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Sto guide

  1. 1. SHIPADVICE FiringArcs: Whenequippingweaponsyouwanttohave as manyweaponsfiringata time,as well ashave themfire for as longas possible.Howeverthisislimitedbyhow muchpowerdrainyousuffer. The more weapons youhave firingat a time the more power drainthere will be andthe lessoverall DPSyouwill get.Infact, havingeightbeamarraysfiringat one time couldbe worse thanhavingonlysix firingatone time,due to energydrain. There are twobasicways of fightinginspace. Forward DPS: Thisis where youuse narrowarc weaponsinyourforward weaponslotsandyoukeepfiringuntil your target isdeador you passthe target inwhichcase youturn aroundto get yourforwardweaponson your targetagain. It ispossible touse youraft weaponstohelpwiththe forwardDPSby equipping turrets,whichwill alsobe firingwhile yourtargetisinfront. Thisplaystyle isbestsuitedtoanescort(or possiblyascience ship),where youhave agoodenoughturn rate to keepyourforwardweaponsonyourtargetfor extendedperiodsof time. Broadsiding: Thisis where youkeepthe side of yourshiponyour target,sothat your weaponfiringarcsoverlap. Thisplaystyle isbestsuitedtoacruiser,where youhave a slow turnrate soit is hardto keepyour forwardweaponsonyourtarget. Power Levels: Forward DPS Broadsiding Bestplace to keepyourtarget
  2. 2. SHIPADVICE Weapons: AffectsenergyweaponDPS Shields: Affectsshieldregenerationrate Engines: Affectsspeed,turnrate anddefense bonus Auxiliary: Affectsscience skillsandsome engineeringskills Energy WeaponTypes: Stuff afterthe weaponname isthe firingarc, percentage of beamarrayDPS and percentage of beam array firingarc. Dual Heavy Cannon - 45°, 145%, 18% Narrowestfiringarc,bestDPS. Good: - Extra 10% critical severity - Good burstDPS Bad: - Can onlyequiponescorts(andsome cruisers) - Small firingarc Dual Cannon - 45°, 145%, 18% Dual cannons are similartodual heavycannons,excepttheyfire twice asoftenforhalf the damage. Good: - Good sustainedDPS - Double chance to proc,due to double firingrate. Bad - Can onlyequiponescorts(andsome cruisers) - Small firingarc - Double energydrain,due todouble firingrate.
  3. 3. SHIPADVICE Cannon - 180°, 120%, 72% Good: - BetterforwardDPS thanbeamarrays - Can still be usedtobroadside - Average firingarc Bad: - Requirescannonskills,whichmightnotbe useful if youonlyhave one cannon - Harder to maintaincannonsonbroadside Turret - 360°, 75%, 144% 360° ‘peashooter’ Good: - Full 360° coverage - Alwayscontributes toforwardDPS Bad: - Alwaysfiring,soalwaysloweringpowerlevels - LowestDPSoverall Dual Beam Bank - 90°, 130%, 36% Narrowestarc/highestDPSbeams Good: - HighDPS - Highestburstenergydamage whenusedwithbeamoverload. - Betterfiringarc thandual (heavy) cannons Bad: - Requiresbeamskills,whichmightnotbe useful if youonlyhave one beam - LowerDPS thandual (heavy) cannons Beam Array - 250°, 100%, 100% IconicStar Trek weapon.Goodmix of DPS andfiringarc. Good: - Good DPSand firingarc
