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Yearbook theme project
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Yearbook theme project

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  • 1. Yearbook Theme Project 2014 Name: _____________________________________ The theme is the first thing that students will notice about our yearbook. As such, we will be having a competition to choose the best one for this year. You are to develop a theme that may be used throughout the yearbook. You may work alone or in pairs. Part One: Brainstorming Using your planning sheet from November 4th: 1. List events, accomplishments, changes, anything specific to this school year 2. List major events, trends happening in 2013-14 community and world 3. List popular phrases, song titles that would be school appropriate 4. Review your brainstorming sheet and the above lists, as well as the yearbook theme ideas from msbryant.blogspot.com and choose one phrase or topic that best typifies this school year. How would you develop this idea? Part Two: Google Presentation 1. Inspiration Slides (5) a. With a partner or on your own, create 5 or more inspiration slides i. Designs from magazines, websites, brochures, anything that visually supports your theme ii. A list of 100 words/phrases that relate to your theme iii. A yearbook opening story explaining your theme 2. Practical Design Slides (5) a. Create at least 5 additional slides, based off of your inspiration slides that focus on the more practical aspects of design i. Color scheme (at least 3 colors, with examples of use) ii. Font choice (no more than 3, with examples of use) iii. Cover design iv. Table of contents/section titles corresponding with theme v. Theme appropriate modules and extras Part Three: Presentation to Class 1. Present your theme to the class on November 12 and 13th 2. Prepare for questions and critique ** Remember that a theme has two components or parts: the verbal tagline (written words) and the visual presentation (how the theme looks through graphics, page design, color, fonts, and photos). To test the strength of your theme, consider the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Is your theme recognizable? Is your theme repeatable? Is your theme relevant (to the school and grads)? Is your theme refreshing? Is your theme realistic?