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Eclipse orion Presentation Transcript

  • 1. LOGO Eclipse Orion Quang Nguyen – 2013.07.09 1
  • 2. Outline 2 What is Orion Orion Server Orion Client Orion Plugin Architecture
  • 3. What is Orion? Software Development in a browser: editing, navigating, searching, working with SCM Set of linked web pages, NOT an IDE running in a browser Focus on web developers working on client-side JavaScript, CSS, HTML 3
  • 4. What is Orion? Orion is a set of components  That together provide the server and client side code  That make up an extensible browser-based development platform Orion provides many pages to deal with editing, navigating, searching, Git tasks, shell access, setting up sites, or dealing with tasks 4
  • 5. Current state-of-the-art Not nearly as complete as what the JDT provides for Java developers None of the existing tools provide a great experience with content- completion or refactoring 5
  • 6. Orion Server Server-side services exposed via REST-oriented HTTP APIs APIs provide services such as a FileSystem, Search capacities, Git support, Preferences, and Sites for self hosted development 6
  • 7. Orion Server 7
  • 8. Orion Client The Orion client is written in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and runs in the browser It focuses on writing task and pages that can easily support exploring and leveraging cross-site workflows The pages are designed without building everything you might be able to do in the same browser tab 8
  • 9. Orion Client 9
  • 10. Orion Client  Navigation  Go to the Git log of the file  Open the Orion Shell page in the directory this file is located or start a search 10
  • 11. Orion Plugin Architecture Plugins (HTML file) can be hosted on any web server and installed into Orion using their URL 11
  • 12. Orion Plugin Architecture Example  Plugin that takes the contents of the editor and runs it through a common JavaScript library known as JSBeautify 12
  • 13. Orion-based Development Tools. Firefox Scatchpad JazzHub Cloud ( Scripted from VMWare HP DevAnywhere 13
  • 14. Resources The Fundamentals of the Orion Project se_newsletter/2013/june/article2.php Scripted – Embracing Eclipse Orion scripted-embracing-eclipse-orion  on-8414877 14
  • 15. Thank you 15