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  1. 1. 2/20/12 Planet Express Ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia1/ Planet Express ShipThe Planet Express ShipFirst appearance Space Pilot 3000General characteristicsArmaments Laser cannonsTorpedoesPropulsion Dark matter enginesPower Dark matter reactorPlanet Express ShipFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Planet Express Ship is a fictional spaceship in theanimated series Futurama, which bears the officialdesignation "U.S.S. Planet Express Ship." The ship wasdesigned and built by Professor Hubert Farnsworth and isthe sole delivery ship of Planet Express, a delivery serviceowned by the Professor. The ship is typically treated as aninanimate object, though Bender refers to the shipsautopilot as "him" (and laments being defeated in amartini-drinking contest by same) in "How HermesRequisitioned His Groove Back". The later episode"Love and Rocket" shows the ship to have an artificialintelligence, voiced originally by Maurice LaMarche andthen (after installation of "new improved ships personalitysoftware" including "adjustable voice") by special guestSigourney Weaver.Contents1 Production2 Personality3 Crew4 Ship Features5 Design6 Modifications7 Merchandising8 References9 External linksProductionThe Planet Express Ship is usually rendered in highly stylized 3D along with many of Futuramas otherspecial effects. This was done to give the ship a "convincing dimensionality" as it moves through space.Futuramas creator Matt Groening consulted with Syd Mead ("visual futurist" for Blade Runner) whenworking on the designs, but like many of Groenings other characters, the ship maintains its pronouncedoverbite and is easily identifiable as an element of a Matt Groening comic.[1]Personality
  2. 2. 2/20/12 Planet Express Ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia2/ the episode "Love and Rocket" the Planet Express Ship is equipped with a personality unit which allows itto speak and interact with the crew. The ship is voiced by Sigourney Weaver in what executive producerDavid X. Cohen described as "a pretty abstract role."[2] During the episode the Planet Express Ship andBender begin dating. This situation presented many challenges for the production staff, particularly adifficulty in portraying emotions between the two beings because they were so different in size. Even withthis concern, Cohen jokes that Weavers performance as a spaceship was "moving."[2] Much of the episode,including the ships eventual desire to kill the crew, is a spoof of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the PlanetExpress Ship taking on the role of HAL 9000.[3]CrewLeela is the captain and pilot of the ship. Although Leela has only one eye, and therefore no depthperception, the sheer distance between objects in space makes human-level depth perception of limited use.Fry and Bender serve as crewmembers. Frys official position is delivery boy, and he also operates the shipslaser cannon in combat.[4] Bender was originally the ships cook, despite the lethality of his dishes, and isoccasionally seen performing various odd jobs.Hermes and Amy can both fly the ship,[5][6] though they do not usually accompany the crew on missions.Although Fry flies the ship with no problems (albeit wildly) in "The Cryonic Woman" episode, he later fliesit with some difficulty in "Amazon Women in the Mood" and "Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" (where Benderdemonstrates his own questionable piloting skills while under the effects of a sobriety binge); by the time of"Time Keeps On Slippin", Fry can (once again) fly the ship with a reasonable degree of skill. In the secondepisode "The Series Has Landed," Amy Wong flies the ship without problem.Dr Zoidberg serves as the ships doctor and, on occasion, the ship steward. He occasionally joins the crew onmissions but not on a regular basis. Professor Farnsworth flies the ship in the episode "Teenage MutantLeelas Hurdles" and Into the Wild Green Yonder. In "Teenage Mutant Leelas Hurdles," Farnsworth flies theship to find his lost pet gargoyle, Pazuzu. However, in stereotypical senior citizen style, he flies the ship atonly 35 MPH, blocks lanes in space traffic, and turns the ships high beams on, destroying a navigation signand Deep Space Nine.Ship FeaturesAs the Professor prefers to send the crew on dangerous missions in favor of higher profit margins, the ship iswell armed and quite fast. The ship is capable of travel faster than the current speed of light, after the speed oflight was increased to allow faster travel.[7] The ship can actually travel at 97% of the new light speed.[8] Itsspeed also makes it an efficient courier, a round trip to the edge of the universe and many other activities wereaccomplished during a "morning off" in "I Dated a Robot". In "The Series Has Landed," a journey fromEarth to the moon takes under two seconds.In addition to its speed, the Planet Express Ship is very durable. In the episode "The Deep South," the ship isdragged underwater and survives being subjected to hundreds of atmospheres of water pressure, despitebeing rated for "between zero and one" atmosphere, according to the professor. Additionally, the ship hassurvived numerous crashes that ostensibly would have destroyed similar aircraft, but the ship usually sustains
