My University has got a twitter account - Now what?


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My University has got a twitter account - Now what?

  1. 1. Com les xarxes socials han revolucionat el segle XXI – 18/7/2012 My University has got a twitter account - Now what? On the leverage of social networking at universities Miquel DURAN Dept. Chem.; Inst. Comput. Chem.; Cat. Cult. Cient. Comun. Dig. Comissionate for Program UdG 2.0 Universitat de Girona @miquelduran This presentation is available at Duran @miquelduran
  2. 2. University: little world • Privilege • Multipel publics • Mulitple ages • Multiple backgrounds • Multipe social origins • Multiple …Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  3. 3. What can we do about it? • Complain about registration • Bad opinion #clecaudg or #novullpagar (and even worse) vs positive #udgent • Slow response perception (21 min on satuerday morning) • Just kidding / irony / I didn’t mean it • Hence – Indefension!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  4. 4. Blowing in the wind • Internet: – Of pepole – Of things – This afternoon: Machine Conscience ((TEDxBarcelonaScience) Neuroscience • Unsustainability: thermodynamic & kinetic – Time – Energy – Management • We are what people perceive – But me must do things well – content!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  5. 5. Ununiversity: Has education been hacked?Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  6. 6. Blogyversity • This is me, my circumstances, my archive, my website, my social networks (and I belong to the place I currently am placed at)Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  7. 7. Stephen Macknik and Susana Martínez-Conde in “Sleights of Mind” • Clarke’s 3rd law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic • Agatha Heterodyne paraphrase: Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science • Girona’s corolary: “any sufficiently complex social network is indinguishable from magic” Stephen Macknik and Susana Martínez-Conde, “Sleights of Mind. What the neuroscience of magic reveals about our brains”. Profile Books, London 2011Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  8. 8. University: There’s a (dynamical) ecosystem inside! Yet it belongs to a wider ecosystem - an ecosystem of innovation Photo: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by PMC 1stPix Duran @miquelduran
  9. 9. University: a market of knowledgeMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  10. 10. A university consists of a network of complicated and demanding relationshipsMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  11. 11. On Social Networking and Academics • We would like scientists to – understand wholly that communicating their research and taking care of new knowledge (content curation) is a key feature towards their future, – because of its intrinsic interest and social service, – but also as a requisite to new project calls places by the different research agenciesMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  12. 12. @LSEImpactBlog Duran @miquelduran
  13. 13. The GuardianHigher Education Network 21/3/2012 • Disruptive technologies in higher education: adapt or get left behind • Though universities are currently adapting to many political, economic and social changes, they cannot afford to ignore technological transformation as wellMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  14. 14. Information is not received as usual! (chat is also different!) • One looks to change and also to descriptive part – static vs dynamic portals • Ipad: flipboard, • PC:, • New blogger (google): fipcard template, others • 7 screens: clock, cell phone, tablet, notebook, TV, projector, cinema • Mobile: always on, always with m; “me” appendixMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  15. 15. A actual nice person might say… • Everybody should have a fast and good access to the Internet • Everybody should have a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) • Everybody should be able to access to basic digital skills • Safe and secure social networks, e-mail, etc. should be a citizen right • Twitter should be Public: it will build up history, it’s writing historyMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  16. 16. From Bring your own banana to Bring your own device • Metaclassroom: should student bring their own devices? Should augmented reality be normal? Etc. • Society of interruption, of distraction • Blended learning: the future? • Having student attending 60 minutes is a privilege for a teacher • One should have a teacher that explains things differently, and integrates knowledge – a privilege for students • Beware of MOOC courses – Khan, Open, Online… Universities • Youtube generaation, or augmented reality generation?Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  17. 17. • This is me, my circumstances, my devices, my Internet connection and my interaction with these devices and the intellignet use of the InternetMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  18. 18. [serendipity] A wealth of opportunities - Discovery - Emphasis - Acknowledgment - A new idea! Let’s go for it! - Thisis unsustainable!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  19. 19. [procrastination] Time is limited: A day should have more than the current 25 hours! There is something new every day. Unsustainable!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  20. 20. Social Media universitari, USA Duran @miquelduran
