Build a private cloud in 1000 easy steps
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Build a private cloud in 1000 easy steps






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Build a private cloud in 1000 easy steps Build a private cloud in 1000 easy steps Presentation Transcript

  • Build a Private Cloud in 1000 Easy Steps! Chris E. Avis Sr. IT Evangelist http://chrisavis.comCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 1
  • Fifth Generation of Computing Cloud SOA Web Client-ServerCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 2
  • Generational Shift Technology Economic Business Centralized Optimized for High upfront costs compute & storage, efficiency due to for hardware and thin clients high cost software PCs and servers for Optimized for Perpetual license for distributed compute, agility due to OS and application storage, etc. low cost software Better efficiency and Pay as you go, Large DCs, agility as you need, commodity HW, (in orders of and only for what scale-out, devices magnitude) you useCopyright©© 2011 Microsoft Corporation Copyright 2011 Microsoft Page 3 View slide
  • Cloud Computing Characteristics Ref: The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing On-demand Ubiquitous Location Rapid Measured self-service network transparent elasticity service with access resource pay per use poolingCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 4 View slide
  • Private Cloud Build Options • Build your own private cloud with help from the Hyper-V Cloud Deployment Guides and Hyper-V Cloud partners. • Get a pre-validated private cloud configuration from Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track OEM partners. Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track partners have worked with Microsoft to combine hardware and software offerings based on a reference architecture for building private clouds. • Find a service provider in the Hyper-V Cloud Service Provider Program who can host a dedicated private cloud for you.Copyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 5
  • Pre-Validated Private Cloud Configuration • Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track partner offerings provide flexibility and choice while reducing risk and increasing the speed of deployment. Click on the partner tabs below to learn about the available options from each partner.Copyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 6
  • Build Your Own Private Cloud • What benefits will I get from MY Private Cloud? – Self-service – Scalability – Elasticity – Resource PoolingCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 7
  • I think you have great talents and should look for other career opportunities to reach your full potential. IT CAPACITY Allocated IT-capacities Forcast demands Actual Load TIMECopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 8
  • Wow, capacity on demand! Very well done, IT! IT CAPACITY Knob goes up... And...down Capacity on demand! Allocated IT-capacities Lower capex! Forcast demands Actual Load TIMECopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 9
  • Typical Workload Patterns are Optimal for Cloud Compute Compute Inactivity Period Average Usage Average Usage Time Time On and off workloads (e.g. batch job) Successful services needs to grow/scale Over provisioned capacity is wasted Tax Season Keeping up w/growth is big IT challenge Startups Time to market can be cumbersome Complex lead time for deployment Compute Compute Average Usage Average Usage Time Time Unexpected/unplanned peak in demand Services with micro seasonality trends Sudden spike impacts performance News Service Peaks due to periodic increased demand Lottery Can’t over provision for extreme cases IT complexity and wasted capacity WebsiteCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 10
  • The story so far The cloud.. • Is a service-based approach • Has specific characteristics (On-demand, ubiquitous, elastic, location independent, measured) • Has various options for how it’s delivered (delivery methods) and how responsibilities are separated (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) • Ultimately means IT transformationCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 11
  • Cloud Continuum Private cloud Public cloud by inside your service providers data centerCopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 12
  • Time Warp: 15 years ago Developers Have a project…. • Domain Controller, Database, Web Server, Mail Server, 2-3 Clients • Order the hardware • Provision the servers – Install all software components – Some Automation – Lots of manual configuration • Deliver to Developers • Time from Request to Delivery - ????Copyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 13
  • Fast Forward: Present Day Developers Have a project…. • Domain Controller, Database, Web Server, Mail Server, 2-3 Clients • No hardware to order - Virtualized • Provision the servers – Install all software components – Can be Fully Automated – Can be provisioned by developers through self-service portal • Deliver to Developers • Time from Request to Delivery - ????Copyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 14
  • Microsoft Private Cloud Offerings • Hyper-V Cloud Deployment Guide • Fast Track • Service providers • Integrated and extended security • Self-service portal • Server consolidation • Datacenter to cloud management • Non-MS OS support • Multi-platform supportCopyright© 2011 MicrosoftCopyright ©2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 15
  • Call to Action Learn more at: • My Blog – • Microsoft Online Services - • Microsoft Windows Azure - • Microsoft Cloud Computing - • Microsoft Private Cloud - © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 16
  • © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. Microsoft and Your potential. Our passion. are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Microsoft Corporation • One Microsoft Way • Redmond, WA 98052-6399 • USACopyright © 2011 Microsoft Corporation Page 17