Intro to Qubit's personalization 23-05-2013


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Intro to Qubit's personalization 23-05-2013

  1. 1. @qubitgroupQubit platform:Introduction to Personalisation WebinarThursday 23rd May 2013Harry HurstHead of Partnershipsharry@qubitproducts.comWill
  2. 2. Agenda- Introduction to Qubit’s platform- Personalisation for the 21st century marketer: putting it into practice- Client case studies- Q&A
  3. 3. Identifying the currentmarketing challenges
  4. 4. 52% agree that ‘the abilityto personalise web contentis fundamental to theironline strategy’Source: Econsultancy 2013
  5. 5. Visitor behaviour has changed; traditional tools don’t workThen: The purchasefunnelNow: The costumerdecision journeyAwarenessFamiliarityConsiderationPurchaseLoyaltyEvaluateCommitExperienceConsider BuyInteresttriggerDecisiontrigger
  6. 6. Modern ecommerce business tools are disparate6DatamanagementInsight PersonalisationTesting, Targeting Widgets-Data layer-Tag management- Mouse tracking- Feedback- Session analytics- Journey mapping- Offers- Dynamic content- Messaging layers- Recommendations- Live chat- Reviews- Retargeting- Tag managementvendor- BI platform- Analytics companies- Agencies- CMSs- Testing platforms- Personalisationplatforms- Marketplacecompanieswhathowwho
  7. 7. Why is it importantto create personalisedexperiences?
  8. 8. You can’t afford non-converters!8AttractionHigh investmentin driving traffic,rising CPA costs97% of peopledon’t buyOn-sitePoor returnon investmentfor all involvedReturn
  9. 9. Consumers are used to great experiences
  10. 10. They are empowered!
  11. 11. The evolution of digitaloptimisation
  12. 12. 12Websites need to startpersonalising withtargeted contentPeople are different - they have different budgets, differentproducts they’re interested in. Different people need differentexperiences.
  13. 13. Website personalisation is...13Messaging Offers AnnouncementsTheme and layout Recommendations Widgets
  14. 14. For all the different types of people who visit your site14Basket casesPeople who put thingsin their basket anddon’t buyLost soulsOn site search userswho never find whattheyre looking forFirst timersNew users inneed of brandreassurance beforethey engageCareful spendersPeople who leave longgaps between makingpurchases
  15. 15. Optimise all your different technologies15RecommendationsLive helpMerchandisingReviews Retargeting
  16. 16. The Qubit platformexplained
  17. 17. biceps
  18. 18. bicepsBehavioral dataInsightContentExecutionPerformanceSimple workflow
  19. 19. Behavioural dataInvest in a data model that tells you everything about what people do19Quantitative dataUniversal Variable structures allthe data from each pageYour productsare hard to find< navigation >< description >< price >< image > < colour >Qualitative dataVisitor Opinion gathers usefulinsight as people leave the page
  20. 20. InsightBe able to find out how people really behave20The average UK Safariuser spends £30 moreon technology than peopleusing other browsersVisitors arriving atlunchtime are 33% morelikely to purchase than atother times of the dayHolidays are most oftenbought on tablets between8-9 on monday evenings
  21. 21. ContentPersonalise with the right content to get the job done21HeadbarSliders Pointer Lightbox Live helpFootbar
  22. 22. ExecutionBe able to target on precise variables22Browser type Visit number Device or platformBasket contents Time on page Product type
  23. 23. PerformanceUnderstand how your personalisations perform against a control23
  24. 24. 24Simple workflowBridging the gap between analysts, marketers and developers for increased agilityBehavioural data Insight Content Execution PerformanceSingle workflow
  25. 25. bicepsBehavioural dataInsightContentExecutionPerformanceSimple workflow
  26. 26. Personalisation for the 21stmarketer: How to put it intopractice
  27. 27. Qubit platform demo:• UI overview - Discover and Deliver• Discover unique insights• Introduction to visitor level analytics• Query building and using saved reports• Delivering personalised campaigns• Targeting and format overview• Campaign reporting and statistics• User management
  28. 28. Client case studiesFind out how businesses using the Qubit platform are able to increaserevenue through smart personalisation:
  29. 29. Stylistpick2933% increase inconversions forunregisteredChrome users.We helped more visitorstake the Stylistpick quizand get personalisedfashionrecommendations.
  30. 30. Childrensalon3013% conversionuplight in foreignmarkets.We helped Childrensalonto engage customers intheir own language.
  31. 31. Crew Clothing317.4% increase inconversion fornew users.We helped Crewengage more visitorswith the brand for thefirst time.
  32. 32. 32Q&A
  33. 33. Final Thoughts
  34. 34. Be the first to get our personalisation research34Sign up
  35. 35. Thank YouHarry HurstHead of Partnershipsharry@qubitproducts.comWill