous support Deep application monitoring Deep application monitoring Flexibility with delegation Flexibility with delegation and diagnosis diagnosis control and control Process automation Comprehensive application Comprehensive application Applications self-service across Applications self-service across Self-service infrastructure manageability manageability clouds clouds Service-centric approach Service-centric approach Physical, virtual, and cloud Physical, virtual, and cloud management management
  • 6. Enterprise Application Management DEPLOYMENT Use of tools to effectively manage the application lifecycle end-to-end with the objective of delivering reliable and predictable application services to the business. App App DC DevOwner Ops Admin OPERATIONS
  • 7. New Approaches to Provisioning Physical Virtual Private Cloud Application Application Application Application Application Application Operating Operating Operating Operating Operating Operating System 1 System 2 System 3 System 1 System 1 System 1 Virtual Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Machine Compute Storage Network
  • 8. Standardized Application Provisioning App Ops Service template (Multi-tier .NET applications) Web tier Application tier Data tier Scale-out and health policy Scale-out and health policy Scale-out and health policy Internet Information ServiceWeb (IIS) (IIS) Application App-V Server server Data (SQL) SQL Server Hardware Operating Application Hardware Operating Application Hardware Operating Application profile system profile profile profile system profile profile profile system profile profile DC Compute Storage Network Admin
  • 9. Simplify Application Servicing Easily Upgrade Applications App Ops Server Application Virtualization Operating .NET Framework System Java
  • 10. DemoStandardized Application Provisioning
  • 11. Predictable Service Delivery Approve request Provision service Self-service deployment request Access service catalog Process automation Self-serviceAccess service Approve Process Provision deployment catalog request automation service request
  • 12. Overcoming the Dev-Ops Disconnect ”It could well be what might have “Do you know the infrastructure, causedthe code!” not the failure?” “How wouldgot a call about a “Hey, I just I know, you wrote failed application.” the code!” App App Dev Ops
  • 13. Predictable Application SLA Monitor end-user DiscoverIsolate root cause and application dependencies Triage and Remediate Deepand application components application diagnostics insight help you “get to green” “It’s easy for a vendor to create a tool that Discover Monitor automates the creation of a virtual application end-user and Isolate rootand call it ‘cloud management.’ machine Triage and dependencies application cause the real value of IT management However Remediate components comes from keeping a service up-and- running, which means tools that automate configuration and operations must take advantage of application knowledge to ensure an optimal lifecycle.” Chris Wolf, Gartner Inc.1, 3/22/2011 1 Source:
  • 14. DemoApplication Performance Management
  • 15. System Center 2012 Cloud and Datacenter Management PRODUCTIVE PREDICTABLE APPLICATIONS YOUR CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE Deep application monitoring Flexibility with delegation Flexibility with delegation Heterogeneoussupport Heterogeneous support and diagnosis and control control Process automation Process automation Comprehensive application Applications self-service across clouds Applications self-service across clouds manageability Self-serviceinfrastructure Self-service infrastructure Physical, virtual, and cloud Physical, virtual, and cloud Service-centric approach management management
  • 16. Provision Infrastructure Operating systems Virtual Servers Physical servers Configure Virtual servers Endpoint Deploy DC Protection Admin Settings management Physical Servers
  • 17. Zero to Hyper-V Cluster Configure Start and install Hyper-V cluster Virtual Machine Manager Bare-metal server server Configure Configure network storage Storage Network
  • 18. The Shift to Cloud Computing Physical Virtual Private Public
  • 19. Do I Need a Private Cloud?Application Availability Datacenter SLA “Central IT could dedicate resources for standing up virtual machines and applications all day long, and “Our current wouldn’tfor deploying IT services deadlines.” we still process meet our departments’ is too slow. I think I’ll get accessservice and application “I wish I could delegate to a public cloud resource, so I can speed things up.” deployment tasks.” “We need need to pool resources andapplication “We consistent and predictable stop ‘servers- SLA delivery.” under-the-desk’ syndrome.” “I need the access simplify the numberdeploy, “We need to and tools to create, of ‘IT products’ and manage businessto the business and application that are offered applications and services.” developers.” App DC Owner Admin
  • 20. Constructing the Private Cloud Fabric Standardized services Delegated capacity Development Production Cloud abstraction Assign dedicated and shared resources Logical and standardized Diverse infrastructureProduction Datacenter One Datacenter TwoDevelopment
  • 21. Provision Private Clouds Finance Marketing Network Storage Compute
  • 22. Automate Service Delivery Templates User Roles Virtual Publish Machine Manager DC App Library Admin Owner CMDB Runbooks Templates Services Virtual Machines Hosts Users Enables standardization and compliance
  • 23. Self-Service Experience Service Manager Orchestrator Virtual Machine Manager
  • 24. Operate Your Infrastructure Virtual Servers Monitoring Private Cloud Troubleshooting Monitor Inventory Reporting Operate Data protection Patching DC Admin Physical Servers Network Devices
  • 25. Monitor Your Infrastructure SQL Server Performance Dashboard: OperationsManagerDW SQL Server Availability over last 24 hours SQL CPU Utilization over last 24 hours SQL Memory Usage in KB Disk Storage Total Memory: 50,000 KB Data Files: 17.6 GB 66% Log Files: 6.93 GB Heterogeneous monitoring 2% SQL Server Properties Total Memory Used on Server 80%
  • 26. Automate Remediation Service Manager IR2667 Orchestrator Operations Manager Virtual Machine Manager SQL Server 1 SQL Server 2 Data Protection Manager
  • 27. Dynamically Optimize Resources • Optimized configuration • Increased availability • Reduced power consumption
  • 28. Update Management Update catalog Virtual Machine Manager Update server server • More compliant and up to date • Works with existing update server • No required downtime Virtual hosts Manage Remediate ManageEnable feature Scan servers baselines servers exemptions
  • 29. • Operations Manager • Virtual Machine Manager2 Processors, Unlimited OSEs • Configuration Manager • Endpoint Protection (new) • Data Protection Manager • Orchestrator • Service Manager • App Controller (new)2 Processors, OSEs
  • 30. Next Steps – Deliver your private cloud usingSystem Center 2012 today!REFER ADDITIONAL SYSTEM CENTER 2012 RESOURCES SYSTEM CENTER MARKETPLACE http://systemcenter.pinpoint. DOWNLOAD AND EVALUATE SYSTEM CENTER 2012 CHECK OUT OUR BLOGS cloud/evaluate/trial-software.aspx server-cloud
  • 31. © Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.