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  • 1. Name: __________________________________________Assigned on Wednesday, December 14Due on Tuesday, January 24th BOOK INFO Tit;e: ___________________________________________________________________Date # of pages read Author: _________________________________________________________________ Number of pages: ______________________ Genre: ______________________ Before you Read preview the book and then record any thoughts and questions you have about the book based on its title and any features you notice about the text (list at least 2) Book Assignment Number 1: first 20 pages Answer the following questions after reading the first 20 pages 1. Who are the main characters? Give their names, and describe them (what do they look like, who old are they etc) 2. Where does the book take place (what is the setting)? 3. Explain what has happened so far (use 3 sentences)
  • 2. Book Assignment Number 2: Setting Book Assignment Number 3: Middle of the BookDraw a map of the world in your book, what are the most important 1. Describe the problem/conflict of this book.places (label them), where do the characters spend most of theirtime? The more places/details that you include, the better but youmust include at least 5 2. What do you like best about the story? The least? Why? 3. Write three words from this section of the story that you don’t know. Look them up and define them. Write three sentences using each of these words.Book Assignment Number 4: The End1. What was the best part of this book? Explain.2. What did the author do in order to “hook” the reader? Explain.