  4. 4. SHIPADVICE Bad: - Very bigenergydrainwhenusedforbroadsiding Energy Types: Phaser 2.5% chance to disable one of the foursubsystemsforuptofive seconds. Good: - Cheapintermsof skill points - Knockingoutany systemforfive secondsisaverypotentbonus Bad: - Expensive fromthe exchange - Commonweapontype inPvPsomany carry phaserresistantarmorand shields Disruptor 2.5% chance to apply a 10% damage resistance debuff for15 seconds Good: - Cheapintermsof skill points - Bonusappliestoanyteam mates,soverygood team skill Bad: - Expensive fromthe exchange Plasma 2.5% chance to applya plasmafire (Hull damage overtime) for15 seconds Good: - Bonusapplieddirectlytothe hull - Bonusis alwaysuseful - Cheapon the exchange Bad: - Plasmafire can easilybe counteredbyHazard Emitters - Quite expensiveintermsof skill points Tetryon
  5. 5. SHIPADVICE 2.5% chance to lowerall fourshieldquadrants Good: - Bonusappliestoall fourshieldquadrants Bad: - Bonusonlyworksif enemyshieldsare up - Quite expensiveintermsof skill points Antiproton 10% extracritical severity Good: - Bestpure damage boost outof all energytypes - Bonusapplieseverytime acritical hitisscored Bad: - Veryexpensiveintermsof skill points - Veryexpensiveonthe exchange - Tier5 weaponsonly Polaron 2.5% chance to lowerall foursubsystems’powerlevelsby25 Good - Bonusappliestoall systemsatthe same time,potential toknockoutmultiple subsystems - Cheapon the exchange - LooksREALLY cool Bad: - Bonusdoesn’tlastlong,especially if the targethasanEPS console - Very expensiveintermsof skill points ?Proton? A newenergytype couldpossiblybe comingsoon.Protongroundweaponsare alreadyavailable. ESCORTS: Good
  6. 6. SHIPADVICE - Highturn rate - Fast - Can equipdual (heavy) cannons - +15 weaponspower - Lots of Tactical bridge officer/console slots - Low inertia Bad - Difficultplaystyle - Low hull - Low crew BuildingforEscorts: You wantas much poweras possible inweapons,andanythingelse inyourengines.Youwantnarrow firingarc weaponsfore andwide firingweaponsaft.Turretsare best aftas theycontribute toforward DPS. You mightwanta beambankfore,alongwitheitherBeamOverloadIIIorTargetShieldsSubsystemsIII. Both are fantasticabilitiestostripyourtarget’sshields. Powerlevels: - 115 – Weapons - 25 – Shields - 45 – Engines - 30 – Auxiliary Build: DHC DHC DHC/DBB QTL TUR TUR QTL/BA/TUR Cov ShieldArray HyperImpulse Engines BOff Powers: Tactical – You want at leastone CRFand at leastone THY. If you have a beamarray get at leastone BO. The other space are free foryouto choose from.I wouldreallyrecommendAPOasitis a reallyuseful skill asit boostsyourDPS,speed,defense,turnrate andgetsyouout of tractor beams. Engineering–Youwill probablywantEngineeringTeamandEPtS.If you have anyotherengineering slotsEPtE isa useful skill forgettingaway.
  7. 7. SHIPADVICE Science – Science Teamisveryuseful asitgivesyouan instantshieldheal,butmore importantlyitgives cleansanyscience debuffsincludingSubnucleonicBeamwhichslowsdownyourcooldowns.If youdon’t go for Science TeamthenTransferShieldStrengthisalsoaveryuseful skill.HazardemittersorPolarize hull are both fantasticskills.Atleastone of themisessential.If youhave anextrascience slotthenget three fromthe above skills.Youcan’treallygowrongwithany science skillsthough.Forinstance,Ihave heardTractor BeamRepulsorsisa powerful skill whichcankeepyourtargetinyour firingarc for a longerperiod. CRUISERS: Good: - Easy playstyle - Large hull - Large crew - +5 to ALL systems - Lots of Engineeringbridge officer/consoleslots - More weaponslots Bad - Low turnrate - Slow - Large inertia CruiserBuildAdvice: SCIENCE: Good: - Moderate hull - Moderate crew - +15 toauxiliarypower - Lots of Science bridge officer/consoleslots - Moderate turn rate - Diverse playstyles Bad - Verydifficultplaystyle - Mediocre firepowerandmediocre tankingability - Requiresskillpointstobe spreadthin
