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Mobile and cloud a perfect marriage
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Mobile and cloud a perfect marriage


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  • 1. Mobile Apps on Azure v/s Amazon (or) Cloud + Mobile A Perfect Marriage Ashu Goel CEO WinWire Technologies Inc. (@WinWire)WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential 1
  • 2. Mobility is Everywhere of U.S. adults are now have apps82% now active 43% on their 4.5 Billion mobile devices out cellphone users smartphones there There could be a trillion Internet connected devices by 2015
  • 3. IT is changingThe amount of data Laptops consume about a Mobile Internet traffic willconsumed is exploding gigabyte of wireless data overtake fixed Internet capacity each month per traffic in the next couple user of yearsOther trends Enterprise IT is going social,Social ComputingSocial Analytics local and mobile with cloud-based solutions.
  • 4. Key Trends impacting IT today are closely tied to Mobility and Cloud Big Data – Mobility - Enterprise Predictive App Internet Social Analytics Cloud Focus on User Computing Experience (UX)
  • 5. Why Cloud + Mobile?Pace of Change and Time toMarket Pressures.● Types of devices (Smartphones / Tablets / Laptops)● Unlocking enterprise data from legacy systems● Scaling the back-end as demand increases● Focus on user experience and not on back-end compute and storage issues
  • 6. Why Cloud + Mobile?● Cloud-based resources: – Levels the playing field – Provides a larger pool of resources from which to pull – Provides a way to reach across device platforms
  • 7. Mobile + Cloud Options for Microsoft Developers Beyond Compute and Compute and Storage Storage
  • 8. Why Windows Azure?● PaaS: you built it, Windows Azure runs it● Automatic O/S patching● Elasticity and scale● Utility billing● Higher-level services – ACS, Traffic Manager, Caching, CDN
  • 9. Platform Comparison: AWS v/s Azure Virtual Private Cloud (beta) Customer Network Windows Azure Customer Connect (beta) VPN Network Gateway Windows Azure Diagnostics and Service Management APIs , Auto Elastic Load Default feature of Scaling sample CloudWatch Balancing Platform www Isolated EC2 (no additional config or Route Traffic to Relay fee) Monitoring Auto- Monitoring, instances resources Scaling S3 CloudFront Windows Azure CDN Blob Windows Storage Azure Blob Windows Azure EC2 Windows Simple Storage –Web, worker and VM roles Azure Queuing Global CDN Queues, Service , Windows Azure AppFabric Simple for S3 WindowsBlock Store Elastic Azure Drives Tables SimpleDB (beta) Service Bus Notification Service Relational SQL Azure (beta) Database AppFabric Service(beta) Elastic AppFabric Caching, No Such MapReduce Compositio Access feature in Control, n Model Azure today Distributed Scaleout Linq HPC database database and in future with Windows Azure Microsoft Confidential
  • 10. Azure – 3 “E” Advantage For Microsoft ecosystem developers, Azure offers a 3E experience with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Devices 1. Ease of Development – Multiple language to choose for server side code – Familiar tools – Visual Studio – Availability of multiple SDKs – Inbuilt Notification and Security 2. Ease of Deployment – One-click deployment – Easy unit-testing – No need for additional infra resources 3. Enterprise Data Access – Extend your data thru Azure services to various devices
  • 12. iPAD application - Features ● Searching for a fund by its name or navigating the list ● Displaying fund related information ● View documents stored within the document library on iPAD ● Downloading and storing copies of documents locally for offline viewing ● Advance search using various fields on document library ● Version tracking detection of documents ● Each installation configured with user information ● Secure access to SP portal over 3G or Wireless
  • 13. Azure Hosted Services – Mobile Accessibility
  • 14. SharePoint Portal View
  • 15. Mobile App
  • 16. Infoboard ● infoboard is an iPad application designed to display personalized data from SharePoint portals ● Features: – Ability to search and download selective documents, blogs and other data using web services – Display using native mobile devices navigation and charting capabilities
  • 17. Who We Are WinWire Technologies is a Microsoft focused consulting company that helps business and technology leaders harness the power of Collaboration and Analytics across the enterprise leveraging technology trends such as cloud, mobility, big data and enterprise social.
  • 18. THANK YOU Ashu Goel CEO WinWire Technologies Inc. (@WinWire)