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Quest Language Studies' 2010 English Programs Brochure. English Version

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Quest 2010 Brochure - English

  1. 1. Quest Language Studies English Quality Education Since 1997 Toronto, Canada
  2. 2. About About Quest About the Cities Fully Accredited, Award Winning School Toronto - The World in One Place Since 1997, we have served thousands of students from all over the world with one single Toronto is Canada’s largest city, the fourth largest city in North America, the capital of objective - Quality. Quality service, facilities, programs, instructors and all at reasonable the province of Ontario, and one of the most vibrant and progressive cities in the world! prices. This simply because we know that our success depends on only one thing - student satisfaction. We take pride in our work and there is nothing more rewarding for us than Situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is home to the world’s most having a happy student, knowing that we have made a difference. ethnically diverse population, the world’s tallest building, the second largest international film festival, and numerous art and cultural events year round. And Our advantage lies in small class sizes, innovative programs and individualized attention like all Canadian cities, nature is never far away with incredible Niagara Falls and the backed by the best in systems, services and equipment to ensure every student an untouched wilderness of Algonquin Park within a few hours drive. outstanding learning experience. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and to provide you with an enriching experience that will broaden your horizons and opportunities. Facts About Toronto Quest is an award winning school and fully accredited by Languages Canada. X Total 2.6 million residents in Metropolitan Toronto. X The capital of the Province of Ontario and Canada’s largest city. X A multicultural Mecca, with more than 80 ethnic groups. X The third-largest theatre centre in the English-speaking world. Quest Facts X Over 5,000 restaurants and eateries and an amazing nightlife. X An exciting waterfront, only minutes from downtown. X Small Class Size: Maximum 9 students, 12 in July and August. X Major League sports: Blue Jays, Leafs, Raptors, and Argonauts. X Great Location: Downtown Toronto, centrally located near major transportation links, shopping and nightlife. Vancouver - Naturally Spectacular X Modern School Facilities: Our unique atmosphere is colourful and Quest offers certain programs through our partner school in Vancouver. comfortably designed to create an ideal environment for learning and overall Vancouver - a gorgeous setting where the mountains meet the sea! World class comfort. Facilities include: 2 Student lounges, coffee/juice snack bar, lockers, attractions, fine dining, stunning city-scapes and unlimited recreational opportunities, video and book library, and game and movie rooms. Its cosmopolitan flair complimented by beautiful parks and gardens, beaches, and a X Computers/Internet/Lab: Over 30 modern desktop and laptop computers with variety of cultural and recreational facilities, Vancouver has something for everyone. free unlimited computer and wireless internet access, scanner and web-cam use. All computers are loaded with the latest in language training software for Facts About Vancouver in-class and personal use and can be monitored by instructors for assistance. X Vancouver is the third largest film production centre in North America X Professional Teaching Staff: All teachers have university degrees, teaching X Vancouver is North America’s second largest port (after New York) certificates, at least two years of teaching experience, and are specially and one of the world’s major cruise ship ports. selected for their knowledge and teaching ability. X Vancouverites dine out more than in any other North American city. X Vancouver is probably the only place in the world where it is possible X International Atmosphere: Registration is controlled to ensure an to ski, play golf, and go sailing all in the same day. international balance of students. X Innovative Programs: We continuously monitor our student’s needs and review and update our curriculum and courses annually. X Authorized TOEFL iBT testing centre. We also offer the TOEIC. X Accredited, Award winning school: X Inspected and fully accredited by Languages Canada’s comprehensive and internationally recognized accreditation scheme X Lynn Howes Award for commitment and innovation in program delivery X Customer Satisfaction Award - 2003 to 2009 q w
