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How to maximize multiscreen video service

How to maximize multiscreen video service






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    How to maximize multiscreen video service How to maximize multiscreen video service Presentation Transcript

    • Not Live Enough: Why Maximizing Multiscreen Services WithLive TV Is Key To Meeting Customer Expectations A Light Reading Webinar Sponsored by
    • Webinar Logistics Participate in the webinar: Ask questions, share feedback via the survey, and access the Information panel. Personalize your experience: Click the buttons at the bottom of your screen to open supporting content and user tools at your own convenience. Technical Issues: Ask the support team for live assistance in the ask-a-question window. Enjoy the webinar and thank you for viewing!
    • Today s Presenters Adi Kishore Senior Analyst Heavy Reading Derek Bell Director, Product Management QuickPlay Media
    • Agenda•  Consumers Want Multiscreen: Survey Findings•  Service Providers & Multiscreen Video Strategies•  Multiscreen Trends & The Need For Live TV•  Case Studies & Real World Experiences•  Summary/Conclusions•  Q & A
    • Consumers  Are  Interested  In  Several  Mul3screen   Op3ons   n= 438 5  
    • While  UGC  Con3nues  To  Drive  Viewership,  Movies  &   TV  Shows  Are  Now  A  Substan3al  Percentage   Q: What kind of content do you watch MOST on the Internet?n = 444 6  
    • Interes3ngly,  Service  Providers  May  Not  Be  Universally   Blamed  For  Video  Issues  Online  Primarily responsible for Internet video delays, low quality, interruptions Buffering (24%) and re-buffering (32%) delays clearly rated most frustrating aspects of Internet videon= 442 7  
    • But  ISPs  Are  In  A  Sensi3ve  Posi3on  With  Regard  To   Subscribers  OTT  Experience   -- More Than 1 in 8 Would Definitely Switch Providers For Better QoE-- Would change ISP if another offered better Internet video experiencen= 442 8  
    • Most  Service  Providers  Are  Offering  Or  Planning   Mul3screen  Services  Today  n=93 © Heavy Reading 2012
    • Investment in a new technology eco-system is required to ensure high QoE across devices Video Device Content Management System Adaptation/ RegistryTracking and Measurement Preparation Data Mining And Analysis Content Video Delivery Protection QoE Monitoring and Control Ad Insertion Home Gateway User Interface User Interface User Interface Mobile PC TV 10  
    • Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   11  
    • QuickPlay  Media  is  a  leading  provider  of  cloud-­‐based  managed  service   solu9ons  for  the  distribu9on  of  premium  video  to  IP-­‐connected  devices   "   Over  25  mul3screen  services  launched  and  in  market   "   Service  providers,  device  manufacturers,  media  companies   "   Global  presence:  United  States,  Canada,  UK,  France,  Hong  Kong,  Singapore    Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   12  
    • ✔  Video  on  Demand  (VOD)   ✔  PC   ✔  Smartphone   ✔  Tablet   ✔  Connected  TV   ✔  Game  Console    Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   13  
    • High  demand  for  Live  TV   "  51%  of  mobile  TV  subscribers  reported  Live  TV  as  most  preferred  format  for   viewing     Spor9ng  Events  driving  Mul9screen  TV  Adop9on   "  BBC  –  12  million  view  requests  from  mobiles  and  tablets  during  Olympics     "  Half  of  UK  mobile  TV  users  surveyed  reported  watching  at  least  some  of  the   2012  Olympics  on  mobile      (Source: UK Mobile TV Survey, 2012, QuickPlay Media)Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   14  
    • 84%  of  those  who  had  watched  Olympics  or  the  2012  Euro  Cup   Championships  on  a  smartphone  or  tablet  reported  sustained  increase   in  post  event  mobile  viewing  (Source: UK Mobile TV Survey, 2012, QuickPlay Media)Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   15  
    • Today’s  Mul9-­‐screen     is  not  good  LIVE  enough  !  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   16  
    • Seamless  TV  viewing  experience  no  maTer  where  you   are  or  what  device  you  use    Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   17  
    • ✔  VOD   ✔  Live  Linear   ✔  PC   ✔  Live  Events   ✔  Smartphone   ✔  In  home   AND   ✔  Tablet   ✔  Outside  home   ✔  Connected  TV   ✔     One  bill   ✔  Game  Console   ✔     Simple  Discovery  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   18  
