L'Equipe Teams Up With Quantel And Its Partners


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France's leading sports media group delivers for broadcast, online and mobile with Enterprise sQ

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L'Equipe Teams Up With Quantel And Its Partners

  1. 1. case study 10L’EquipeL’Equipe teams up with Quantel and its partnersFrance’s leading sports media group delivers for broadcast, online and mobilewith Enterprise sQQuantel – share our passion
  2. 2. case study 10 L’EquipeIn mid 2009, L’Equipe TV, France’s leading sports news channel,picked Quantel and its partners to design and set up an integratedproduction and delivery system for broadcast, online and mobilecontent. The facility has been up and running since October, enablingL’Equipe 24/24 and L’Equipe Production to provide digital content tocable and satellite channels, the internet, digital radio channels andtelecom operators. At the heart of the new operation is a QuantelEnterprise sQ production system.Quantel – share our passion
  3. 3. case study 10 L’EquipeIn France, L’Equipe stands for quality sports news. The Dream Team for L’Equipe Cover picture: Antoine GrossinOwned by the Amaury family group, a press dynasty Sébastien Valère’s first decision was to call in STP This page: Xavier Spender,that launched the paper just after WWII, the legendary Consultants, a firm based in Brussels which specializes CEO of L’Equipe 24/24 anddaily is by far France’s most loved title (especially in the design and integration of new generation newly appointed Operationsamong men). Over the years, L’Equipe has constantly production and delivery systems. “Our philosophy,” and Marketing Director Sébastien Valèreadapted itself and extended its offer to all media, to explains Marc Schulman of STP, “is to enable theremain the uncontested champion in its category. Thus, convergence between broadcast and IT-based systems,in 1998, Amaury launched L’Equipe TV, which has which implies that beyond technical considerations webecome the top-ranked sports information channel in ensure that all contributors to a project work togetherFrance, with an average 4 million viewers every week. to achieve a seamless workflow between hardware and software and between video signals and dataLeveraging its dominant position in print and television, processing. To achieve that, we advise the broadcasterL’Equipe has for the last three years focused its in choosing the right technology and the right vendorsdevelopment on the Web and mobile media, including and we demand that all parties involved in the project3G telephones and digital radio. Through its various sign a contract of co-responsibility, which binds themdelivery channels, L’Equipe reaches 18 million people legally, but which above all establishes the basis for aevery month. To increase synergy between these true collaborative effort between key suppliers.”various media, L’Equipe 24/24 (which oversees thebrand’s digital activities) launched a project at the L’Equipe chose NETIA for archiving and MAM, and MBTbeginning of 2009 to upgrade its production and for on-air automation as partners to set up the workflowdelivery platform. To coordinate the project, Xavier and integrate the Quantel sQ-based environment.Spender, CEO of L’Equipe 24/24, appointed SébastienValère as Operations and Marketing Director.“Our project wasn’t simply to upgrade our technicalfacilities,” says Sébastien Valère. “Our main goal, in fact,was to implement a business model for rolling out aglobal brand on five different media. We weren’t justlooking for some great machines that would make ourtechnicians happy. What we wanted was to deploy a totalmultimedia and multiplatform newsroom. Our mainrequirement was that our suppliers work together toprovide us with an integrated workflow solution to delivercontent 24/7 on all our media. The global solution builtwith Quantel kit is right on the money for us.”Quantel – share our passion
  4. 4. case study 10 L’Equipe 2 1 3Ensuring the link between the past “Personally, I find that it’s in the archive and MAM 1. The Quantel sQ at the veryand the future systems that the Quantel/NETIA setup really provides heart of L’Equipe“The ultimate challenge we had,” says Jean-Luc Wolff, us with added value,” asserts Christophe Berthier, 2. Editing on the sQ Edit isRegional Manager of Quantel France, “was to manage Archive Manager of L’Equipe. “Previously, we had an practical and time efficientthe link between the past and the future with teams that archiving system based on a Sine Qua search engine 3. L’Equipe’s online archivehave been working in a mixed environment (tape and which managed our 11,000 tapes and 100,000 workflow is now streamlinednon-linear editing) for 10 years. Our mission with our document references. While this system was fine in a thanks to the Quantel/NETIApartners was therefore to steer the transition from a broadcast environment, it wasn’t at all designed to deal setuptraditional broadcast system to a mixed media workflow with a mixed media world, where you have a multitudeand to achieve this without complicating people’s lives, of rights to manage for each clip on each deliverywhether they happened to be journalists, editors, archive platform. Today, right from the acquisition phase, certainmanagers or technicians.” metadata are automated and others can be conveniently keyed in. The journalist knows immediately“It’s true,” adds Fabrice Bouchet, L’Equipe TV broadcast if the rights for the medium or media he’s working formanager, “that our project was a bit mad since we are available, according to a simple color code (red,undertook to change our technology, our program grid yellow, green). It’s a true revolution in our workflowand our station ID all at the same time. Technologically, which frees up the journalists and which increases ourthe Quantel and NETIA solutions really gave us an responsiveness in going to air or online.”unprecedented amount of freedom and our 20 in-housejournalists and their many freelance counterpartsquickly appreciated the advantages of the new setup.They find the Quantel editing interface to be practicaland they really appreciate being able to get to thearchival material fast and to know straight off if theyhave the rights for the use they have in mind.”Quantel – share our passion
