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Improving Your Brand Health through Facebook Fan Feedback

Improving Your Brand Health through Facebook Fan Feedback



Brand marketers once relied on focus groups and other qualitative research methods to gather customer insights about their brand’s health. Today's savvy marketers are tapping into their base of ...

Brand marketers once relied on focus groups and other qualitative research methods to gather customer insights about their brand’s health. Today's savvy marketers are tapping into their base of brand advocates residing within their Facebook communities.

By applying old-school research techniques to the new world of social media, marketers can lower their cost of research while garnering valuable customer feedback that leads to sound brand marketing decisions.



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  • We have transitioned from several other eras of business, starting with the Age of Manufacturing at the turn of the 20th century, when for nearly 60 years companies like Ford and Boeing ruled the business world. During the 1960s to the Nineties was the Age of Distribution where business was mostly about creating efficiencies in the supply chain and companies like UPS and Wal-Mart were winning. By the end of the 20th century, we had moved to the Age of Information and the clear winners were companies like Google and Amazon who reach millions of customers by optimizing the Web and direct-to-consumer communication channels.
  • Customer experience is the single greatest predictor of whether customers will return — or defect to a competitor. Creating superior and consistent brand experiences along each stage of the customer journeyresults in long-term profitability.But brand sentiment is more unpredictable in the digital age when consumers share their opinions in social media; Customers have significant powerto influence brand health -- negative sentiment translates into brand switching and lower sales.It is critical to generate meaningful insightsabout customer experiences that drive business decisions at each step on the path to advocacy.
  • For example:This is a new era. Your customers live in a highly dynamicworld which influences their views and needs and can cause them to shift quickly.Are you identifying customer views, wants and needs earlyenough to optimize customer alignment, loyalty and upsell?you don’t need me to tell you, that times are different for businesses today. You should be concerned.
  • We believe that creating superior customer experiences is the way to survive in this new era. We “partner with you” and are committed to getting the insights you need to create superior CX
  • we believe that developing actionable insight is key to doing creating those consistent and superior experiences that will win you the customers
  • Prospects discover your product or service, they search, research, and compare it to others. They may do this on your web site, using mobile devices, stopping in at a physical store, calling your call center, tapping into their social networks — or any combination of those channels. Upon purchase, they then use the product, seek help, share their experience with others — again intermingling among these different channels. As they become loyal, repeat customers, they may even start to evangelize your brand..This is why customer feedback is critical at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Insights gained from this feedback is how companies will compete and win in the Experience Economy.
  • Companies competing in the Experience Economy and the Age of the Customer will fail if they do not monitor, collect, measure, analyze, synthesize and act on customer feedback data.
  • whether they were making any headway in their Facebook marketing efforts – with the most basic question: what is the value of Facebook? They’ve been able to do both, …Those who choose to give permission for the app to access their information, then are asked the basic ‘brand funnel’ questions about awareness, perception and likeliness to recommend.This helps Bosch segment their fans into categories.Segmentation isn’t new… but the ability to do so for Facebook fans is.EFS Qualitative Analysis shows: Most female respondents areDIYourselfers who want to publicly test Bosch Professional tools to „show the guys that girls are good craftsmen too!!“
  • By integrating a private feedback platform within the Facebook environment, Bosch now had two new ways to interact to engage fans as both advisors and advocates. The resulting insights  are tracked over time and can be used to inform future interactions, product development and brand strategy around how customers experience their products.
  • The early stages of the customer lifecycle – awareness and knowledge of your brand – are when consumers gather vital information before they decide to buy. Businesses that test their concepts around new products, services, advertisements, or messaging, before deploying them stand a much better chance of getting new customers. Careful and precise research strategies guide success in this critical stage of the customer journey.
  • …to improve insights….Every point of contact with your customer is a reflection on your brand. We extend your brand into the feedback loop through engagement tools and real-time analytics that point toward action and results.o Ex. Gen Mills saved several million dollars. Thru advisory board and community they engaged idea of product.
  • We are BIG!

Improving Your Brand Health through Facebook Fan Feedback Improving Your Brand Health through Facebook Fan Feedback Presentation Transcript