  8. 8. SHIPADVICE POWERS SCIENCE POWERS I - Ens, II - Lt., III- Lt. Cmdr Hazard Emitters Hazard Emittersperiodicallycleanse the ship of anyfire orradiationhazards,aswell asrestoringsome hull strengthovertime. Jam Sensors Jam Sensorspreventsthe enemyfromtargetingyou. Thisskill isgood,butit isfragile.The more youshootthe more likelyitisthatthe jamwill fail.Useful on an escortfor prettymuch free DPSand alsoforrunningaway. Mask EnergySignature Mask EnergySignature shieldsthe energyoutputof yourstarship,makingitmore difficultforenemies to detectyou. Thisis a cloak.Veryuseful onanescort fora killeralphastrike. Polarize Hull Polarize Hull providesdamage resistance againstenergyweapons andprovidesaresistance totractor beamsfor15 seconds. Bestdamage resistance inthe game.A reallygoodskill onanyship.Choose fromthisOR Hazard Emitters. Science Team Science Teamgivesanimmediate shieldboost,boostsscience proficiencyandremovesscience debuffs. The shieldboostisn’tthe mostuseful partof thisskill.Manyscience skillscanbe lethal toany ship. Science teamwill removemanyof the worstones,includingSNB,whichincreasesthe cooldownonALL your abilitiesforaperiodof time. Tachyon Beam Tachyon Beamdrainsthe targetsshields. Increasesineffectivenessbasedoncurrentauxiliarypower levels.
  9. 9. SHIPADVICE Verygoodscience powerforreducingshieldsfromadistance.Goodonan escort as part of the alpha strike,oron a science shipduringthe firststage of attack. Thisskill isvirtuallyuselessupclose asthe skill reducesshieldsONLYwhile yourtargetisinthe 90° targetingarc. Tractor Beam Tractor Beamslowsthe targetship,therebymakingitaneasiertargetforweapons.Targetsheldina Tractor Beamcannot cloak.Increasesineffectivenessbasedoncurrentauxiliarypowerlevel. Reducesyourtarget’sdefense bonustozero.Verygoodskill foraquickkill,orto stop an escortrunning away.Bestusedon a science shipor cruiserasit can onlybe usedat close range andit reliesonaux power. TransferShieldStrength TransferShieldStrengthusespowerreservestobolsteranyouor an ally’sshields,increasingtheir currentstrengthand makingthemmore resistanttodamage fora shortduration.Increase in effectivenessbasedoncurrentauxiliarypowerlevel. BestShieldregenboostof all.This,alongwithEPtSwill give youvirtual invincibilityfor15 seconds. I - Lt., II - Lt. Cmdr.,III - Cmdr. ChargedParticle Burst ChargedParticle Bursttemporarilydisablesthe cloakingdevicesof nearbyhostileshipsanddamages theirshields. EnergySyphon EnergySiphondraws powerfromthe target.This reducesthe target’spowersettingstoall systemsand increasesyoupowersettings. Useful incombinationwithotherskillstoreduce yourtarget’spowerlevels.TryusingESalongwith polaronweaponsandTargetX subsystems. FeedbackPulse FeedbackPulse harnessesthe energyof beamweaponattacksdirectedagainstyou.Eachtime youare hit,a damagingpulse isdirectedatthe attackingship. Soundsbetterthanit is.Easilyremovedwithscience team.Mostpeople will continue firingatyouand take the moderate amountof damage.Mediocre ability.Notbad,butnotgreat. PhotonicOfficer PhotonicOfficerreducesthe recharge time of all bridge officerpowers.
