Trendy Wide Leather Cuff Watches For Men                                  Usually the only jewelry that a man wears is a w...
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Trendy wide leather cuff watches for men


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Transcript of "Trendy wide leather cuff watches for men "

  1. 1. Trendy Wide Leather Cuff Watches For Men Usually the only jewelry that a man wears is a watch and a wedding ring, if they are married. You want to make sure the watch reflects your personality and style. Let us take a look at the trend of the traditional watch to the current wide leather cuffs to make sure we are staying current with the times. If you find you have a different style from other men, then why not let your watch stand out with bright colors, different watchband materials like Velcro, and varying bandwidths. These are a great way to change your style without a complete overhaul. For a conservative man a watch is an inadvertent way to express their character without drawing a lot of attention. Usually these watches should only be worn with casual attire, it is up to you to use common sense when it comes to sporting one in the workplace.Metal mesh bands are still just as trendy today as they were years ago. Cool steel makes a nicechoice for a trendy watch what is versatile.If you are a man that known absolutely nothing about fashion, you should at least have an ideathat leather is a consistent trend. It can be classic and timeless or embellished and untraditional.Extra wide leather watchbands are really popular these days. They approach the feel of a wristcuff; if you remember wearing sweatbands then you will have an idea of how they feel. From theway the trend is going it appears that the leather features on a watch, either band or strap, are hereto stay.Something unique that has been added to the trend in timepieces is the covered face. Thesewatches have metal flaps covering the face. This is helping to add distinction to your look andsome mystery is also hidden in there.The trendy wide leather cuffs can range in width from 1.5 to 3 inches. The standard colors areblack and brown. Normally the brown is worn with casual attire while the black is more forformal wear. If you choose to have a handmade leather wristwatch you can embellish the piecewith snaps, buckles, or a variety of other options are available. A watch telling a story about thewearer begins with you selecting a watchband in your style that speaks volumes about you.