QuartSoft. Branding. Ecommerce. Startups. Tablets &  Mobile.
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QuartSoft. Branding. Ecommerce. Startups. Tablets & Mobile.

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Outsourcing company with representative office in Silicon Valley. Case Study of our clients.

Outsourcing company with representative office in Silicon Valley. Case Study of our clients.

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  • 1. Cloud.Mobile.Ecommerce.Design.
  • 2. ABOUT USQuartSoft Corp. is a web design and developmentcompany established in 1999. Our specializationembraces the complete range of services in webdesign and development, graphic and art design,website optimization and search engine marketing,technical support and maintenance.
  • 3. AWARDS + HONORS + PARTNERSThe biggest Award for our team is our customers’ success. It’s always a pleasure to get positivefeedbacks and appreciation from clients whose success we helped achieve. Each member of QuartSoftCorp. rejoices every time one of our customers gets back to us with a new project or refers otherpeople to our team. We also enjoy receiving awards praising our hard work. And, of course, weappreciate our good partners who make us stronger in what we do. National Business Rating Leader of Industry QuartSoft Corp. was ranked in 17th place in QuartSoft Corp. was named the the "Standard Software Development" Company of the Year 2010 in Ukraine in category on the basis of 2 years indicators the Standard Software Development among companies of all forms of category. ownership operating in Donetsk region, Ukraine. Sphinx Partnership Magento Bronze Partner QuartSoft Corp is a partner of Sphinx - Magento being a leading ecommerce open source full text search server, platform, we have established a Magento designed from the ground up with department with Magento professionals performance, relevance (aka search experienced in successful development of quality), and integration simplicity in ecommerce solutions of any complexity. mind.
  • 4. SERVICE RANGEQuartSoft Corp. is one of the leaders in the domain of web design and development offering the entire rangeof services required for the successful implementation of web and mobile-based solutions of any complexityfrom an idea to the launch. We employ our qualified resources, know-how and cutting edge industry tools toachieve our main goal of creating high quality products within the agreed time period. Business Analysis Design Development Management Profit • Scope of work • Branding • Ecommerce • Agile & SCRUM • Marketing • Product analysis • Graphic design • Corporate sites • Daily meetings • Optimization • UI wireframes • UI interface • Promo • Team reports • Advertisement • Timeline planning • Website design • Startups • Conference calls • Mobile app design • Mobile apps
  • 6. KALIDOLogo design, business card, letterheadCorporate identity for aLondon-based company whichspecializes in providing servicesand tailor-made solutions forindividuals and families willingto purchase real estate and/orrelocate to Great Britain.www.kalidoprivate.com branding
  • 7. PIEZASLogo design, packaging designCigar packaging designed byour creative team with a virtual3D preview. branding
  • 8. STEFFANIE&JANLogo design, envelopeCorporate identity kit for awardwinning real estate realtors.Steffanie Johnston andJan Carter Lea, 2011.www.steffanieandjan.ca branding
  • 9. SABROSOLogo, UI design, graphics, developmentVisually enhanced, appetite whettingdesign for the website of a Mexicanrestaurant in Greenville, SC.www.sabrosomexicangrille.com branding Technologies:
  • 10. IMESCLogo, UI design, development, supportThe IMESC consists of professionalprogrammers, designers, managersand qualified testers having manyyears experience of work with themost demanding customers.www.imesc.com branding Technologies:
  • 11. NORTH TAHOELogo, UI design, development, supportLake Tahoe is a gorgeous result ofcataclysmic volcanic and glacial masterplanning. Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, inparticular, is a stunning 180 degreepanorama that vividly narrates theimpact of that ancient earth shaping.www.gotahoenorth.com branding Technologies:
  • 12. KALIDOLogo, UI design, development, supportCorporate identity for a London-basedcompany which specializes in providingservices and tailor-made solutions forindividuals and families willing topurchase real estate and/or relocate toGreat Britain.www.kalidoprivate.com branding Technologies:
  • 13. READERSPARADISELogo, UI design, development, supportParadise allows you to save money,time and effort when it comes togetting books and sharing your love ofreading again.www.readersparadise-me.com branding Technologies:
  • 14. JEREMY KLEINLogo, UI designJeremy Klein is a professional trainerand coach. Published couple of trainingbooks. Working with clients to helpthem our with business strategy andbusiness relations. branding Technologies:
  • 16. SUNRUNLanding page design, A/B testingDesign of landing pages with A/B testing.Improvements of conversion rates. landing pages & banners
  • 17. ECHOSIGNLanding page design, A/B testingDesign of landing pages with A/B testing.Improvements of conversion rates. landing pages & banners