  10. 10. SHIPADVICE Good skill if youdon’tmindgivingupahighlevel science slot. Scramble Sensors Confusesyourtargetbybreakingtheirweaponslockandmakingall enemytargetsappearasfriendlies. Veryuseful inPvEasenemyshipsWILLtarget themselves.SSisalsoaverygood skill forcountering photonicfleet.There isnothingmore satisfyingthanwatchingascience officer’sownshipsattacking friendlies!Verynice skill indeed.Thisskillwill probablynotstopyourenemyshootingyou,butitis fantasticagainstthe AI. Tractor BeamRepulsors Pushesall enemyshipsclosebyawayanddamagesthemslightly. Good inan escort byallowingyoutocontinue shootingyourtargetforlongerperiods.Difficultto master,butit can double the time yourtargetstaysin yourfiringarc. Tyken’sRift Tyken’sRiftcreatesa spatial anomaly atthe target’slocationthatdrainspowerfromall nearbyhostile shipsandcausesminordamage. I - Lt. Cmdr,II & III - Cmdr. GravityWell GravityWell createsa spatial anomalyatthe target’slocationthat drawsenemiestoitscenterand graduallycrushesthiershipsinflictedkineticdamage.Shieldsdrasticallyreducethe effectsof kinetic damage. PhotonicShockwave PhotonicShockwave releasesamassive blastaroundyourship,knockingbackenemyshipsandinflicted kineticdamage.Shieldsdrasticallyreduce the effectof kineticdamage. Viral Matrix Viral Matrix launchesa probe thatfliestothe target andthenshuts downitssystems,effectivelyholding it inplace.The target ishighlyresistanttoholdsfora shortdurationafterthiseffectexpires. ENGINEERING POWERS I - Ens, II - Lt., III- Lt. Cmdr EmergencyPowertoAux
  11. 11. SHIPADVICE EmergencyPowertoAuxiliarydirectsemergencybatterypowertothe auxiliarysystemforashort duration. Good powerforcruisers/science shipsthatDON’Thave 100 powerinaux.If you like yourscience powersbutdon’thave much powerforthem, use thisskill. EmergencyPowertoEngines EmergencyPowertoEnginesdirectsemergencybatterypowertothe impulse enginesforashort duration. Great inan escort forrunningaway. EmergencyPowertoShields EmergencyPowertoShieldsdirectsemergencybatterypowertothe shieldsforashort duration. Good shieldresistance.Nuff said. EmergencyPowertoWeapons EmergencyPowertoWeaponsdirectsemergencybatterypowertothe weaponssystemforashort duration. Good fora healercruiserora science shipthathas little powerinweapons. EngineeringTeam EngineeringTeam givesanimmediatehull boost,boostsengineeringproficiencyandrepairsdisabled subsystems. Vanillaskillthathassavedmyescort’sbutt more timesthanI can count. I - Lt., II - Lt. Cmdr.,III - Cmdr. AuxiliaryPowertoBattery AuxiliaryPowertothe EmergencyBattery boostspowerlevelsinall subsystemsforashort time. AuxiliaryPowertoDampeners AuxiliaryPowertothe Inertial Dampenersredirectsauxiliarypowertoprovide significantkineticdamage resistance. AuxiliaryPowertoStructural IntegrityField AuxiliaryPowertothe Structural IntegrityFieldutilizesauxiliarypowertorestore damage to the hull and provide itwithdamage resistance overthe duration.Increasesineffectivenessbasedoncurrent auxiliarypowerlevel.
