Azure - A Company built in the cloud
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Azure - A Company built in the cloud






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Azure - A Company built in the cloud Azure - A Company built in the cloud Presentation Transcript

  • A Company Built in the CloudMarc
  • PROFILE• Marc Huynen – Solution Architect for Neudesic• 20 Industry experience• Alumni for QuickStart Technologies –Taught classes –Developer manager• EveryPenny I represent the customer
  • AGENDA• Overview of the company “EveryPenny” –Business value –Walkthru application –Web sites & administration tools• Why azure• Azure architecture• EveryPenny strategy with azure
  • PROBLEMS IN K12 FUNDRAISING  Antiquated fundraising products & delivery ◦ Low profit margins, high overhead & unhealthy products  Lack of sophisticated fundraising technology  Increased financial pressure due to budget cuts ◦ Fundraising is required to support basic programs/activities  Limited transparency/visibility/administrative control  Layoffs, turnover & volunteer staffs  Fraud ◦ Shrinkage of product & loss from cash handling  Fundraising fatigue ◦ Schools have struggled to expand donor base  Safety & security surrounding door-to-door product sales4
  • BENEFITS OF EVERYPENNY SOLUTION School Fundraising Website Sample Fundraising Event Website • One location for all activities • Accept credit card donations • List of active fundraisers • Fundraising thermometer tracks donations • Webpage generated by EveryPenny system • Social networking integration • Increased awareness of fundraisers • Information & image describing campaign • Easy to recruit volunteers5
  • THE SOLUTION: NEW FUNDRAISING TECHNOLOGY  Streamlines & simplifies online credit card donations  Provides mobile giving capabilities through text message donations ◦ “Text THS FOOTBALL to 80108”  Creates personalized fundraising websites6
  • THE SOLUTION: ECOMMERCE PLATFORM  eCommerce for schools ◦ Digital book fairs, digital games, music, gift cards & EDU software ◦ Year Books ◦ Prom Tickets ◦ Earthquake kits ◦ Pay fees online  Track Orders7
  • THE SOLUTION: SOCIAL FUNDRAISING  Direct integration between social networks, fundraising websites & EveryPenny system  EveryPenny internal social network ◦ Educate schools on how to increase donations ◦ Viral sharing of fundraising best practices ◦ Interactive community of users8
  • THE SOLUTION: ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS EveryPenny’s Administrative Dashboard  Generates reports & tracks donations  Donor management system  Electronic marketing tools  Historical campaign notes/data  Coordinated calendar of activities9
  • EVERYPENNY’S HIERARCHICAL SYSTEM  Modeled after school district structure  Provide control & visibility at district and school level  Complete transparency  Quickly access real-time aggregate fundraising data  Fundraising data rolls-up for comprehensive reporting10
  • EVERYPENNY SYSTEM DEMO System Demo Flow  School fundraising websites ◦ Increased awareness and revenue  Walkthrough of back-end administrative tools ◦ Enhanced control and efficiency  EveryPenny Demo11
  • EVERYPENNY CONSIDERATIONS• Startup Company• All Developers, very small IT staff – Onshore architecture and design – Offshore Development• Good ideas but will customer buy it – Capacity?• How many Features? I do not know? – To rich, performance issues• How many environments will we need – Dev, Staging, Product, etc
  • WHAT DO YOU GET• Azure “Compute” service hosts Virtual Machines in roles – Web – Worker• Ability to scale up and ability to scale out. Web base solution will usually scale out as EveryPenny is designed to do.• Required to have 2 of every role for SLA• Windows Azure automatically handles network load balancing and failover to provide continuous availability. Windows Azure provides a 99.95% monthly SLA. for Compute services.• CDN• Caching
  • Architectural View: EveryPenny on Azure Clients Silverlight HTML CDN BPOS Azure Table Store Office 365 WCF Azure (Images & Videos) Exchange Diagnostics Queue Background Website Service Cache Service SQL Azure Azure Table Store School/CampaignBusiness On-premisesPartners Tools Coming Soon
  • AZURE COSTSBackend Servers (8) Web Servers (6)- 2 Prod, 1 Caching - 2 Production- 2 Staging, 1 Cashing - 2 Staging- 1 Dev Staging - 1 Dev Staging- 1 Dev Integration - 1 Dev Integration
  • AZURE TABLE STORAGE VS AZURE SQL• Web Content (Azure Table Storage) – Templates – School content: pictures, description• Transactions based (Azure SQL) – Donations – Donor Management• EveryPenny Model – Started 2 years ago – Azure SQL was costly and only a limited set of admin tools – SQL Server storage Max Limit was small but go enough for us – Used Azure Table Storage as much as we could • But no “Update users set isactice = true where schooldistrict = ‘Tustin’”• Let’s be flexible – Wrote to Azure Table Storage with option to write to SQL (parallel) • More writes and reads vs edits
  • AZURE STORAGE COSTAzure Table StorageAzure Storage $0.125/gigabyteAzure SQL StorageDatabase Size Price Per Database Per Month0 to 100 MB Flat $4.995Greater than 100 MB to 1 GB Flat $9.99Greater than 1 GB to 10 GB $9.99 for first GB, $3.996 for each additional GBGreater than 10 GB to 50 GB $45.954 for first 10 GB, $1.998 for each additional GBGreater than 50 GB to 150 GB $125.874 for first 50 GB, $0.999 for each additional GB
  • OTHER AZURE COSTS• Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Pay-As-You-Go price for CDN – $0.12 per GB for data transfers from European and North American locations – $0.19 per GB for data transfers from other locations – $0.01 per 10,000 transactions• Transfer rate (Inbound free, Outbound $0.12/gigabyte) – If you have to move data around or too much downloading – Optimize your web pages this should be minimal costs.
  • EVERYPENNY COST• Cost of Azure $1500/month – Dev Integration – Dev Staging – Private for internal use – Production Staging – Public Staging – Production – Azure Table Storage – Azure SQL Storage – CDN• Will support about 1000s of schools district with 100s of school so the cost break down could be as little $1.50/school/year
  • COMMON QUESTIONS• Our company is not a startup we have a server room – Start small. A rogue group try Azure out and then expand• Our business has stick compliance issues – Do a hybrid. Keep you data on premise and put your front-end servers in the cloud• We have server hosted with a hosting company. Why Azure? – Are you managing the servers – Are you paying for manage services $$$ – Azure makes you build your application to expand up and out• When should you not use Azure – SLA is not high enough for the line of business you are in – Software interfaces with manufacturing machines – High processing applications – Crunching Mathematic equations
  • THANK YOUQ&AContact InfoMarc