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Tufts supplement

  1. 1. The word itself, left in plain font, isjust a word, but it encompassesan infinite realm of possibilities. Typography is one of my favorite pastimes. life is short eat
  2. 2. It’s the careful balance of and word ,which, when used correctly,quietly enhances the readingexperience, unknown to thereader. Each typeface has character, a different a different personality, a different mood.Essentially, it’s like clothes for words. GRAVITY is not responsible for people in love. - Einstein
  3. 3. Back in the days when was a novelty, I often lost myself in the various , fonts, and effects. My skills grew up with me, and at 11, I taught myself h o w t o u s e HTML coding to create web pages filled with “pretty words.”I began adding it to artwork,both digital and traditional, toadd a new dimension. Ifound that typography addeda depth and emotion thatwas much easier to relatet o . F u o c o nelle vene the most powerful force on earth is the human soul on f i r e
  4. 4. All of the parts in typography work together toachieve a message. For example, the leading, orspacing between lines, and the tracking, or spacingbetween letters, control the pace of the reading,w itho ut th e read er know ing . It’s teamwork.With typography, what youwrite can be subtly dashing mysterious professional casual traditional
  5. 5. I also found that it could be art itself. ^ I didn’t make it, but someday I’ll be this cool.
  6. 6. T Y P O G R A P H Ymade me that kid in the group who gets excited toput together the presentation, and also made meaware of the little things, the layers that make up thebig picture, and ultimately the fact that presentationis key to get the point across. f o r g e t y o u r weakness a n d d a n c e
  7. 7. I create layouts andadvertisements for clubs atQuinnipiac as well as clubs atother schools, and I’ll neverconsider it work, because aneffective, finished piece oftypography is as rewarding astaking a good photograph.Since pictures are worth athousand words, typographysays much more than one ort h e o t h e r .As I consider myself bothv i s u a l a n d a s t o r yt e l l e r,typography is something I willalways enjoy doing. My goalis to create something peoplecan relate to personally - andmaybe even be inspired by -and typography lets me dot h a t .
  8. 8. I’m all out of things to say