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Online Marketing 2013
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Online Marketing 2013


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Online Marketing Seminar held March 6th 2013. Looking at 4 elements of Online Marketing - Paid Advertising, Organic Search, Social Media and Analytics.

Online Marketing Seminar held March 6th 2013. Looking at 4 elements of Online Marketing - Paid Advertising, Organic Search, Social Media and Analytics.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Online MarketingSeminarQuentin Weber and Adam Crouchley
  • 2. Some Stats That Will Blow Your Mind!20% of Daily Google Searches Have Never Been Searched Before (1) Facebook Users in New Zealand 2,270,480 (2) And Counting... 86.0 % of New Zealanders are Online (3) The Average New Zealander Spends 19.4 hours Online (4)
  • 3. Quality over Quantity- Build on good qualitytraffic- Repair poor qualitytraffic- Improve Return onInvestment
  • 4. Introduction
  • 5. Measurementand Analytics
  • 6. Quality over QuantityBounce RateArrives at site, views only 1 page, leaves within 30 secondsPages / VisitAverage amount of pages visitedAvg. Visit DurationAverage time spent onsite per visit
  • 7. Overview
  • 8. Compare ResultsPick dates
  • 9. AudienceSeeing how visitors view your website
  • 10. Audience
  • 11. Demographics
  • 12. Demographics
  • 13. AudienceMobile
  • 14. SourcesHow do they find your website?
  • 15. Sources
  • 16. Sources
  • 17. Online and Offline CampaignsOnline - Tag Your Sources =Online%2BMarketing%2BSeminar
  • 18. Yo uDo Wo Th uld is! nt !! Measuring Offline
  • 19. Thats Better
  • 20. Content
  • 21. ContentUnderstand what pages draw the most traffic toyour website and whyWhich pages dont bring so much traffic to thesite?
  • 22. Conversions
  • 23. ConversionsGoalsEcommerceMulti-Channel Funnels
  • 24. ContentTake note of the bounce rate and Avg. Time onPage
  • 25. In-Page Analytics
  • 26. Event Tracking
  • 27. Organic Search
  • 28. Main Organic SEO points to cover● Choosing Keywords● Content is king● Keywords across page title, url, description, within content● How social is effecting SEO and the changes that google is making this year
  • 29. What Google Sees AlgorithmEach year, Google changes its search algorithm up to 500 – 600 times. Whilemost of these changes are minor, every few months Google rolls out a “major” algorithmic update that affect search results in significant ways.Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
  • 30. How People Search - Solving A Problem
  • 31. Short Tail vs. Long Tail Keywords
  • 32. Whats Content Got To Do With It...Content Is King!● Focus Keyword - Dont tryand do them all on One Page!● 300 word minimum● Keyword density 1-4%● Headings and titles● Image Alt tags
  • 33. Example - A CafeKeywords:- Stonegrill Hamilton- Catering Hamilton- Cafe HamiltonThrough the site we will refer to these things,but there will be individual pages for each majortopic/keyword.
  • 34. Other On-Page Factors● Page vs.● Outbound Links● Page Title● Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords● Sitemap● Categories● Good Page Structure ○ Breadcrumbs
  • 35. PageRankHistoryBacklinksPage Authority
  • 36. BacklinksGet listed on industry specific websites;- Your suppliers- Customers- AssociationsAdd keyword rich alt tags to these links if theyare images.
  • 37. How Social Effects Search
  • 38. OnlineAdvertising
  • 39. Main Online Advertising Points ToCoverChoosing a platform● Google AdWords● Facebook Ads● LinkedIn Ads● Twitter Sponsored Tweets● Bing Ads● Individual site advertising eg TradeMe etc.● YouTube video Ads● Google TV Ads
  • 40. Online vs Offline● Changes In Time Spent With Media● More Effective Ways To Target Customers● Easier To Measure
  • 41. Google Adwords Google knows almost everything about everyone.Identify where your customers are surfing the internet and how to approach them.
  • 42. Google AdWordsSearch NetworkFind people that are alreadylooking for your product orservice100 billion Google searchesper month
  • 43. Choosing KeywordsGoogle Keyword Tool
  • 44. Writing an Ad
  • 45. AdWords ExtensionsLocation Extensions
  • 46. AdWords ExtensionsPhone ExtensionsSite Extensions
  • 47. Display NetworkDisplay NetworkTradeMe YouTube
  • 48. What ad sizes are available toadvertisers?
  • 49. Remarketing
  • 50. Optimising Your Ads
  • 51. Facebook Ads
  • 52. Facebook Ads - Different TypesPage Post Ad Page post like sponsored storyPage like sponsored story
  • 53. Anatomy of a Facebook Ad
  • 54. Facebook - Sponsored Posts
  • 55. Facebook - Mobile Advertising
  • 56. LinkedIn Ads● Location – required field● Company ○ Company Name ○ Industry ○ Company Size● Job Title ○ Specific Job Title ○ Job Function ○ Seniority● Schools● Skills (Example: HTML or Project Management)● LinkedIn Groups● Gender● Age
  • 57. Social Media
  • 58. Understand Social MediaGenerally no one wants to see a businessadvertising within social mediaTreat social media like a cocktail party...- Be social- Have fun- Stay professional- Make new connections- Chat with people and build relationships
  • 59. Choosing The Right PlatformThe platform you use is not important, as longas you use it the right way!
  • 60. Blogging and Content MarketingWhen blogging, aim to write content that will beshared a lot.Write content that will help people or reallyentertain them.Share your blog posts with influential people.
  • 61. Analytics
  • 62. Coming UpThe Twitter Revolution 2013April 3rd, 2013.Blogging and Content MarketingMay 1st, 2013.LinkedIn for NetworkingJune 5th, 2013.
  • 63. Q&A
  • 64. 1.