Iscico Module 5 - Good practices


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Iscico Module 5 - Good practices

  1. 1. Good PracticesISciCo – Module 5 ISCICO Course, 14-18 Jan 2013, Universitat de Girona Miquel Duran, UdG @miquelduran License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA
  2. 2. ifls
  3. 3. Researchers communicate: a TEDx talk example • Marcel Swart, TEDxUdG: “I’m a chemist”
  4. 4. Social networking at universities
  5. 5. Warwick Knowledge Centre
  6. 6. C4D UdG
  7. 7. Univ Liège: reflexions, source de savoirs•
  8. 8. Nature Blogs
  9. 9. ScienceBlogs•
  10. 10. Marcel Swart’s Trends in Science
  11. 11. Periodic Videos
  12. 12. The 2012 UK Science Prize Night
  13. 13. Public Engagement
  14. 14. Photo contest – e.g. university• #udgflors• Instagram contest #udg1221
  15. 15. Engaging thru the Internet (+ ciencia140 +
  16. 16. Engaging thru recreational science
  17. 17. Humour is very important! Famelab
  18. 18. OK. We’ve got the point – and now what?• Let’s movilize• Let’s change• Let’s move• Let’s do thinkgs well• Let’s concentrate• Let’s keep freedom• Let’s catalyze a positive attidude• Let’s (place here your favourite call to action)
  19. 19. And now – some /(final) commercials• Interested in further/different course on science communication (Catalan): stay tuned to our news –• Interested in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) in Spanish on Communication 2.0 in Research? Take a look at! –
  20. 20. Some ideas to take away• Web 2.0, Social Networking, Communicating Research – is just an attitude• There is a paramount task yet in involving and motivating (good) researchers, research groups and academic units in communicating (well!) Research and Science.• Dissemination of Research and Public Outreach is hindered by current issues.• There is a high pressure (Publish of Perish, Transfer or Die, etc.) that does not free time enough to get involved in Public Outreach and Dissemination activities• A proper system of Rewards could be established to catalyze and promote Science and Research communication.• Thank you very much for your attention!