  5. 5. case study 10 L’Equipe ʻʻ ʻʻ Everyone knew that integration was the critical challenge for the project. Marc Schulman of STP A view of the L’Equipe newsroom where various Quantel browsing and editing applications bring a new dimension to the daily workflow of Journalists, craft editors, archive managers and techniciansThe system “Everyone knew that integration was the Antoine Grossin, a graphics designer andThe Enterprise sQ system at L’Equipe is critical challenge for the project,” adds Marc artistic director who really knows how to getconfigured around an sQ server environment, Schulman of STP, “but in fact things turned the very best out of Quantel graphic andwith over 800 hours of broadcast quality out to be less complicated than we expected templating systems and he worked verystorage and Quantel Mission Media Asset and everyone’s openness and empathy closely with us to create this really compellingManagement. Journalists, craft editors, allowed us to find shared solutions. For visual style. The result is there on the screendirectors, archive managers and technicians example, we had to resolve semantic issues and our viewers have told us how much theyshare the browsing and editing applications between Quantel and NETIA for handling file appreciate our new look and feel.”provided by Quantel: sQ View, sQ Cut and sQ transfer protocols, but these were dealt withEdit on the desktops and sQ Edit Plus for craft pragmatically and in good faith, which meant Winning at home and awayediting. sQ Record and sQ Play applications that we were able to complete the project on As part of the overall project, the team athandle ingest and playout. The Mission time and on budget, without having to dip into L’Equipe also wanted to integrate thesystem includes the Mission Transfer ingest our reserves.” business and services managed by L’Equipeand export application and Mission Tracker Production, a subsidiary of the newspapergiving instant search and access to all media. L’Equipe 24/24 was also looking to modernize launched in 2006 which produces andThe whole Quantel system is totally integrated its station ID and ensure that its visual style distributes programs and news packages towith the NETIA archiving system and MBT guidelines were properly applied for all shows broadcasters, Internet content providers andautomation for broadcasting. and by all the people involved in producing mobile telephone operators. L’Equipe content, including freelancers. Fabrice Production has over the years worked withA pragmatic approach Bouchet indicates that “Quantel integrates a outside clients such as SFR (France’s leadingTo test the setup, the partners installed a wide variety of graphic design and mobile telecom), Orange, MSN, Air Francenearly full scale prototype on site at NETIA in compositing tools in its solution, to be used and Adidas and it also produces seasonalMontpellier in Southern France. “Our main by craft editors and graphics designers, but content for ASO (Amaury Sport Organization),requirement,” states Patrick Vauthier, also which can be conveniently applied by a subsidiary of L’Equipe Group whichTechnical Director of L’Equipe 24/24, “was to non specialists. The templating features of the organizes high-profile events such as the Tourcomplete the project fast (less than four Quantel system provide us with a wide and de France, the Dakar automobile rally and themonths) and to have an operational workflow tightly controlled series of options that in- Tour of California.using standard tools. Integration was house journalists and freelancers can easilytherefore the key factor and all partners use and they have been designed to work fastassumed their responsibilities from the start.” so that even the most sophisticated templates can be used near to air. Quantel was very helpful in this process and introduced us toQuantel – share our passion
  6. 6. case study 10 L’Equipe Above: Graphic design and artistic direction: Antoine At a glance Grossin • L’Equipe TV, France’s leading Sports • Quantel worked closely with broadcaster, needed to create a partners NETIA, MBT and STP totally integrated, next-generation Consultants to realize a fully production system to serve integrated environment broadcast, internet and mobile platforms • “The global solution built with Quantel kit is right on the money for • Quantel’s Enterprise sQ server- us” – Sébastien Valère, L’Equipe TV based production technology and Mission MAM was chosen to provide the heart of the systemL’Equipe Production provides a wide range of content Jean-Luc Wolff, Regional Manager of Quantel Franceto its different in-house and outside clients, from soccer concludes: “The entire Quantel team, in France andgoal flashes (for the French, Italian and Spanish England, successfully created a next generationLeagues) in near real time on mobile telephones to 30 workflow for totally integrated multi-platform productionminute daily highlights of the Tour de France with and delivery. We participated in a truly collaborativecommentary in eight languages for foreign broadcasters. adventure with our partners and clients. To ensure smooth transition from the previous system, we called“Our main requirement,” says Christophe Robin, upon Pascal Ouvrard, our local Quantel trainer whoExecutive Producer of L’Equipe Production, “was to worked hard to provide the best training and on-aireasily process contents in post-production and to support to end users. We’re really thrilled to see thatencode them in different formats for delivery to the system is getting the job done, enabling L’Equipe todifferent platforms. Between our foreign television produce its programs efficiently and to deliver contentclients, the internet and mobile devices, we have to go seamlessly to all media.”out in a multitude of formats, from MPEG 1, 2 or 4 toFlash, via .wmv (Windows Media) and 3GP, all of whichis now straightforward.” 2122-56-519 02.10quantel.com