  • 18. FOODZIELanding page design, A/B testingDesign of landing pages with A/B testing.Improvements of conversion rates. landing pages & banners
  • 19. BLUEWOLFLanding page design, A/B testingDesign of landing pages with A/B testing.Improvements of conversion rates. landing pages & banners
  • 20. ROCKETLAWYERBanner set for PPC campaign.Set of banners for advertisement. Coupleof options plus final set delivered. landing pages & banners
  • 21. ONE KINGS LANEBanner set for PPC campaign.Set of banners for advertisement. Coupleof options plus final set delivered. landing pages & banners
  • 22. BEAUCOUPBanner set for PPC campaign.Set of banners for advertisement. Coupleof options plus final set delivered. landing pages & banners
  • 23. FOODZIEBanner set for PPC campaign.Set of banners for advertisement. Coupleof options plus final set delivered. landing pages & banners
  • 25. ROSSCOPPELMANEcommerce development, long-term supportThis is a great example of how evena small website can help with theweb presence and online sales. Thiscould be a good solution for privatevendors who sell their personallycreated products. The range ofsuitable products to be sold on thistype of websites can be very wideand the most obvious product ideasare all kinds of handmade stuff.www.rosscoppelman.com ecommerce Technologies:
  • 26. BRERAOROLOGIEcommerce development, long-term supportThe BRERA OROLOGI mission is tocreate and develop watchcollections for Men and Womendistinctly crafted by Italian designerswhose sole quest is to present astyle and aesthetic that is bold andclassic.www.breraorologi.com ecommerce Technologies:
  • 27. LIEBKINDEcommerce development, long-term supportThis online shop solution is oriented tosmall eCommerce businesses with aspecific product line. It could be apparel,health & beauty or sports products. Therange of goods may include 1000-2000items in different categories but stillunder the same brand and related to aspecific group of products.www.lieb-kind.de ecommerce Technologies:
  • 28. MEGAGADGETSEcommerce development, long-term supportEcommerce web applications of suchscale allow not only handling of differentpayment methods or shipping optionsand managing of 5000-20000 products instock but also integrating of 3rd partycomponents to print UPS/USPS/FedExshipping labels , to verify addresses andorganize advanced inventorymanagement.www.megagadgets.nl ecommerceTechnologies:
  • 29. LOOKMATICEcommerce development, long-term supportIf you need something really unique,highly customized and exclusive foryour online store we’ll be happy toparticipate in such a challenging andcreative project to bring your ideas tolife.Virtual try-on systems, advancedproduct configurations and othercustomized features can be greatsolutions for businesses caring abouttheir individuality and exclusiveness.www.lookmatic.com ecommerce Technologies:
  • 30. APPMYWORLDEcommerce development, long-term supportAppMyWorld comb prominent appreview sites and use their reviewscores to create an aggregate scorethat we call an AppScore. This makes itsimple for you to find the apps you arelooking for, the latest app reviews, andthe AppScore all in one place todetermine which apps are the best.www.appmyworld.com ecommerce Technologies:
  • 31. BOOKMOBEcommerce development, long-term supportBookMob is THE definitive textbooksource for Canadian students.Students in Canada have trustedBookMob to provide the bestselection of textbooks, available forrent at the best prices in the country.Now, our Mobsters have the ability topurchase new and used textbooks atincredibly cheap prices to save evenmore cash.www.bookmob.ca ecommerce Technologies:
  • 32. IDA WINESEcommerce development, long-term supportBest Irish and Italian artisan producersfor all of our food products and winehas been carefully selected fromthousands on the market to be of thehighest quality and value for money.www.thehampershop.ie ecommerce Technologies:
  • 33. MASQUEEcommerce development, long-term supportMasque Publishing is a leadingdeveloper and publisher of casino,card and casual games for Windowsand Mac OS. Masque has beendeveloping boxed products for thebrick and mortar retail channels forover 20 years, and recently Masquehas also taken on a significantdeveloper role for many of the freecasino, card and casual games .www.masque.com ecommerceTechnologies:
  • 34. LionCitySubsUI design, development, long-term supportLionCitySubs - a comprehensive onlinefood ordering application which allowsadding different products into theorder according to customer’s desireand specifying the location for theorder to be picked up in.The system is easily configurable fornew locations and allowsadministrators to add new pick-upoutlets “on the fly”.www.lioncitysubs.com ecommerce Technologies:
  • 35. CLOUD APPS
