E Commerce Vision Anzdl Aus 1997


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E Commerce Vision Anzdl Aus 1997

  1. 1. ANZDLE-Commerce Initiative www.ANZDL.com
  2. 2. Agenda E-commerce - our industry Customer Relationship Management A-commerce - what is being done now What the future will bring What do you want?
  3. 3. Shipping Industry - E-commerce Electronic Data Interchange e-mail Rate Quote brokering Container tracing Vessel scheduling Online Rate requests Information - based Websites
  4. 4. Trends - E-commerceOnline EDI Direct Personali- Customi- InfomediaryInfo link sation sation 1997 1998 1999 2000 The future
  5. 5. Infomediary”A trusted third party, one who connects a service and the associated information supply with the service and associated information demand PrivaSeek
  6. 6. Customer Relationship Management
  7. 7. Proactive Customer Service Gathering and recording all customer information including requirements and preferences Providing a central location for that information to be used by everyone within the organisation Using that information to “make shipping easy” for customers and staff Building lasting relationships
  8. 8. E-commerce Leadership Organisation must recognise that “technology is both a threat and an opportunity to business today.” ANZDL believes embracing technology is essential for market positioning, customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, cost optimisation and long term growth for the organisation
  9. 9. E-commerce at ANZDL“A-commerce”
  10. 10. ANZDL A-Commerce System PHONE/FAX EDI Web EIC Enterprise Interaction Client ANZWEBANZWEB ANZNET HORIZONS HARMONY Operating Customer Information Relationship System System
  11. 11. Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) Vendors can transmit and receive: – Terminal Activity – Customs Release – Rail Movements / Rail Billing – Manifest/Amendments – Arrival Notifications/Delivery Orders – Cargo Movements
  12. 12. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  Customer’s can transmit and receive: – Booking Requests – Booking Confirmations – Shipping Instructions (B/L) – Bill of Lading confirmations – Status Details on shipments
  13. 13. Road/Rail Terminals Vehicle Booking System Carriers /Depots Invoice Invoice Advise Export Receival Advise Export ReceivalTransportTransportInstr.Instr. EDI Export Bkg Confirmation Exporter/ Electronic B/L-Invoice Broker/ Shipping Line Forwarder Booking / Forwarding Instructions Authorise $ Authorise $ Receipt $ Receipt $Payers Bank Inter Bank Payees Bank
  14. 14. Road/Rail Terminals Vehicle Booking System Carriers /Depots Invoice Invoice Release Term/Depot Term/Depot Electronic DO Electronic DOTransportTransportInstr.Instr. EDI Import Importer/ Broker/ Arrival Notice Shipping Line Forwarder Invoice Commercial Release Authorise $ Authorise $ Receipt $ Receipt $Payers Bank Inter Bank Payees Bank
  15. 15. Website - www.ANZDL.com Introduced in 1998 Voted best web site by Containerisation Magazine (August 1999) Linked directly to ANZDL operating system (Horizons) Available 24 hours a day
  16. 16. www.ANZDL.com Service route maps Cargo cut-off dates Vessel Schedules Interactive Schedules Equipment Specifications (dry & reefer) Vessel Specifications Up-to-date industry and company news
  17. 17. www.ANZDL.com - cont’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Cargo Tracing *New - Auto Notify* On-Line Rate Requests On-Line Tariff Bill of Lading Printing
  18. 18. Personalised Web Pages Real time updating of page information Quick Statistics for your cargo Links to additional information Modify preferences Continuous Improvement
  19. 19. Interactive Schedules Easier to read and use compared to publication schedule information Input multiple parameters: origin, destination, arrival date, departure date Use ranges to show more scheduled departure times Schedule also are still available via fax, email , phone and other trade publications
  20. 20. Cargo Tracing Real time data linked to hundreds of vendors Data updated and available 24 hours/7 Days “Notify Me” feature Tracing information available by Ref number, Booking, Container or B/L number Data shown in easy to read and printable format
  21. 21. Cargo Summary Summary of recent shipments for your company History for entire shipment available Export data easily to Word / Excel / Text Export Summary or Import Summary (now available )
  22. 22. On-Line Rate Requests Rate request turn around time in less than 24 hrs Receive quotes by phone, fax or email Submit requests 24 hours / 7 days Intelligent forms remember last submission to save you keystrokes
  23. 23. Interactive Tariff Requirement of De-regulation Tariff and essential terms available by multiple search parameters Bottom line calculations of all charges for a given commodity
  24. 24. Bill of Lading Printing Print your bills in house using standard paper and your laser/ink jet printer (No special forms needed!) Even originals!! Receive email notification when your B/L is available to print. Define your B/L preferences: Original / Non- Negotiable, Rated / Unrated Decide whether you want it delivered via e- mail or print it instantly!
  25. 25. Bill of Lading Printing cont’ Digital certificate, which is considered the latest standard for Internet security. Governments, banks and investment firms all use this online technology. This allows ANZDL to send letter of credit and original bills of lading knowing that no one else, except the nominated party, can open the file.
  26. 26. New! - Customer Relationship Database Pivotal - Year end 1999, available to AUS companies Harmony - Customer Specific Information Customised and continuous updating by ANZDL World wide access - through the internet - linked to your personal web space Saves time for customers - Eliminate repeating information Decrease in errors and inaccuracy Full functional integration by June 2000
  27. 27. New! Enterprise Interactive Center (EIC)  State of the art phone system  Software based  Easily up-gradeable  Multiple views / reports  Management level involvement  Staff level involvement  Full functional integration by June 2000
  28. 28. What the future will bring
  29. 29. ANZDL A-Commerce System TRADITIONAL PHONE/FAXEDI - systems links withCustomers/Vendors Web/Self Service EIC Enterprise Interaction Client ANZWEB ANZWEB ANZNET HORIZONS HARMONY Operating Customer Information Relationship System System
  30. 30. www.ANZDL.com - The Future Invoice Delivery (In testing) Arrival Notices (In testing) Fumigation Certificates (AQIS reviewing) Quality Performance / Customised Reporting Bookings on-line (completed) Submit shipping/forwarding instructions on-line Vendor Management Cleanliness Certificates Satellite tracking of vessel/cargo location
  31. 31. A-commerce - The Future  Continued Customisation of service  Pro-active Customer Service based on your requirements  Self Serve, Customer, in house link to entire ocean shipping process  Web chat/ Online access to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  32. 32. What do ourcustomers want?
  33. 33. A-commerce - The Future Tell us, what do you want?
  34. 34. ANZDLA-Commerce Initiative www.ANZDL.com