  21. 21. Warwick Knowledge Centre Duran @miquelduran
  22. 22. [vortex]Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  23. 23. There are two kinds of rankings: (1) bad, and (2) very bad • Klout! • Metrics unknown • Metrics perhaps useless • What about PeerIndex? • What about simpler outcomes?Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  24. 24. Twitter followers, universities Catalana area 11/7/2012 FACEBOOK FANS TWITTER FOLLOWERS 15282 “Universitat de Barcelona – Perfil oficial” 11458 uocuniversitat 13174 “Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)” 8114 uocuniversidad 10482 “INFOUAB – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” 10032 “Universitat Pompeu Fabra” 7190 ub_endirecte 6700 “Universitat de Girona” 6676 barcelonatech 3602 “UIC. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya” 5844 univgirona 3502 “Universitat de Vic” 5066 univpompeufabra 899 “Universitat Abat Oliba CEU” 4610 uab_info 347 “Universitat Ramon Llull – URL” 4533 uicbarcelona 3057 urvtarragona KLOUT 1777 uvic_news 49.50 univgirona 1236 uaoceu 49.04 univpompeufabra 774 uramonllull 48.69 ub_endirecte 47.50 uocuniversitat 46.89 uab_info 44.63 barcelonatech 43.12 uaoceu 40.79 uocuniversidad 39.28 uvic_news 35.96 uicbarcelona 21.24 uramonllullMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  25. 25. Slopes: a common trend Twitter followers 14000 On 18/7/2012 ub_endirecte 11536 uocuniversitat uab_info 12000 10463 esade barcelonatech 8162 uocuniversidad univpompeufabra urvtarragona 7394 UV_EG 10000 univgirona 7333 ub_endirecte uocuniversitat 6936 upv 8000 uvic_news 6781 barcelonatech uramonllull uicbarcelona 5929 univgirona uaoceu 5370 lasallebcn 6000 esade 5145 univpompeufabra uocuniversidad UJI_noticies 4771 uab_info 4000 ua_universitat 4563 uicbarcelona upv 3577 UJI_noticies UV_EG 2000 3082 urvtarragona lasallebcn upvd1 1796 uvic_news uibuniversitat 1253 uaoceu 0 40788 40798 40811 40828 40836 40848 40858 40873 40909 40951 41041 41108 788 ua_universitat 786 uramonllull 628 uibuniversitat 141 upvd1Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  26. 26. Some problems Growing Complexity , e.g. Gogole + Youtubetization of Society Walled gardens Decrease inimportantce of “web” – towards a social web Crisis management ( monitorization / curation ( online marketing, etc.Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  27. 27. Social media means engagement The Guardian: Putting student engagement at the heart of HE, The Guardian Higher Education Network What exactly does student engagement mean and how do you know if your university is doing it well? Here are some of the highlights from our recent live chat.Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  28. 28. Twitterversity (strict) • Social networking still low at universitites • All levves – teaching, research, service • Research world; lack of communicators • Facebook: a very large market (uality?)Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  29. 29. Disruptive change at universities? Maybe not (yet) • The web 2.0 must transform the univeristy, rather that be added to its routine activity • Strategic attitude – changing Unviersity via conversations, via social networking – Professor 2.0 – Professor: director, actor or secondary person?Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  30. 30. Multiple digital identities • Learning and participating in the process of learning within a global world in change – Digital identity – professor brand – unviersity brand – student reputation – EntrepreneurshipMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  31. 31. UdG: strategic position • The University of Girona is commited to reserach excellence – Water and evirontment – Tourism and Cultural Heritage – Physics, Computation, Chemistry – Health, Food • Within the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion • Along with Univ. Balearic Islands, Univ. Perpignan and other research centersMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  32. 32. Indeed, ther is a quadruple level in branding and reputation • Institutional / university level • Departmental / Research Institute level • Research Group level • Personal level • Different brands • Reputation hindered by current economic downturnMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  33. 33. Reorganization of UdG communication team • We have reorganized completely the communication team, merging former marketing, press relations, public relations and science communication teams. • This has lead to increased performance, great coordination, and multitarget possibilities, while exploring new ways of communicating research and science, like augmented reality, geopositioning and especially multimedia tools. • Fast, direct and active connections with Mass Media and Internet-related information channelsMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  34. 