  • 36. VOICEBASEUI design, development, long-term supportVoiceBase - a unique and very promisingstartup utilizing voice recognitiontechnologies to allow users to store,search and share video and audio voicerecordings. Imagine it as a Wikipedia-likeplatform for media content. VoiceBase isa SaaS solution based on the Amazoncloud service for private members,companies and enterprise customers.www.voicebase.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 37. VLOGGOBranding, UI design, development, supportVloggo is another attempt to build aTwitter-like platform for video sharing.This amazing service allows people toshare their life experience with 60 secvideo clips recorded with variousdevices and in different ways – manualupload, webcam recording and aniPhone application.www.vloggo.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 38. HUNTSYNCBranding, UI design, development, supportHuntSync is the ultimatecommunication tool for whitetail deerhunters that uses innovativetechnology to not only make you abetter deer hunter, but to provide youwith a whole new way to enjoy thehobby we are all so passionate about.www.huntsync.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 39. NEULEXABranding, UI design, development, supportNeulexa – a self-funded startup whichcombines CRM tools for teams toorganize their business inside thecloud-based service. The system allowsorganizing secure document storageand sharing as well as collaboration onprojects.www.neulexa.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 40. 360InvestmentsBranding, UI design, development, support360Investments – a SaaS startup in thedomain of real estate. The systemutilized technologies and innovativeways of managing a real estate investor’soffice with special online tools.360Investments has all necessaryfeatures to organize and manage a realestate investor’s daily routine,communications, data updates etc.www.360investments.net cloud apps Technologies:
  • 41. RENTFEEDERBranding, UI design, development, supportRentfeeder is an automatic online leadgeneration service. The system usesmultiple 3rd party technologies to createvideo clips for rental property, togenerate templates to be uploaded toCraigslist and to integrate the systemwith social networks.Rentfeeder helps you distributeinformation about your property andcollect leads from all sources in oneplace.www.rentfeeder.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 42. DiamondDATAMINEUI design, development, long term supportDiamond Data Mine is a business CRMtool for a real estate companydeveloped to enable search ofinformation on property listings. Thetool allows real estate agents,managers and realtors to use an onlineinformation platform with the accessto the most recent data which can beorganized for effective real estate salesand marketing.www.ddmine.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 43. KLOXBranding, UI design, development, supportKlox offering to small and medium sizebusinesses the type of enterprisesoftware previously only available to thelargest companies, but it is improving itin two important ways: first, by making itavailable to your field employeesthrough a mobile application thatcommunicates back to the “office” inreal-time; second, by hosting thesoftware, so you don’t have to manageor maintain it yourself.www.getklox.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 44. DEALCLOUDBranding, UI design, development, supportThe free, interactive networking, dealmarketing, and deal review tool.Our industry-specific solution combinesinformation and database silos with real-time execution to improve today’sharmonized workflow.www.dealcloud.com cloud apps Technologies:
  • 46. VOICEBASEiPhone application, icon design, UI design, iOS developmentVoiceBase enables you to record and uploadspoken content, and then share and search it bywhat was said. Click to record hours of speeches,interviews, scripts, conferences, podcasts,webinars, etc., and then review them later bysimply performing keyword search in youraccount. tablets & mobile
  • 47. VLOGGOiPhone application, icon design, UI design, iOS developmentVloggo is a new video sharing platformcombining sociality and media into reallyattractive way to spread ideas and events.Similar to Twitter, Vloggo allows posting 60 sec.videos to the Vloggo wall with possibilities toshare, send a response and comment. tablets & mobile
  • 48. KLOXiPhone application, icon design, UI designKlox is a task distribution system for differentdomains such as construction, HVAC,transportation etc. designed for assigning jobsand effectively monitoring their fulfillmentthrough both web and mobile applications. Theweb app allows managing tasks as well asmonitoring their statuses. The mobile app allowsemployees to report on implementation of jobsby changing their statuses and sending someadditional data such as photos and videos to theserver to be reviewed by managers. tablets & mobile
  • 49. DASHVERSEAndroid application, icon design, UI designDashVerse app allows you to chat withfriends right from mobile phone, join groupchats and use social media to share content. tablets & mobile
  • 50. SUDOKUiPhone application, icon design, UI designSudoku game for iPhone is one of our gameapplications designed and developed by ourteam for mobile devices. tablets & mobile
  • 51. FREAKY SOULiPhone application, icon design, UI designHalloween game UI and gamepad design. tablets & mobile
  • 53. QuartSoft Corp.Cloud. Mobile. Ecommerce. Design.1710 S. Amphlett Blvd., Suite 230San Mateo, CA 94402(888) 827-4119info@quartsoft.comwww.quartsoft.com