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Creature Feature: Poem in 2 Voices

Creature Feature: Poem in 2 Voices






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    Creature Feature: Poem in 2 Voices Creature Feature: Poem in 2 Voices Presentation Transcript

    • Creature Feature
    • This next speaking exercise involves a strange creature, and thisis highly sensitive information. You’ll recreate a picture of this top-secret creature in a few moments. DON’T SHARE IT, as you’llcause panic to be instilled in others, and we don’t want that tohappen, do we? That’s why it’s called top-secret, duh! Thiscreature may have: 1. Escaped from the zoo 2. Been mysteriously seen in Newberg (similar to the Lochness monster)…or 3. Been disguising itself as a…? (not another student)You only have 5 minutes to create this creature….ready? Be sureto draw quickly!
    • Next, just so you know, it’s your job to carefully let people know and put the word out. Why? Because you are one of the following (your role as a writer/speaker):1. A detective4.Creature Specialist Investigator (CSI)6.Someone out for the reward money (you’re just greedy)
    • After you recreate the picture, describe it on your own or with a partner, thinking about the following:1. What does it look like (size, teeth, fur, scales, nose, claws, color, tail, etc)?2. Is it a mammal, reptile, amphibian, marsupial?3. What does it eat? What eats it?4. What kind of habitat does it live in?5. Does it make a sound?8. What survival characteristics doesit have (flies, swims, runs, digs,camouflages, fights, etc.)
    • Goal #1: Draw your creaturewith your partner. Give itdetail, and make sure it’s largeand colorful.
    • Goal #2: Make alist of featuresthat your creaturehas (hairy toes,black eyes)
    • Goal #3: Make a list of rhyming words based onthings you’d say about the creature. The morecreative…the better. You can even add endings to wordsthat don’t exist and make up words:Red: bed, said, no street cred, French bread,gingerbread, slingofedLarge: overcharge, bargeSlimy: grimy, rhymey, enzymey,sublimeyhairy toes: big ugly nose, hair that glows, cheeks are rose, likes to strike a pose,snows, close, doze, froze
    • Rhyme Scheme & Rhythm: a quick how-to
    • How many syllables does the linehave? What is the rhyme scheme?Twinkle, twinkle little star,How I wonder what you are,Up above the world so high,Like a diamond in the sky,Twinkle, twinkle little star,How I wonder what you are.
    • Twinkle, twinkle little star, (7) AHow I wonder what you are, (7) AUp above the world so high, (7) B Like a diamond in the sky, (7) B Twinkle, twinkle little star, (7) AHow I wonder what you are. (7) A
    • My Kitten Wont Stop Talking 1. My kitten wont stop talking. 7A 2. She just prattles night and day.7B 3. She walks around repeating 7C • nearly everything I say. 7B 5. My kitten never says, "Meow.” (do the rest) 6. She never even purrs. 7. She mimics me instead • in that annoying voice of hers. 9. She waits for me to speak, 10. and then she copies every word, 11. or begs me for a cracker, • or says, "Im a pretty bird.“ 13. Im not sure what to do, and so 14. I simply grin and bear it. 15. Shes been this way since yesterday; 16. thats when she ate my parrot.
    • My chickens on the Internet. She surfs the web all day. Ive tried to stop her browsing but, so far, theres just no way. She jumps up on the mouse and then she flaps around like mad to click on every hyperlink and every pop-up ad. She plays all sorts of chicken games. She messages her folks.My Chickens On the Internet She watches chicken videos and forwards chicken jokes. She writes a blog for chickens and she uploads chicken pics. She visits chicken chat rooms where she clucks about her chicks. I wouldnt mind so much except my keyboards now a wreck. She hasnt learned to type yet; she can only hunt and peck.
    • Hell do all my homework; hell takeall my tests. My Personal SlaveHell clean up my messes and wait onmy guests.Hell hold out my hanky whenever Isneeze.Hell say that he did it if I "cutthe cheese."Hell go take a bath if I play in thedirt.Hell eat all my spinach, then feedme dessert.Hell empty the garbage and vacuumthe floorsand finish my other unsavory chores,like washing the dishes and mowingthe yardor anything else even modestly hard.I really enjoy all the effort I saveby making my brother my personal
    • End rhyme = words that rhyme at the end of a line.CAREFULLY CHOOSE THE WORDS THAT APPEARAT THE END OF A LINE…THEY SHOULD BE EASIERTO RHYME. You may need to invert language, likeShakespeareHe is orange (there’s no rhyme for orange)Invert:Orange he is (rhymes with biz, whiz, fizz, his, Liz)He’s quite the math whiz!
    • Speaker #1: We’re here today to talk with you.Speaker #2: Don’t be alarmed, but a creature escaped from the zoo.Both: We’re CSI detectives…I’m Bob….I’m Lou!Speaker #1: We want to warn you here and now,Speaker #2: And to you we give our solemn vow,Both: To find her before she gets to you!Speaker #1: This creature is big.Speaker #2: It’s large.Both: With your credit card, she’ll even charge!Speaker #1: She’s yellow.Speaker #2: She’s bold.Both: She prefers toilet water extra cold!Speaker #1: She barksSpeaker #2: She howls!Both: She’ll tear up all your expensive bathroom towels!Speaker #1: So watch out…Speaker #2: And, please don’t fret!Both: (HOLD UP PICTURE): The Zillamonster hasn’t eaten anyone (pause)….YET!
    • Goal #4: Begin writing your “poem” to warnothers! Begin with one of my beginnings (see handout),but preferably write one of your own. Try to: A. Have a rhyme pattern B. Give it rhythm C. Write some lines long and some short D. Describe the creature E. Have a beginning, middle and end.Now, write your poem: A. Write an introduction that has end rhyme (feel free to use any of mine) B. Write and share details about creature…with end rhyme. C. Write and share a conclusion with end rhyme. D. Share the Visual Aid: Picture of Creature E. Share your poem in a “back and forth” deliver style
    • Goal #5: Revise and rewrite it to make it moreinteresting“Bad” Example: He is the color blue He’s got a shoe He has big feet, too.* The verbs you use should energize the writing and tellmore! The above does not.* Add humorous adjectives or similes to spice it up!“ Better” Example: His fur, like the sky, is a lovely blue, He always wears one Nike shoe, And his other foot is covered with toe goo!
    • Goal #6: When the poem has been edited and rewritten,and the creature has been drawn, PRACTICE,PRACTICE, PRACTICE!* Remember to read the poem expressively•Introduce it with expression•Recite it slowly, with expression•End it with expression•Make eye contact with the audience•Move or make gestures for emphasis•Emphasize and slow down the rate for certain words to givemore meaning•Of course, be loud!•Don’t laugh.  Let the audience do this. 
    • What will be graded? A. Your finished poem…each person has a copy written in their own handwriting (18 lines at least!) B. End rhyme and rhythm C. Delivery which included expression and well- practiced, organized delivery without stopping. D. Slow rate (not reciting too fast). E. Use of visual aid or aids (many is better than one) F. Nice, loud volume!