  3. 3. Programs Core Courses Career Advantage Internship Programs (CAP): These programs combine the Core English or the Business Diploma course with valuable work experience in an English speaking work environment. The goal is to enable you to practice your English About Core Courses: These courses form the foundation and provide structure and enhance your career opportunities. We offer three types of CAPs: to all our programs. They are 25 hours (Major Program) to 30 hours (Master Program) X Business Internship Diploma CAP: Paid internship. 4 to 12 months in duration per week of class time. Some may be taken as Light (15 hours per week) or Minor (20 consisting of 50% intensive study and 50% work. Requires minimum 8 weeks in hours per week) programs. See tables A and B, on pages 5-6, for more information. the Business Diploma course. X Advantage CAP: Unpaid work placement . Minimum 2 weeks of Business Diploma Core English: This is our foundation program and offers a comprehensive (per 12 weeks of internship) and 4 weeks of internship. Maximum length 24 weeks. communicative approach to learning English. The objective is to rapidly improve your X Working Holiday CAP: Paid internship. Only for students who hold a working holiday English fluency through the development of the four essential language skills - speaking, visa. Minimum 4 weeks of intensive study and internship up to one year. listening, reading and writing. Elective workshops are included in periods 3 and 4. X Duration: 1 to 48 weeks | Level: 1 h | Start: Every Monday | Age: 16 h Placements are possible in numerous sectors and companies ranging from business and engineering to sales and services. For more details, see our Work and Study brochure. Exam Power Preparation: Quest Exam Power Preparation courses (TOEFL, X Level: 7 to 8 by internship start | Start: Every Monday | Age: 19 h IELTS offered year round, Cambridge offered May to September) are highly structured, comprehensive courses with a proven record of success. Participants will be challenged to work hard, learn efficiently and study strategically to ensure exam success. In addition English Language Teaching (ELT): Quest offers three types of ELT programs: to covering all skill areas, the course includes regular test drills, assignments and X TESOL Preparation (8 weeks): Covers advanced grammar and introduces the computer practice on a regular basis. TOEIC preparation is offered as a Focussed Course. basic elements of theory and methodology in English language teaching, helping X Duration: 2 to 16 weeks | Level: 7 h | Start: Every other Monday | Age: 16 h students to master the English language and prepare for a possible teaching career. X TESOL International (4 weeks plus practicum): This program is intended for high level Focus on Communication: Develop confidence, increase word power and improve non-native English students who have not yet mastered English and are interested pronunciation. This course is designed to help you to communicate effectively and with in teaching in their home country or wish to attain a certain expertise in English. ease in a wide range of situations from social settings to debates and presentations. It combines the morning foundation communication periods with select afternoon X TESOL Professional (4 weeks plus practicum): This program is intended for those communication workshops such as Power Speaking and Debating. In addition to class seeking a professional career as a teacher of English. It meets the requirements for work, this course includes field trips and 1 Chat Buddy session (3 to 5 hours) per month. accreditation and is suitable for teaching in many private language schools worldwide. X Duration: 1 to 48 weeks | Level: 1 h | Start: Every Monday | Age: 16 h X Level: Preparation: 9 h | International: 10 h | Professional: 10 to 11 / TOEFL iBT: 80 X Start dates: Offered 4 to 5 times per year - see web calendar | Age: 21 h X TESOL International and Professional: course 100 hours, practicum 20 hours Business Diploma: Improve your communication skills to effectively function in an English or international workplace. This program combines morning foundation Business English lessons with select business workshops in the afternoons, such as: Marketing, Program Flexibility and Focus Power Speaking, Writing for Business and Negotiations. Class work includes business case studies, terminology, presentations and correspondence. In addition, the course Elective Workshops: An essential and very popular component of our programs. includes guest speakers and business field trips to companies and public meetings. These workshops are designed to enhance your learning experience by allowing you the flexibility to focus on particular language skills and topics. They must be combined X Duration: 2 to 20 weeks | Level: 7 h | Start: Every other Monday | Age: 19 h with core courses or taken in combination with intensive period 5. Workshops are topic oriented (higher levels) and cover every skill area: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Academic Pathway: An ideal course, if you are interested in higher education in Canada or wish to become more proficient in English. Morning foundation periods in Focussed Courses: These afternoon workshops are for higher level students either Core English or Exam Preparation are combined with the afternoon Academic looking to learn English for specific fields, exams or higher education. They must be Pathway Focussed Course. Upon successful completion (exit test is required), you will taken in combination with morning foundations or intensive period 5. be ready to enter select Canadian colleges or university degree programs. Depending on the program/institution, further entry tests may not be necessary. Intensive Communication: Our fifth and final period of the day provides students Complete academic counselling, from institution search to application submission is with the opportunity to intensely develop their oral communication skills. Class sizes in provided free of charge to students in this program. this period are limited to a maximum of 4 students, ensuring active participation and individualized attention to your specific needs. X Duration: 4 to 16 weeks | Level: 8 h | Start: Every Monday | Age: 16 h e r