  12. 12. SHIPADVICE BoardingParty BoardingPartylaunchesupto three assaultshuttlesatthe target.If theyarrive safely,theywill cause damage the ship’screwand subsystems.Eachshuttle launchedremovestwentycrew fromyourship whoattemptto beamback uponcompletingtheirmission. Riskyskill.If itworksitdoeswonderstoan enemyship.Tryitand see.Some people swearbyit. DirectedEnergyModulation DirectedEnergyModulationcyclesthe frequencyof yourenergyweapons,resultinginincreasedshield penetration. Meh. It’sOK.Doeswhat itsays on the tin.More hull damage,butnotmuch more. ExtendShields ExtendShieldsregeneratesthe shieldsof atarget allyandimprovestheirdamage resistance. Fantasticteamskill.Vital skill foranyhealerinPvP.Virtuallyuselessif notteamedupthough! Reverse ShieldPolarity Reverse ShieldPolarityconvertsincomingenergyweapondamage intoadditional shields. Oh **** button.InvincibleforaVERY short time.If youneedtoget awayquicklyitisa goodskill. Recentlyitwasnerfedsoyoucan’t use it as an offensive tactic,sodon’teventry. I - Lt. Cmdr,II & III - Cmdr. AcetonField AcetonFielddrasticallyreducesthe damage dealtbythe target’senergyweapons,andalsomakesthe target take radiationdamage whenusingenergyweapons. EjectWarp Plasma EjectWarp Plasmacreatesa plasmaareaof effectfieldbehindthe starship. Shipspassingintothe field are slowedandreceive plasmafire damage overtime effect.Anycloakedshipsinthe plasmawillbe revealed. Reallygoodskill againstescortswholike tocome upreal close.Classiccruisertactic.Requirespractice, but itis goodwhenyouknowhowto use it. TACTICAL POWERS I - Ens, II - Lt., III - Lt. Cmdr Beam:Fire at Will
  13. 13. SHIPADVICE Fire at Will improvesyournextbeamarrayattack.The Bridge officerfiresyourbeamweaponatmultiple targetsof thierchoice. Beam:Overload Overloadimprovesyournextbeamarrayattack. Overloadingyourbeamweapondeliversanextremely powerful blastbutdrainsweapon powerby50. OMGNOOBPWN button.Massive damage overa veryshortperiodof time.Workswell onanyship.Best reasonto geta DBB on yourescort. Tactical Team Tactical Teamcleanstactical debuffs,suchasboardingparty,and boostsweaponproficiency,improving DPS forfive seconds. Cleansboardingparty.If youneedanotherskill foryourensignslotonthe defiant,whynotgofor this. Otherwise –geta betterskill. Torpedo:HighYield HighYieldtorpedoimprovesyournexttorpedoattack.Photon,Quantum, Transphasic,andChroniton torpedolaunchersfire asalvoof torpedoes.Plasmalaunchersfire asingle,slow movinganddestructible heavytorpedothatdoesmassive damage. Good skill onanyship.Reallygoodhull damage.Make sure youtime yourHY torps rightthough! Torpedo:Spread Spreadimprovesyournexttorpedoattack,launching multiple projectilesinaspreadpatternthat damage all targetsin a large area aroundthe target. Uselessskill. I - Lt., II - Lt. Cmdr.,III - Cmdr. Attack PatternBeta Attack PatternBetaappliesadamage resistance debufftoyourcurrenttarget. Nice skill forteamPvPas the resistance debuffworkswithALLallies. Attack PatternDelta Attack PatternDeltatargetsan alliedship.Anyshipthatattacksyourallywill recieve astackingdamage resistance debuff. Cannon:RapidFire
  14. 14. SHIPADVICE RapidFire improvesyournextcannonattack.Quicklyfiresnumerous bolts.Eachboltdoeslessdamage thena normal cannon shot. Cannon:Scatter Volley Scatter Volleyimprovesyournextcannonattack.Firesacone area of effectcannonspraycenteredon your target. Nota greatskill really.ItNOLONGER DOES MORE DMG THAN CRF!!!(Thiswasa bugthat was fixeda while back.) Dispersal PatternAlpha Dispersal PatternAlphaimprovesyournextmineattack;laysa seriesof small mine clustersbehindyour ship. Dispersal PatternBeta Dispersal PatternBetaimprovesyournextmineattack;laysa wide netof minesbehindyourship. I - Lt. Cmdr,II & III - Cmdr. Attack PatternOmega Attack PatternOmegabuffsdamage andturnrate while makingyouimmune toholds,roots,andslows. Can be usedwhile held. Reallygoodskill onescortsasit boostsvirtuallyeverything.Niceforgettingoutof tractor beams.