Rediscovering the World of Books

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PowerPoint presentation to encourage the rediscovery of books and the joy of reading. …

PowerPoint presentation to encourage the rediscovery of books and the joy of reading.

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  • 1. by Quality Book Reviews Rediscovering the World of Books
  • 2. The Joy of Reading
    • Imagination is a thrill
    • Reading allows us to create spheres of existence
    • A good story is one that transcends a lifetime
    • Develop a ultimate love affair with words
    • Reading can open up one’s soul
    • Open your imagination and let the adventure of a lifetime begin
    • Isn’t it time you discover the joy of reading
  • 3. Different Genres
    • Fiction
      • Romance
      • Mystery
      • Horror
      • Science Fiction
      • Fantasy
      • Historical Romance
      • The Detective Story
  • 4. The Wonderful World of Book Clubs
    • Do you love books?
    • Do you enjoy reading?
    • Do you enjoy discussion of the books you read?
      • Does this make it more enticing?
        • More rewarding when other like-minded readers of the book talk about the contents in detail?
          • Join a book club or reading group today
  • 5. Sharing the Joy of Reading
    • Children
      • Buy a child a book for their birthday
      • Make a specific time for reading each day with your child
      • Have a special place for reading with your child
      • Encourage your child to read along
      • Make reading time a fun time
  • 6. Involving everyone in the reading habit
    • Getting everyone involved in reading
      • Take time to read every evening with your children
      • Join a reading group
      • Join a book club
      • Join your local library
  • 7. Reading for the future
    • So many books, so many authors
    • So many genres to choose from
    • We need to bring back the joy of reading for all
    • open our minds and imagination with a good book today and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime
  • 8. Where will the adventure lead us?
    • There are so many different books and genres available we can choose our own adventures
    • Our adventure will change with each new book we open and read
    • A true adventure begins with opening a book
    • We are able to pick our destination without leaving the comfort of our home
  • 9. Building a new future with reading
    • We can increase the popularity of reading and books by instilling these traits in our children
    • There are so many wonderful children’s books today that will help develop their imagination as well as their minds
    • Start them young, take time and read to the little ones in your life, a great bedtime story is always grand
  • 10. What This Means
    • A greater adventure
    • A better mind
    • A greater imagination
    • A way to relax
    • Open your imagination today with a new adventure!
  • 11. Tips to remember
    • There is magic in books
    • Books are an escape into another world
    • Books are a portable magic
      • They open our imaginations and allow new adventures to begin