General MacArthur and the Philippines


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  • General MacArthur and the Philippines

    1. 1. General MacArthur and the Philippines: 1941- 1945 By Sean Cosgrove AP U.S. History
    2. 2. Technological Integration• Rationale • World War II is one of the most defining events to occur in the twentieth century. The topic of World War II is an immensely rich and vast subject that deals with countless areas of content like morality and nationalism. Incorporating technology helps exposed students to a variety of informative resources and provides them with an opportunity to narrow a topic down to a specific area of content. A topic like General MacArthur and his role in the Philippines does not appear in many U.S. History textbooks. However, with the usage of technology, students are only a few clicks away from exploring an area of WWII unknown to most people.
    3. 3. Internet Content• Using technology when teaching students about the role of General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines during WWII is essential. Having access to Internet content dealing with stimulating visuals, informative videos, and descriptive websites provides students with multiple resources to fully comprehend the lesson. The Internet is an effective resource when it comes to learning about a topic that occurred over fifty years ago.• The following three slides detail three different examples of Internet content pertaining to General MacArthurs’ tenure in the Philippines during WWII.
    4. 4. Content from Youtube• This a video from the acclaimed series World War II in Color. Episode 11 “The Island War” discusses General MacArthurs’ controversial handling of the Pacific Theater.
    5. 5. Internet Blog website specifically focuses on the events of World WarII. Experts weigh in on a plethora of topics in the war andoffer different vantage points. Students can access blogsdiscussing the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which signaled thebeginning of MacArthurs’ retreat and the Bataan DeathMarch in the Philippines, which occurred after MacArthur leftthe Philippines.
    6. 6. Internet Podcast order for students to comprehend MacArthur and hislegacy in the Philippines, its important that studentsunderstand the man himself. With over 30 podcasts outliningDouglas’s life and significant events, students are not shortof information.
    7. 7. Internet Resources 1• Military Encyclopedia (click link to access website) -This website has over 4,000 articles, 1,600 pictures, 370 maps, 620 unit histories, and 690 book reviews. The military encyclopedia has countless resources pertaining to the Pacific Theater, especially General MacArthur.• Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum (click link to access website) -The archives of Franklin D. Roosevelt contain FDRs personal and family papers and manuscripts. In these archives, students can access documents between FDR and MacArthur during the war.
    8. 8. Internet Resources 2• National Museum of the Pacific War (click link to access website) -This is the official museum of the Pacific Campaign in WWII. Even though the museum is located in Texas, students can virtual explore the museum and access special exhibits. The National Museum of the Pacific War offers students a different perspective of the war with it’s extensive archive of information.
    9. 9. Inspiration Diagram Why is General MacArthurs involvement in the Philippines during WWII controversial?• This diagram displays and In the final thrust of the Pacific Theater, describes why General MacArthurs plan to take the Japanese homeland was chosen over rival Admiral Nimitzs plan. In his pursuit of Japan, MacArthur chose several General MacArthur’s islands to capture as bases for the ongoing assault,one of them being the Philippine Islands. However, the plan Nimitz argued for left out the Philippines. role in WWII is MacArthurs drive to inch closer to Japan resulted in horrific causalities for Americans forces and native civilians of the islands. Many advisors and fellow controversial. By officers warned MacArthur of these issues, but he chose to disregard them. For these reasons, MacArthurs role in the Pacific Campaign comes under question. breaking up the Factors diagram into various Early Childhood Personality parts, it will help Family History 1)Grew up under fathers U.S. Decision Making 1) Left all alone to defend Philippines against students breakdown Douglass father was a general in the Philippines wing 2) Attended West Point Academy 3)Served multiple Stubborn Egotistic Japanese 2)European first strategy 3) Command in Pacific was divided between Arrogant and conceptualize during Filipino-American War assignments in Philippines before WWII 4) Took position of Military Charismatic Defiant Army and Navy 4) Received inadequate supplies in comparison to Navy Advisor for the Filipino the lesson. Government in 1935 5) Believed FDR was biased towards the Navy Deep affection and Very difficult to deal MacArthur thought be Relieved of duty was being neglected after a year ties to the Philippine with. Personality Islands clouded judgement and disrespected
    10. 10. Teaching Materials• This criss-cross puzzle was created using puzzlemaker.• Students can engage in a creative activity that will help them learn material about General MacArthur and WWII.• Click the criss-cross puzzle to the right to access the online version.
    11. 11. Teaching Materials• While this game may seem elementary, it provides students with fun activities to recap lessons.• This game offers multiple themes ranging from WWII to geography.• Stay Afloat is version of hangman. If a student chooses the wrong letter after two turns, they are given a hint.• Click the picture to get started!
    12. 12. Teaching Materials• Having students construct a timeline helps students visualize and organize material they are learning• Students can organize a timeline either by date or event.• A timeline can be applied to General MacArthurs’ campaign in WWII.• Click the timeline
    13. 13. There’s an app for that!• Click to download the free Flashcards+ app!• Students have access to countless pre-made flashcards to help them study for a test or quiz.• Teachers can create a set of flashcards for their students to review.• Another creative way to help students retain information.
    14. 14. Subject-Specific Resource• PBS ( • The Pubic Broadcasting Service is one of the most prominent television programs in America and is noted for its trustworthiness. The website offers biographies and summaries of the material it airs on national television. In its archive, PBS has a recap of the film MacArthur and other beneficial links like special features, maps, and timelines.
    15. 15. Use of the Internet• MapQuest (clink link) • Using this website can be a creative way for students to explore East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Students can map out General MacArthurs’ journey in the Pacific Theater and become familiar with geographic regions.• Historical Text Archive (clink link) • Even though this website doesn’t discuss General MacArthurs’ involvement in WWII, it offers numerous articles about other areas in WWII. By reading other articles about WWII, it will build upon students understanding of the war.
    16. 16. Web 2.0• QUIZinator is a resourceful website for both students and teachers. This website can be used as a useful collaboration tool where teachers can create worksheets, study guides, and quizzes. Another perk of this website is teachers can store all their work and progress on QUIZinator.• This website can help students prepare for a project or paper by reviewing worksheets or study guides.
    17. 17. Web 2.0• Twiducate gives teachers and students the possibility to communicate outside of school.• Similar to Twitter, twiducate provides a safe venue for social networking for schools.• Students and teachers can collaborate about General MacArthur and his role in the Philippines