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  • 1. Practical BI on the cloud:Leveraging for DataAnalytics Vineet Arora (@VinniArora) WinWire CTO & Microsoft vTSP Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies (@WinWire)
  • 2. Session Objectives and TakeawaysWhat am I am going to talk about and demo (Level 250): – SQL Azure as the cloud based data platform – Development and deployment of SQL Azure reporting – Scenarios for cloud based data analyticsWhat am I NOT going to talk about (but can ) today: – Code level details of creating or using reports – Advance features of SQL Azure like data setup, deployment or Federated databases Key Takeaway Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 3. Lets break it down…• SQL Azure overview – Demo: SQL Azure DB Management• Data Analytics in the cloud – SQL Azure Reporting overview – Usage scenarios – SQL Azure Reporting vs. SSRS – Limitations• More demos – Managing SQL Azure reporting services – Developing and Deploying SQL Azure reports Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 4. SQL Azure overview Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 5. Data Storage ChoicesDedicated On-premise Resources Hosted SQL Azure (RDBMS) Windows Azure Storage Shared Low “Friction”/Control High5 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 6. SQL Server vs. SQL Azure Enterprise-class “scale-up” data Distributed “scale-out” database platform service Multiple hardware platforms and Abstracts OS and hardware deployment options management Deploy as dedicated server in Easy provisioning, multi-tenant customer datacenter, VM or 3rd party Automatic high-availability and Typically licensed per-server or per data replication processor Pay-as-you-go and commitment offers Symmetry with Traditional RDBMS Familiar T-SQL relational model Support existing code libraries and protocols Ecosystem of familiar development and management tools6 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 7. SQL Azure components Database Data Sync Reporting7 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 8. SQL Azure database Single Logical Multiple Physical Database Replicas Familiar SQL Server relational database model delivered as a service Replica 1 Single SQL Azure provides logical servers Primary and replicates data for backup A subset of the existing SQL Server built-in stored procedures and Replica 2 DB system views Programmability: Managed Multiple ADO.NET data access Secondaries Same powerful DB management Replica 3 tools used for on-premises databases8 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 9. SQL Azure Data Sync scenarios On-Premises Application Cloud Application SQL Azure SQL Server Application Application • Geo-located web applications • Hybrid applications; one-way publish • Use with Windows Azure or two-way sharing Traffic Manager • Multiple locations (e.g. branch office, retail offices); share data between SQL SQL Azure Azure locations and/or aggregate data in cloud • Scale-out via multiple copies of Application data Application • E.g. Separate reporting & OLTP workloads; multiple Web sites SQL Azure SQL Server9 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 10. Scenarios for SQL Azure usageDepartmental applications • Application built by individual or department but accessed by wider audience • Need simple deployment, self-management, and governanceWeb Applications • Small business or startup that uses the cloud as their IT setup • Simple deployment, self-management, scale on demandISV • ISV hosting software on behalf of customer • Multi-tenant support for billing and isolationData Hub • Sharing and aggregating of data across tiers and across enterprises • Centralized place for data, high scale, sync with existing data sources Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 11. DEMO: SQL Azure DB and DataSync Management11 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 12. SQL Azure Provisioning Model • Each account has zero or more servers Account – Azure wide, provisioned in a common portal – Billing unit • Each server has one or more databases – Contains metadata about the databases and usage – Unit of authentication Server – Unit of Geo-location – Generated DNS based name - • Each database has standard SQL objects – Unit of consistency Database – Unit of multi-tenancy – Contains Users, Tables, Views, Indices, etc. – Most granular unit of billing Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 13. DEMO: SQL Azure Tools• SQL Azure account portal – Provision logical servers and databases which includes a lightweight web-based database manager – Data sync configurations• SQL Server Management Studio – an integrated environment with graphics tools for accessing and configuring SQL Server and SQL Azure databases• MS-Excel and PowerPivot as clients – Connect to SQL Azure like you will connect to any other data source• Visual Studio integration – supports building applications with data connections to SQL Azure Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 14. Data Analytics in the cloud Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 15. SQL Azure Reporting Service • Developers, System Integrators, Consultants and IT departments Target users involved in building BI solutions • Decrease efforts to setup and provision servers for reportingBuild faster needs • Design, develop and deploy your BI solutions using the tools and Familiar tools expertise you already have! Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 16. SQL Azure Reporting features Based on SQL Server Reporting Services o Interactive and tabular reporting o Data visualizations: charts, graphs, mapping, gauges Web Role Reporting Use SQL Azure Database as data sources Utilizes BI Developer Studio to author reports Export to Excel, PDF, CSV formats Integrated into Windows Azure Management Portal16 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 17. DEMO: SQL Azure Reporting Management17 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 18. DEMO Summary: SQL AzureReporting Management• Integrated with Windows Azure management• Only the Azure Service Admin and Account Admin can access (similar to Windows and SQL Azure)• Provision the service – Select geo-location• Manage additional users – Assigning them to default roles of SSRS• Browse and manage items – Reports – upload or publish from Visual Studio – Data sources definition for cloud data sources Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 19. SQL Azure Reporting Scenarios Operational reportingOperational Embed reports into EmbeddedReports Azure data on SQL Windows Azure or on- Reports premises applications Windows SQL Azure Azure Reporting Application BI SQL Azure RDL Developer Database File Studio Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 20. Data Analytics applications using SQLAzure and SQL Azure Reporting Operational reports On-premise BI Windows Azure using SQL Azure apps/tools connecting based custom BI reporting to SQL Azure DB applications SQL Azure Reporting SSRS / Excel / PowerPivot Service consumer / Custom applications apps / Browser Windows Azure SQL Azure SQL Azure Custom Embedded BI App Reports Data Sync Windows Windows Azure Azure any web any web SQL Azure app app SQL Azure Reporting Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 21. SQL Azure Reporting vs. SSRS Reporting Services SQL Azure Reporting Development - Business Intelligence Design - Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS) Studio (BIDS) Tools - Report Builder - Report Builder* Supported data Diverse data sources SQL Azure databases sources Report Report Manager or Windows Azure Portal SharePoint URL browsing Management - display reports - rendering to multiple formats - subscriptions - scheduled delivery Developer Custom data sources, Extensibility is not yet assemblies, report items, enabled Extensibility authentication, etc. Security Model Windows Authentication SQL Azure Username/password *Authoring only - deployment WinWire Technologies Copyright 2012 © to SQL Azure Reporting through BIDS
  • 22. SQL Azure Reporting LimitationsDevelopment • Creating reports from Report Builder 1.0, Report Builder 2.0, and Report Builder 3.0 is not supported. • No support custom assemblies and custom extensions • Only SQL Azure as a data source is supported (for now!) • Reporting Services Configuration manager is not available • Links to external images is not supportedFeatures • SharePoint integrated mode is not supported. Only native mode is supported. • No Report Manager! Yes really. • No support for subscriptions and scheduling functions! Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 23. Case Study: System Diagram Energy Data Capture Azure hosted Device 1 Web Service Device 2 Energy Data Capture Web Energy Data Services Repository Device N Energy Data Monitoring and Management Web application Energy Data Energy Data built using Monitoring Configuration Dashboard and Management Silverlight Energy Data Users Administrators/ Installers23 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 24. DEMO: BI app on Azure Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 25. Wrap Up• SQL Azure is a powerful relational database as a service available on Azure platform• SQL Azure reporting provides various capabilities for data-tier applications – Extend & scale your data analytics solutions – Ease of management and deployment – Familiar tools for management and development• Limitations will go away! – it is just version 1.0 • SQL Azure Reporting Resources: Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 26. About WinWire WinWire Technologies is a global, super- specialist consulting firm focused exclusively on Microsoft Technologies of Azure, WinWire’s focus is to SharePoint, .NET and help Enterprise customers realize their business goals by SQL Server Business Making Information Intelligence Actionable™26 Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies
  • 27. Thank You!Raffle: Win a XBOX Kinect bundle at ourbooth Vineet Arora (@VinniArora) WinWire CTO & Microsoft vTSP Copyright 2012 © WinWire Technologies (@WinWire)