  4. 4. Structure Periods, Programs, Courses Table A Period 1 Grammar Foundation Business English TESOL Preparation, Master and Major Exam Preparation: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge 9:00 to 10:00 • Level: 1 h • Level: 7 h • Level: 8, 9 or 10 h depending on course • Level: 7 h Mon. to Fri. • Language Structure, Tenses, Phrasal Verbs • Language of Business • Theory • Reading Foundations Break - 15 minutes Period 2A Oral Communication Foundation Business English 10:15 to 11:15 ELT Programs Exam Preparation • Level: 1 h • Business Situations: Mon. to Fri. • Methodology • Listening • Reading, Listening, Pronunciation Case Studies Mini Break 5 minutes Period 2B 11:20 to 12:15 Business English Oral Communication Foundation ELT Programs Exam Preparation Mon. to Fri. • Business Situations: • Skill Development • English Foundations • Writing In Practice Break - lunch 45 minutes Elective Workshops 1.25 hours each More workshops on our website. Focussed Courses* 2.5 hours - 1:00 to 3:45 - Mon. to Th. Period 3 Level: 2 h - workshops offered at different levels. More choice at higher levels. Level: 7 h 1:00 to 2:15 Mon. to Th. Flexibility/Focus • Current Affairs • Pronunciation • Exam Preparation (Speaking) • IELTS Preparation Fridays: English in Action • Listening & Speaking • Marketing • TOEIC Preparation • TESOL Programs (Skills Development) Clubs • Survival English • Job Search(Resumes/Interviews) • Business English • Pathways: Academic English Break 15 minutes Period 4 • Word Power • Blogging and Podcasting • Exam Preparation (Test Drills) • TESOL (Teaching Techniques) 2:30 3:45 • Reality English • Business Writing • Hospitality English Fridays: English in Action Clubs 1:00 to 2:15 Mon. to Th. • Power Speaking • More topics on website • Business English Conversation, Business, Journalism ... Break - 15 minutes Period 5 4:00 to 5:00 Afternoon Light Courses (subject to availability): Period 5 combined with periods 3, 4 and Friday Intensive Communication Skills Development - maximum class size 4 Mon. to Th. English Clubs for: Business English, Exam Preparation and Hospitality Light. Options Chat Buddy - up to 5 hours per week. Dates and times arranged on arrival. Guided Self Study - 5 hours per week. 1 hour daily. Periods and Course Options (hours refer to actual class time) Levels, Placement and Progress Table B Part-time: 15 hours per week - Light Program Quest offers 11 levels of English from beginner through to advanced. On the first day, Suited to higher level students who have other commitments. students are tested for all skill areas and placed at the appropriate level. Period 1 and 2 Core English, Exam Preparation and Business English Light Light In all programs, weekly review tests are given to ensure you have understood the Period 2 and 3 Communication Light material. Your instructors keep track of your scores and provide you with detailed Period 3, 4 and 5 plus English in Action Clubs Workshops, Focussed Courses, Afternoon Light Courses Student Progress Evaluation Reports every 4 weeks, accessible through the student area of our website. This provides you with continuous feedback, critical to helping Semi-Intensive: 20 hours per week - Minor Program you to learn effectively and progress. Best suited to students at all levels who want some flexibility Minor Periods 1 to 3 Core English, Exam Preparation and Business English Minor Your test results combined with your overall evaluation report determine your Periods 2 to 4 Communication Minor readiness to move to the next level. On average, students progress to the next level every four to five weeks. Intensive: 25 hours per week - Major Program This is our foundation program providing you with the most flexibility in focussing your studies. It is also the program of choice for academic or career oriented students interested in Exams, Business, Major Work Experience, teaching English or higher education. English in Action Clubs Core English, Business Diploma, Exam Power Preparation, Periods 1 to 4 CAP Programs, ELT-TESOL, and Academic Pathway Major Practice makes perfect and is an important component of any language program. English in Action Clubs, held every Friday, provide you with the perfect opportunity to practice Periods 2 to 5 for Focus on Communication Focus on Communication Major and further develop your language skills in a fun, learning environment with instructor Super Intensive: 30 hours per week - Master Program assistance. Clubs are provided free of charge to students registering for minimum 20 hours Master This program offers all periods and is best suited to dedicated students looking to improve their English rapidly. Period 5 focusses on communication skills and offers class sizes of maximum 4 and average 3. per week. Clubs include: Core English, Business Diploma, Exam Power Preparation, X Conversation Club X Journalism Club Periods 1 to 5 and Academic Pathway Master X Business Club X Film and Book Club t y