  3. 3. 2/20/12 Planet Express Ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia3/ Planet Express Ships lasercannon is a heavy-duty, rapidly firingweapon, and is the ships primarymethod of defense.only quickly-repaired dents. It is unclear whether all vehicles in Futurama have this durability or if it is aspecial property of that particular ship. It also uses a Dark Matter Engine, which, instead of moving the ship,just "moves the universe around the ship."[7] Certain episodes indicate that the ship has an automobile-stylemanual transmission.The current ship is not the first Planet Express Ship, as at least one was lost with its crew on a mission tocollect space honey.[9] The current ship is first seen in "Space Pilot 3000," where the current crew signs on. Itis unknown if the ship was previously crewed but it is implied that the professors previous crew died with theloss of the previous ship in the space bee hive and no intervening members are ever mentioned. Otherversions of the ship include a miniature one used to travel inside of Frys body to counter an infection ofworms.[10]DesignThe ships windshield has no center divider, and is thus cyclopean. Ithas tripodal landing gear, the front one doubling as a stair, and thetwo rear ones notable for large traction pads, in the style of Leelasboots. The hull is roughly teardrop-shaped with three fins at the rear.A laser cannon turret is situated on the top side. Torpedo tubes arelocated to either side of the forward landing gear. The tubes alsohouse the "primary lasers." The cargo bay has a bomb bay-styleloading door on the bottom of the ship. Cargo too large for the cargobay is either tethered to the top of the hull, or towed. The dark matterengines are at the rear on a gymbal, and steering is achieved throughdirectional thrust. Supposedly the engines achieve 200% fuelefficiency by moving the entire universe around the ship, rather thanmoving the ship itself, a parody/homage to the "warp drive"technology of Star Trek.[7] The ship is painted a light-green color,specified as "Electric Mucus" in Benders Game (the previous shipwas dark gray, as seen trapped in a space bee hive in "The Sting") and has the Planet Express logo paintedon the main fin.The seriess writers acknowledge in the Season 1 DVD commentary that the interior design of the PlanetExpress Ship is not really consistent from episode to episode. They cited a fansite they once found which wasdevoted to trying to develop a definitive schematic of the ships interior, an attempt which ended infrustration. While certain rooms such as the cargo bay remain more or less the same, corridors shift positionand the location of rooms relative to each other is never truly consistent. However, in the commentary thewriters point out that most obviously, the design of the "bridge" of the ship drastically shifts betweenepisodes.ModificationsThe ship is occasionally modified to fit the purposes of the plot. In all cases the ship is returned to normalbefore the next episode.
  4. 4. 2/20/12 Planet Express Ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia4/ "The Deep South," the crew had to replace the engines with a giant fish tailfin since the engineswould not work underwater. Part of these repairs were made by papier mache.In "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" both the Planet Express Ship and a ship belonging to thecast of the original Star Trek series crashed on a forbidden planet. The Planet Express Ship hadnon-functioning engines but working life support, while the Trek casts ship had functional enginebut no life support. The Planet Express Ship was modified using the engines of the Trek casts shipand was able to escape the planet. The latter ships engines, bearing a visual similarity to Star Trek-style warp nacelles, gave the Planet Express Ship a rear profile similar to that of the originalStarship Enterprise, and several establishing shots in this episode present the Planet Express Shipin similar fashion to stock footage of the Enterprise from classic Trek episodes.In "The Route of All Evil," Cubert Farnsworth and Dwight Conrad have the ship repainted brightred with flame decals when they take over the Planet Express business and make it a newspaperdelivery service. It is also presumably renamed the "Awesome Express Ship" to reflect thecompany title change. We also find out that there is a net for catching giraffes, fired from one of thetorpedo tubes.In "Time Keeps on Slippin," the ship has a gravity pump installed, giving it the capability to moveentire stars.After dark matter, and thus dark matter engines, are made useless at the end of the film BendersGame, dozens of Nibblonians are harnessed to the front of the ship with a chicken dangling infront of them, and they drag the ship on the ground as a means of propulsion. During the nextmovie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, the ships new fuel is revealed to be whale oil.In Into the Wild Green Yonder, the ship is painted pink when it is commandeered by the eco-feminist group, the Feministas.When the company was going bankrupt, they turned Planet Express into an airline and modifiedthe ship to look like an airplane in "Neutopia".In "Möbius Dick", the ship used solar sails after the titular space whale bit off the engine anddevoured the statue (taking a part of the ship with it). Also, the original Planet Express ship is seen.MerchandisingThe Planet Express Ship was featured as an action figure in a set by Moore Collectibles along with Fry, Leelaand Bender. The set was listed as an "A+ pick" in Sci Fi Weekly and the Planet Express ship was noted as"the finest piece in the set." Features include a folding front landing gear and retractable rear landing strutsalong with a gun turret. Also included with the ship were two alien creatures and a crate full of tentacledbeings.[11]References1. ^ "Gallery: Behind the Scenes of Futurama"( . 2007-
  5. 5. 2/20/12 Planet Express Ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia5/ 2007-11-27.2. ^ a b Huddleston, Kathie (2001-12-17). "David X. Cohen Boards the Planet Express to Find Meaning inFuturama" ( .Archived from the original ( on 2007-10-11. Retrieved 2007-11-27.3. ^ Cohen, David X (2003). Futurama season 4 DVD commentary for the episode "Love and Rocket" (DVD). 20thCentury Fox.4. ^ "Bender Gets Made". Futurama.5. ^ "The Farnsworth Parabox". Futurama.6. ^ "Episode Two: The Series Has Landed". Futurama.7. ^ a b c "A Clone Of My Own". Futurama.8. ^ "Teenage Mutant Leelas Hurdles". Futurama.9. ^ "The Sting". Futurama.10. ^ "Parasites Lost". Futurama.11. ^ Huxter, Sean (2001-06-11). "Matt Groenings futuristic follies inspire four of the coolest collectibles of the year3000" ( . Archivedfrom the original ( on 2007-11-15. Retrieved 2007-11-27.External linksShips Description ( encyclopedia entry ( Express action figure from Moore Action Collectibles (archived)( from ""Categories: Futurama Fictional spacecraftThis page was last modified on 4 December 2011 at 00:39.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms mayapply. See Terms of use for details.Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.