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Taking into consideration the fact that people perceive 80% of information about things through their vision, it seems there is no better media to advertise your products and services than video ads. It is especially true with today’s advertising technologies and channels offering advertisers a highly targeted reach for pennies. There has never been a smarter way to spread your message than online video advertising. - See more at:

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  • New broadband Internet technologies and thousands of affordable web-enabled mobile devices made watching online videos one of the most popular pastimes of today’s Internet users. Unlike TV, web-based video services allow searching and selecting videos one needs at any moment for entertainment, education or other purposes. Moreover the social element offered by online video services make watching video online even more engaging. According to many surveys people grow their time spent with online video.
  • There is a growing number of so called light TV viewers who prefer watching online video rather than TV. According to statistics their average monthly online video watching time grew by 42% in a year. Of course there are some people who do not watch TV at all as the Internet can perfectly meet their video needs and preferences. But the amazing fact is that even the heaviest TV viewers grew their time spent with online videos by 30% last year.
  • At the same time the current state of TV viewing remains more or less flat with the yearly audience grows of only 2% .
  • More freedom of choice, less censorship and extraordinary mobility results in the ever-growing audience for online stream videos. There is no way advertising companies, advertisers and online video services could miss the opportunity to leverage this exploding popularity for advertising. The best thing for all the parties is the fact that major online video services have some instruments and databases that allow determining preferences of online video viewer based on his or her previous searches and profile settings and preferences. According to the Brightroll online video advertising service the ability to address the target market with online video ads seems to be one of the most valuable aspects for advertisers. This new feature of video ads is a definite advantage over TV advertising that is much more difficult to optimize for the target audience.
  • And indeed marketers and advertisers started to feel the benefits of online video advertising. According to some reports 15% of TV advertising budget shifted to online media including digital video and display ads resulted in 4.2% increase in audience reach. At the same time the cross-platform advertising allows as many as 16% of viewers to see ads both on TV and online.
  • This duplicate online + TV reach proved to be much more effective on key brand effect metrics than single-platform advertising. The repeated exposure of ads on TV and online seems to make viewers better remember the advertised brand and the ad message.
  • And for some reason video ads themselves seem to be easier to remember as the surveys shows that online viewers demonstrated better results in general recall, brand recall, message recall and brand likability. It’s probably because online video ads, being more targeted, are less ignored by viewers unlike TV ads that are most often displayed in series advertising multiple brands.
  • The BrightRoll’s advertisers were asked to determine the effectiveness of online video advertising in comparison with other advertising media. The survey showed that online ads proved to be the most effective way to promote products and services totally beating such media as display, TV, social media and search.
  • No doubt such effectiveness arouses advertisers’ interest in online video ads. In 2012 over 60% of requests for proposals submitted to advertising agencies included online video advertising which is 35% more than two years before.  
  • Lots of advertisers are planning to reallocate their media advertising budgets from media like TV, connected TV and direct response to new media such as online video, mobile video and online display. In fact the online video with its 25% growth in planned advertising budget shows the highest audience reach potential as estimated by industry professional and seasoned advertisers.
  • As to online video viewers, they seem to watch online stream ads till the end quite often unless video ads do not correspond to certain criteria (for example, if they are too long or boring). Well, the average length of online ads is 20 seconds. In average almost 9 out of 10 viewers watch video ads to the end.
  • The viewers’ attentiveness depends on both the content length and when an in-stream advertisement is demonstrated. Mid-roll video ads have the highest completion percentage for both short-form and long-form content.
  • At the same time the number of clicks on links in video ads also depends on the ad position as well as on its length. If clicks are important you should consider a longer post-roll video advertisement.
  • Clicking on a link in a video or watching it till the end means willingness of viewers to make this break for an advertising brand. And this willingness depends on what type of content a viewer watches. It’s natural that when watching a movie, a user will have less desire to make even a little break for an advertisement unless it’s something really interesting while the news & information content promises much more luck to advertisers.
  • There are millions of videos online some of which viewed by thousands of viewers daily. Videos seem to be one of the most popular content in the World Wide Web as videos are easier to consume then reading while they are more informative that ordinary images. That is why the largest video services have become also the largest and the most effective advertising platforms sought after by advertisers from all over the world. The online advertising industry never stops to evolve and offer new targeting and displaying opportunities. If you ever want to advertise through online video you should consider these most famous online video ads platforms such as: Google services including Youtube Facebook AOL Inc. VEVO Microsoft sites such as NDN Yahoo! sites Viacom Digital Amazon Sites Turner Digital
  • Video advertising – the Smartest Way to Reach Your Buyers Online

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    9. 9. Compared to the following channels, is video equally or more effective? 9©2013. QuartSoft * BrightRoll than display, a response that has grow n rapidly year-over-year. This illustrates advertisers are no longer com paring the e ectiveness of digit al and TV media but rather the categories of advertising that o er the sight , sound and motion video, no m at ter the screen. 2. Compared to the following channels, is video equally or more e ective? W hen asked w hat is the m ost limiting factor to the grow th of video, a third of respondent s state price is too high, although this is a signifi cant drop of 15 percent from 20 12. Fewer planning and m easurem ent barriers, greater reach a proven e ectiveness have enabled advertisers to em brace video but at the sa time they still need to be sure of it s ROI, especially w hen coupled w ith TV in advertising strategies. more less TVDisplay 75%91% Social media 68% Search 52% Direct response 45% No I don’t kno w Yes
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