    • Content  Rights  &   Regula9ons     Authen9ca9on  Models     Cost/Complexity   User  Experience   Business  Models      Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   19  
    • Layers  of  content  rights  and   regula9ons  making  things   even  more  complicated:     "  Linear  Live  TV     "  Local  live  TV   "  In  home  vs.  out  of  home   "  Geo  restric3ons   "  Blackouts   "  Syndicated  programing     "  Segment  restric3ons   "  Device   "  Closed  Cap3oning  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   20  
    • "   Mul3ple  subscrip3ons     "   Varia3ons  by  device     "   En3tlement  passthru       "   Pay  per  use     "   Coupon        Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   21  
    • Ingest  mul9ple  source  signals   "   Investment  in  source  integra3on   and  infrastructure   Delivery  variables   "   Adap3ve  streaming,  HD  variants,   live  signal  delays   "   Development  and  opera3onal   investment   Distribu9on  integra9ons   "   Carrier  network  op3miza3on   "   CDN  intergra3on  and  licensing   Device  experience   "   Smartphones,  Tablets,  TVs,  Game   Consoles,  STBs   "   Soeware,  development  and   opera3onal  investment    Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   22  
    • Create  an  integrated  viewing  experience   "  Make  on  demand  content  available  and  discoverable  during  and  aeer   live  viewing   "  Display  recommenda3ons  for  related  on  demand  content   "  Pause  and  resume  across  devices  to  create  seamless  viewing   experience  of  on  demand  content  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   23  
    • Bundling   "  Drive  value  into  exis3ng   service  packages   "  Zero  rate  data   Ad  funded   "  Expand  adop3on   poten3al  through   “freemium”  offerings   "  Roadmap  to  mone3za3on    Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   24  
    • What  are  your  biggest  obstacles  to  rolling  out  mul9screen  services:     q  Content  Rights   q  Authen9ca9on     q  Cost/Complexity   q  User  Experience   q  Business  Models  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   25  
    • Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   26  
    • Mul9screen  today:  Live  Linear  &   Lessons  Learned   Prime9me  shows   "   Not  all  video  players  can  handle   "   Over  25  live  channels   HD   "   Specialized  events:  Olympics  and   " Specific  device  detec3on  is  needed   Super  Bowl   "   Must  get  DRM  right  or  customer   "   34  prime3me  shows     experience  suffers   "   4  plaiorms   Challenge:  Deliver  mul9screen     London  Olympics  in  HD     "   Limit  HD  to  LTE  devices   "   SD  level  streaming  for  all  others   "   Turn  up  in  3  weeks   "   Must  have  industry  approved  DRM  Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   27  
    • Mul9screen  today:  Live  linear   Lessons  Learned   television  programming   "   Work  closely  with  CDN  provider  to   "   3  live  channels   scale  the  solu3on   "   6000  hrs  of  VOD  content   " Develop  grey  market  orienta3on   "   Over  2600+  unique  devices   to  provide  best  quality   Challenge:  Provide  Live  TV  for   unlimited  subscribers     "   High  usage  amongst  commuters  in   Hong  Kong     "   1000s  of  flavors  of  Android  devices      Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   28  
    • evolved  Mul9media  Broadcast  Mul9cast  Service  (eMBMS)   "  Reduces  the  unicast  load   "  U3lizes  LTE  spectrum  and  3GPP  ecosytem   "  Ideal  for  event  based  viewing  where  sprectrum  can  be  allocated   "  Enhance  in-­‐venue  experience    Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   29  
    • "   High  demand  for  live  mul3screen  services,  especially  for   high  profile  events   "   Lots  of  regulatory  and  technical  challenges  to  make  it   seamless   "   A  service  requires  many  components  to  deliver  high   quality  video   "   The  industry  is  evolving  at  a  rapid  pace  and  picking   experienced  partners  will  be  a  key  to  delivering  a   successful  service      Proprietary  &  Confiden3al  -­‐  QuickPlay  Media  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   30  
    • Q&A Session Adi Kishore Senior Analyst Heavy Reading Derek Bell Director, Product Management QuickPlay Media
    • Thank you for attending! Upcoming Light Reading Webinars www.lightreading.com/webinars.asp