34. Science Communication 2.0 • Communicating Research – 4 levels at least – Refereed Papers – Communications in General Science Journals – Dissemination of Science and Research – Talking to young people • Different formats: – Classical article – Video (YouTube Generation) – Website / mobile / Social (the newest generation) • Socialization through facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram, youtube, tumblr, pinterest and any other system that may appear right todayMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  35. 35. UdG has its twitter accounts – and now what? • What about twitter? Main immediacy communication channel • Double monolingual – @UnivGirona – mainly in Catalan – @UdGGlobal – English-only • Used mainly by adults, but students entering UdG on 2012/13 show an increased use • Very useful for events – hashtags as key curating procedureMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  36. 36. But we also have facebook, youtube, flickr, etc etc • We believe that our website shoud be our main asset • Facebook and other social networks are used to amplify our website, to engage in conversations and to share content • The Web 2.0 Culture spreads fast amont students, but not so much among researchers (I don’t have time for that)Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  37. 37. The complex language issue • Local language – Catalan – used primarily all over the University of Girona • Language of Research, strategic: English • Another official, opportunity language: Spanish • Language of Geostrategic Opportunity: French • Other Languages of Opportunity and field-related (Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic) • Thus – 4 main languages • Difficult to cope with and handle!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  38. 38. What can we do about it? • Complain about registration • Bad opinion #clecaudg or #novullpagar (and even worse) vs positive #udgent • Slow response perception (21 min on satuerday morning) • Just kidding / irony / I didn’t mean it • Hence – Indefension!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  39. 39. Do research groups communicate?• The 3 worlds (individual, group and center) communicate differently!• Everythink depends too much on individual attitudes.• The Web 2.0 Culture is an attitude!• The current economic difficulties prevent enthousiastic involvement in communication, e.g. in Science Outreach activitiesMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  40. 40. What about academic units (departaments and institutes) • Departments, even though they gather most part of research force, are too focused on teaching. Communication of research is scarce • Research Institutes communicate slightly better, but few of them use English ans their primary language • Use of English and amount of communications is related to InternationalitzationMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  41. 41. What about researchers? • Almost no one communicates his/her current research • Some communicate key aspects of their academic/research life • Much easiers if related to Social Science • Hard Science is difficult to communicate • Struggle in Humanities: yet thinking in a move toward Digital HumanitiesMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  42. 42. The fan/follower space is “Everyone in the University Ecosystem” • Should we bother about the amount of twitter followers or facebook fans? • We have not yet overcome the culture of e- mailMiquel Duran @miquelduran
  43. 43. I’d love to talk about, but did not have time to… • Storytelling • Branding • Leadership • Common goal • Social networks clone Social classes at the University! • One must fight against the digital divide!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  44. 44. OK. My university has a twitter account – and now what? • Let’s movilize • Let¡s change • Let’s move • Let’s do thinkgs well • Let’s concentrate • Let’s keep freedom • Let’s catalyze a positive attidude • Let’s (place here your favourite call to action)Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  45. 45. Some ideas to take away • Web 2.0, Social Networking, Communicating Research – is just an attitude • There is a paramount task yet in involving and motivating (good) researchers, research groups and academic units in communicating (well!) Research and Science. • Dissemination of Research and Public Outreach is hindered by current issues. • There is a high pressure (Publish of Perish, Transfer or Die, etc.) that does not free time enough to get involved in Public Outreach and Dissemination activities • A proper system of Rewards could be established to catalyze and promote Science and Research communication. • Thank you very much for your attention!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  46. 46. But let’s have some hope… • Days should longer than the current 25 hour count!Miquel Duran @miquelduran
  47. 47. Key ideas to (tweet and to) take away • Key idea: Education is not a preparation for life. Education is life itself • Let me introduce you to my favourite chemist – Panoramix • This presentation is available at • Thanks to @mferres UdG’s Social Media Manager • Thanks to @iqcudg @c4dg @udg20 @udgrecerca teams • Thank you!Miquel Duran @miquelduran