  • March 21, 2013 Improving Your Brand Health Through Fan Feedback Darren Bosik Senior Methodologist QuestBack© 2013 QuestBack, SA All Rights Reserved.
  • Brand Health Webinar 2 Agenda 1. Emergence of the Age of the Customer 2. Rise in Social Media Marketing 3. Facebook Fan Feedback 4. Case Examples 5. Q&A© 2013 QuestBack, SA All Rights Reserved.
  • New era of Brand Health Webinar 3businessThe new Age of the Customer is changing the way companiescompete. Brands face heightened expectations from highly empoweredconsumers – who know more, share more, and discuss more aboutbrands.
  • Competing in the Brand Health Webinar 4age of the customer
  • Brand Health Webinar 5This is a new era. Your customers live in a highly dynamicworld which influences their views and needs and cancause them to shift quickly.The experienceeconomy. Are you identifying customer views, wants and needs early enough to optimize customer alignment, loyalty and upsell?
  • Brand Health Webinar 6Create superior and consistent brand experiences
  • Brand Health Webinar 7Actionable Feedbackis the key to creating value inTheexperienceeconomy.
  • Brand Health Webinar 8Customer Touchpoint Experiences
  • Data Cycle of Brand Health Webinar 9Customer Feedback Act Collect Customer Feedback Synthesize Monitor Data Analyze Measure
  • Social Media -- 2006 Brand Health Webinar 10Source: Darrenbarefoot.com
  • Social Media Starfish -- 2008 Brand Health Webinar 11Source: Robert Scoble
  • The Conversation Prism Brand Health Webinar 12– 2009-2013Sources: Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas
  • Social Media Evolution Brand Health Webinar 13 2013 2008 2006
  • Facebook Mobile Users Brand Health Webinar 14
  • Facebook Fan Engagement Brand Health Webinar 15
  • Brand Health Webinar 16
  • Value of a Facebook Fan Brand Health Webinar 17 • Increasing engagement and loyalty among fans • Generating incremental purchases among fans • Positively influencing friends of fans $136.38
  • Value of a Facebook Fan Brand Health Webinar 18Source: Forrester Research
  • Facebook Fan Insights Brand Health Webinar 19 • Facebook fans are much more likely to purchase, consider, and recommend brands • Facebook “fandom” has the largest impact on purchase • The value in your Facebook fan base is in their willingness to recommendSource: Forrester Research
  • Top 10 Facebook Brand Health Webinar 20Branded CommunitiesSource: Socialbakers.com
  • Coca-Cola Facebook Fans Brand Health Webinar 21Source: Socialbakers.com
  • Starbucks Facebook Fans Brand Health Webinar 22Source: Socialbakers.com
  • The challenge Brand Health Webinar 23 How to create a winning dialogue without business critical information from a social CRM perspective How to deliver a consistent brand and customer experience on Facebook
  • Brand Health Webinar 24 How do we engage and create value with our Facebook fans?How often do our FB fansbuy our brands vs. ourcompetitors? Who are our brand ambassadors? Who are our What is the profile of FB detractors? fans compared to our How do we score on customers (segmentation)? marketing KPIs (awareness, What is the financial value recommendation) with our of our FB fans? Facebook fans? How many of our FB fans are outside of our target customer profile?
  • The Facebook Feedback Loop Brand Health Webinar 25 Facebook community Insights and Survey Data Action
  • The Facebook Feedback Loop Brand Health Webinar 26 Survey Question: Do you buy your pet a Christmas present?
  • Open a Private Online Community Brand Health Webinar 27 Facebook community Insights and Private Online Survey Data Action Community Survey, Blogs, Insights and Chats, Forums, Action Focus Groups
  • Case Brand Health Webinar 28studyBrand Health and Market optimization Bosch Power Tools uses online communities to ask basic brand funnel questions and test new ideas Professional Online Community called “Bob” Didn’t understand its Facebook fansThe result?• Only 10% of their Facebook fans where already members of their Bob Professional Testers Community and 30 percent of FB Fans are female• They were able to reach a new audience, and leverage brand ambassadors for concept tests
  • 29Facebook Fan Segments Brand Health Webinar
  • 30Facebook Fan Segments Brand Health Webinar ADVISORS ADVOCATES
  • Advisor Segment Brand Health Webinar 31» Concept TestsBusinesses that test theirconcepts around new products,services, advertisements, ormessaging, before deployingthem stand a much betterchance of getting newcustomers.
  • Online Concept Brand Health Webinar 32Testing Benefits• Speed: Revise concepts and re-post them to the community for review• Scope: Accommodate several hundred participants for concept review• Depth: Create subgroups of online participants based on demographics. Probe about concepts and see how the groups differ• Breadth: Cover a wide range of topics in one place• Real-word recruiting: Invite online community members to participate in use tests to see how they experience concepts in the real world
  • Advocates: Valuing Brand Fans Brand Health Webinar 33Four short survey questions forFacebook fans:1. Are you a “friend,” “fan,” or do you “like” <brand> on Facebook?2. Please indicate how likely you are to consider<brand> for a future purchase.3. Please approximate the amount of moneyyou have spent on <brand> products in the past12 months.4. Please indicate how likely you are torecommend <brand> to a friend or relative.The difference between the answers to thesequestions from Facebook fans versus “regular”customers represents the added value ofFacebook fans.
  • Added Value of Facebook Fans Brand Health Webinar 34 KPIs
  • Brand Health Webinar 35Improve insights
  • One Platform. Brand Health Webinar 36Seven Modules.
  • a leading player 37in global market research» Our solutions are used by 4,500+ » We have 400 online research clients in 50 countries across 20 communities with 18 million members languages and cultures » Our 21,000 users complete 120 Million» 35% of the Forbes 100 work with us surveys per year with approximately 1 Billion survey pages» 89% of our customers are willing to recommend QuestBack to others » 96% client renewal rate» Grew 30% from 2011 to 2012 » Clients across all industries, and especially Financial Services, Retail, CPG, IT and Market Research firms
  • Brand Health Webinar 38Q&A
  • Webinar: Winning Concepts 39 Free consultation on today’s topic Darren Bosik Senior Methodologist Darren.Bosik@questback.com Thank you© 2013 QuestBack, SA All Rights Reserved.