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Quentin Sanders ADV Presentation

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Asos presentation

  1. 1. Quentin “Viodel” Sanders
  2. 2.  Fashion Enthusiast Asos Fashion Lover College Student Stylist Proud shopper of
  3. 3.  Fast growing online high-fashion company housed in the UK Attracted more than 13.6 million unique visitors since 2000 Sells a variety of unique fashion brands Ships to over 190 countries Online website currently available in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia
  4. 4.  gives 16-34 year old males and females the unique and exclusive shopping experience that they crave. No fashionista or fashion connoisseur wants their wardrobe to be mass produced and worn by the rest of the world. provides this and more for the world’s most fashion forward individuals.
  5. 5.  Exposure for is vital for your site’s profitability. Digital Ad Campaign Social Media Campaign END GOAL: Websites in more countries! More exposure, bigger profit.
  6. 6.  #1  #2The Hottest Online True to Size NeverRetailer Looked so Good
  7. 7.  Results With this Google AdWord, it is assured that Asos will not pay more than the max CPC. Daily, we will have to track ad ranks, adjust minimum bids per keyword. Once Asos meets the daily average budget, the ad may stop showing. Therefore, it is vital that we monitor the ad’s quality score and its overall ranking. As elucidated in the AdWord brief, Asos will achieve positive results, an increase in site visitation and an increase in sales.
  8. 8.  Target Audience: 16-24 fashionistas and fashion connoisseurs For a month long running of the Asos campaign ad on Facebook, YouTube and Google AdWords, the grand total I would charge for a successful running of the campaign will be $15,000. I know that I am no professional, so this is a nice price to charge for a successful running of the campaign. It will take several hours to finalize the strategy, planning, build and finally implementation. The pay-per-click costs for the Google AdWords campaign would cost: Budget: Max Pay-per-click: $1.20 Max Daily Click Target: 250 Max Daily Budget: $300 Max Monthly Budget: 30.4 x 300= $9,120 The remaining $5,880 would cover costs for implementation, branding, time compensation, management, and Paid Media. This price is Negotiable. -Summary: I know that this will be a successful running ad campaign for because it will attract new and returning customers. Those new customers will express their great experience and they will share that with their friends, and their friends’ friends. This is a great opportunity for exposure and recurring business to make as successful as possible.
  9. 9.  Instagram is an extremely instrumental tool for both social engagement and brand awareness EXPOSURE for both active constituents