  5. 5. Programs+ Special Courses Holiday Adventure Programs Optional Add-on Programs: Offered only in combination with a semi-intensive Youth Adventure Programs: Quest’s adventure programs are specially (20 hours per week) program to supplement and expand your studies. designed for youth groups and include everything - classes, activities, trips, meals, transfers and accommodation. Individual students can also be accommodated. See our X Chat Buddy: improves your conversation skills naturally as you experience Group Holiday Brochure for more information. Canadian life and culture with a native English speaking Canadian friend. Meet with your Buddy 3 to 5 hours per week (depending on number of participants) outside of X Summer Adventure: Brings together groups of students from various countries school for social activities and discussions. Maximum of 5 people per buddy. for a truly international adventure. From 2 to 6 weeks in duration, virtually everyday is packed with activities ranging from trips to New York, Montreal and Quebec City, X Guided Self-study: is an excellent choice for motivated individuals who want to Niagara Falls, club nights, boat cruises, canoeing, hiking, bike tours and much more. improve their English skills rapidly. You will be provided with: instructor support and X Start Dates: Mid June to Mid August. | Age: 13 - 19 detailed lesson plans for guided learning, your own laptop, English audio/ video material, and access to the latest language software and internet-based learning tools. Winter Adventure: As with the summer program, this is an all inclusive program. X Duration: 1 to 48 weeks | Level: 2 h | Start: Every Monday | Age: 16 h Designed for winter lovers and all the fantastic activities winter has to offer - from skating to skiing to weekend trips to New York City, Niagara and Quebec. Private English (groups and individuals): Private instruction is an ideal and highly X Start Dates: Mid December to Mid March | Age: 13 - 19 | Groups only effective way for individuals and closed groups to rapidly learn English and focus on areas that are of particular interest to them, such as: Law, Engineering, Medicine, Aviation and Tourism. Private lessons may be taken in addition to group classes. Year-Round Group Programs: Recognizing that many countries have different holiday seasons, Quest can accommodate groups year-round with tailored, flexible Private executive groups can take advantage of specialized services: Fax, copy, laptop programs to meet specific needs. Both residence and homestay options are available and cell phone rental, internet access, newspaper service, gym membership and more. year round. X Duration: Any | Level: 1 h | Start: Any day | Age: 13 h X Start Dates: Flexible - Year Round | Age: 13 h Cross Canada Program: Study in both Toronto and Vancouver. Quest and our Homestay Experience Program: This program provides a great opportunity for Vancouver partner school have joined together to offer you this fantastic program. You students who want to experience Canadian culture and lifestyle. Students are immersed get the experience of studying English in two of Canada’s and the world’s greatest cities in their host family’s daily life from simple chores to fun activities and get to practice and and save money by paying only one registration fee and no extra material fees. develop their English skills. Long-term students (24 weeks plus) can also take advantage of tuition discounts and This program is provided in smaller Canadian towns and cities allowing for a richer special offers, such as free return airfare between Toronto and Vancouver. Canadian experience and higher quality accommodation. English lessons, provided by the host family, are optional. X Duration: 8 to 48 weeks | Level: 1 h | Start: Every Monday | Age: 16 h X Start Dates: Flexible - Year Round - Age: 14 h Teacher Homestay English Immersion: Live and learn in the home of your own qualified English teacher. This program is ideal for students interested in English Senior Group Holiday Programs: All-inclusive packaged program. Both immersion. Students live a “Canadian life” interacting with their family in a totally curriculum and activities are designed specifically for the needs of mature students English environment while they receive private, intensive English lessons 15 hours per who are looking for a more relaxed pace. Classes (3 hours per day) focus primarily on week from their own teacher in his or her home. Lessons and vocabulary are needs- developing practical conversational skills and are held in comfortable classrooms with based and personalized to suit each student individually. The curriculum is based on a maximum of 9 students. Quest’s communicative methodology and texts. Afternoon and evening activities include theatre shows, art galleries and fine dining. X Duration: 1 to 12 weeks | Level: 1 h | Start: Every Monday | Age: 14 h Fully-escorted weekend sightseeing trips are also included. Accommodation can be arranged in either executive homestay, fully-equipped, centrally located private apartments or residences. X Start Dates: Flexible - Year Round - Age: 55 h u i
