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от шугарсинка

от шугарсинка

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  1. CtrdcfcyvibhonjYoull find that the pup will nap in the crate by choice. You can continue to put thepup in the crate when youll be away from the house as long as you dont leavepuppies and young dogs confined too long and make sure they have plenty ofexercise when you are home. People often cringe at the thought of putting theirbeloved Star in a box or cage. They think confinement is cruel. After all, people dontwant to be enclosed in a space they can barely turn around in. But puppies arentpeople. Their wolf ancestors found comfort, safety, and shelter in their dens, andmodern dogs find solace and satisfaction in their own space as well. When thepuppy is in the house, ONE RESPONSIBLE person needs to watch the puppy 100percent of the time –or- confine the puppy to a small area (a crate is recommended)where the puppy will not urinate or defecate. You must NOT keep the puppy in thecrate longer than the puppy can hold its urine and feces. Take the puppy outfrequently (every 10 to 15 minutes) and after each nap or meal and gently praise thepuppy. WHILE the puppy is producing urine or feces. Always say lets go outsidewhen you take the puppy outside. Do not play with him until he has done hisbusiness. If he hasnt relieved himself in about 10 minutes, take him back inside andput him in the crate. Repeat the routine in 10-15 minutes. Remember, no play untilthe pup does his business and lots of praise when he gets the idea. Clean all areasthat the puppy has urinated or defecated in the house with an active enzyme cleanerspecifically sold to eliminate the odor. Ask your pet supply store to recommend agood product. Sanctuary for the over-excited pup. Dont let Rambo run amokthrough the house, terrorizing the cat, the kids, and the furniture, and dont feelguilty about restricting his freedom. Sending the pup to his crate is somewhat akinto sending a child to his room: he feels comfortable there and he knows you areangry, and you have a chance to recover from his outburst. Protection from excitedtoddlers. Children need to learn that the pup needs some quiet time. A blanket overa wire crate will help a child understand that its time for Ranger to rest.