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Why is test automation so expensive
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Why is test automation so expensive


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This document aims to reason why test automation is so expensive even in today's business landscape.

This document aims to reason why test automation is so expensive even in today's business landscape.

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  • 1. ®ARTICLE WHY IS TEST AUTOMATION SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE?“We can’t automate everything. Test automation costs automation a success. But, you sill wander in the darktoo much.” We hear this all the time. to seek answer to the ultimate question- “why is test automation so bloody expensive?”.In today’s day and age, when your SDLC has becomeagile, why do you still fear automating it all, across the So, we decided to surface reasons that still contributelife cycle and with every release? to the cost of automation. These, reasons act as deterrents in implementing test automation acrossYou have read guides and key tips to make test the entire testing life cycle. And believe me, they do!
  • 2. 1. Specialized skills don’t come that Imagine what will walk out ofeasy and definitely not cheap. your office! People, skills, domainIt does not matter whether you are a small or big team. knowledge, and what you have builtTest automation requires scripting. Scripting cannot till avoided. It requires specialists who know thenative language of the tool to make it work. It calls forprogrammers not testers. Often more than expected,good programmers come at a price. This increases thecost to automate. Don’t forget to include the costs ofhiring and retaining these resources. And of courseteam burnout and attrition. Imagine what will walk outof your office! People, skills, domain knowledge, andwhat you have built till date.2. Getting the maximum bangon your buck. Have you everexperienced it? write code to automate test scripts, when you know your test automation tool can do one thing at a time:I know, this is something you can’t escape. Buying either it can execute or it can build automated testtest automation tool licences. Every license will cost suites. Users of open source tool like Selenium don’tyou an arm and a leg. But you can’t help it. However, have this complaint. But others do. Currently you havewhat you can help, is optimize each license. Ideally multiple licenses to suffice this need of yours. But youyou should be running the automation tool 24X7 to would agree with me that this is not an optimal returnmaximize tool productivity. But, then how would you on your investment on them.Copyright Qualitia. All rights reserved. Qualitia is a ZenSOFT product. 2
  • 3. 3. Time is money baby! 5. Time to build and break dependencies.Test automation through test automation tools, requiresscripting. To write scripts, test, and make them work Currently you have a business analyst/SME, manualrequires time. We are talking considerable time here. tester, and test automation expert as your stakeholders,And time means more cost, literally. Please take into each serving a critical need, in your testing life cycle.consideration that how quickly you automate and how A business analyst is heavily dependent on testquickly you test will result in how quickly you can go automation specialist to bring about new businessto market. rules and changes in them into automated test cases through scripting. This partnership, as we all know is not that smooth. It has its share of communication gaps, backlogs - resulting in more time to automate.4. Maintenance is the key issue in And as we all know, more time means more money and lost opportunities.Test Automation.Let’s talk about test script maintenance. With changesin every new release your test automation suite mustalso change. Will you go back to the drawing boardand rewrite scripts? Remember the quicker you updateyour already automated test suites the faster you hitthe market. These are all costs and opportunities youcan’t condone. I am sure your CFO is keeping an eye onthem. Sooner or later he will question you. As your testsuite increases, you will face an excessive maintenanceburden - which will lead to loss of more time and moremoney.Conclusion:You now know the core reasons that make test automation so damn costly. With this insight, you can change one ormore than one parameters in the test automation equation to make it scalable and profitable. I am sure by now youknow the answer. But, just to give you the hint, the answer lays in how quick and easy you can make test automation.How easy it is for your testing team to build test automation…Copyright Qualitia. All rights reserved. Qualitia is a ZenSOFT product. 3
  • 4. ®www.qualitiasoft.comWorldwide HeadquartersZenSOFT Services Pvt. Ltd.Adhyapak SocietySahakar NagarPune - 411009Maharashtra, IndiaQualitia is a registered trademark of ZenSOFT Services Pvt. Ltd. All company names, brand names, trademarks and logos used in this document are the properties of their respective owners. ZenSOFTServices acknowledges the proprietary rights of other companies mentioned in this document. Information included in this document is proprietary to ZenSOFT Services and may not be used, copied,adapted, or abridged without its prior written consent.