  6. 6. Services Activities Accommodation Make Friends, Have Fun and Discover Your accommodation is an important part of your experience. To ensure your comfort and happiness, we carefully screen and select accommodations on the basis of your needs. Activities provide great opportunities to make new friends, discover your new Prior to your arrival, you will receive complete details on your accommodation, including: environment and practice your English skills. X Pictures • Location map • Contact information •.Video • Full description A dedicated Activity Coordinator ensures that each week there is an exciting variety of We offer a full range of accommodation, including: activities to suit every taste. Activities provided include: seasonal sports, cultural events, day trips, weekend trips, parties, dinners and more. You can also join one of the school’s sports clubs (football, baseball, basketball) or help to organize activities at the school. Homestay: Your host family will offer you the security of a home base where you will live and build on your studies. They will welcome and introduce you to the Canadian All activities are provided for your enjoyment at cost. experience and assist you in fitting into the culture so that you get the most out of your experience. Host families are carefully selected on the basis of their interest, Throughout the year, there are a minimum of 4 activities per week and almost every background and the quality of the accommodation they can offer you. day in the spring and summer. Activities include: X Fully furnished private room X Access to telephone, television Ì Canoeing/Kayaking X Bathroom facilities laundry and other amenities Ì Rock climbing X Accessible to public transport X Nutritious meals – 1, 2 or 3 meals Ì Free Movie at Quest Ì Weekly Farewell Party Residence: Residences (subject to availability) may be suitable for students who wish Ì Club Nights to have a greater degree of independence than offered in a homestay. In residence-type Ì Ladies Night Out accommodation you can expect: Ì Theatre - Musicals Ì Skiing, Skating X Shared bathroom, kitchen, living area X A private or shared room Ì Pizza Days linen, towels and cooking utensils X No Meals - provide your own Ì Team Sports (not at all residences) Ì International Days Ì Midnight Bowling We offer two types of residence accommodation: Ì Trips to: Ì Niagara Falls X Standard: University affiliated residences located in the city centre. Ì French Canada (Quebec) X Basic: Private homes occupied either in whole or in part by students. Ì New York City Ì Chicago Private Apartment: Private apartments are ideal for families or for those who Ì Boston prefer a very private and independent type of accommodation. Apartments are fully Ì Thousand Islands equipped and include a bedroom, kitchen, living area, laundry facilities and, in some Ì Algonquin Park Camping cases, maid service. You must provide your own meals. If you wish, you can share your apartment with a friend. Counselling Services To enhance and ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable study abroad Thank you. experience we offer a variety of services free of charge. These services include: X Exam registration: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS. TOEIC and TOEFL X Visa Issues: Extensions, changes, application forms and submission - our Thank you for your interest in Quest Language Studies. We hope our knowledgeable staff can help. brochure has been informative. If you have any questions or wish to X Academic counselling: General counselling for school related academic matters register, you can contact us directly or an official Quest representative and for students wishing to pursue higher studies in Canada in your country who will provide you with all the assistance you need. X Accommodation: A full-time accommodations coordinator and an extensive Visit our website for a list of representatives and for more information in database of available accommodations will help to ensure you comfort. a variety of languages. Our multilingual counselors will also be happy to X Multilingual: Our multilingual staff will be happy to assist you if you have assist you by e-mail. problems expressing yourself in English. o a
  7. 7. Quest Language Studies 1300 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, m5r 3k8 Canada 416-962-2272 416-962-1334 Skype: studyquest F. 416-962-1334 stamp agent