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The Automation Revolution - RAD

The Automation Revolution - RAD



IL TestShell Seminar OCT 2012

IL TestShell Seminar OCT 2012



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    The Automation Revolution - RAD The Automation Revolution - RAD Presentation Transcript

    • RADThe Automation RevolutionPresenter: Benjy CopelandTitle: R&D tools, Dept. Manager XXX 2012 Slide 1
    • RAD Data Communications • Market-leading provider of access product solutions for Worldwide Distribution of Sales in 2011 carriers, service providers and enterprise customers • Established in 1981 and privately owned • Installed base of more than 12 million units •North America 1,000 employees worldwide Europe Worldwide 39% Presence 21% Scandinavia APAC Israel 2% 15% Canada UK Germany Russia USA France Spain AfricaEurope 4% China Japan Israel Hong Kong46% Mexico 300 sales partners in 165 countries Latin India America 31 offices worldwide Thailand Nigeria 16% Philippines Oceania Indonesia 3% Brazil Australia Argentina Total RAD Sales in 2011 = $163 Million XXX 2012 Slide 2
    • RAD Products Strategy Services/CPE AccessAccess Lasts That Network Core Legacy Services Existing Equipment ATM Legacy 2G BTS DSLAM 3G NodeB Core Networks Legacy SDH/SONET, ATM Serial New Services and Equipment New IP IP RAN New Packet-Switched DSLAM 4G eNodeB Core Networks GbE, IP, MPLS Ethernet• Continued support of legacy services over legacy networks• Legacy services over NGN – Ethernet/IP/MPLS backbones• New Ethernet services over existing (PDH, SDH/SONET and ATM) backbones• Access and aggregation for Carrier Ethernet XXX 2012 Slide 3
    • Selected References: WorldwideCustomer Base by Industry Carriers & Service Providers Transportation Utilities Government, Mobile Operators Military & Financial XXX 2012 Slide 4
    • RAD Testing Challenges• Many product lines (more than 250products in catalog)• Complex features• Demanding deadlines• Real-time embedded SW• Many test scenarios and variations• Limited # of testers• Time consumption• Bug reproducing XXX 2012 Slide 5
    • A bit of History XXX 2012 Slide 6
    • Automation from scratch Things we did• Internal: – Mapping the area out. ( products, features, resources..) – Strategy planning.( regression vs. ATS ) – Solution research and TestShell choice. – Quick wins – Expand to other products – quick wins there too – Expand features on products. – Agile based automation development XXX 2012 Slide 7
    • Automation from scratch• External – marketing your needs : – Get management on board from day 1. – Make the problem of quality clear to all the organization by definitive metrics. – Get R&D dept. MNG’s to advise and offer solutions and harness them to the change. – Publish successes as much as possible in the first few months. XXX 2012 Slide 8
    • RAD’s automation solution• Nightly builds on all major product lines• Automated QVS’s• Automated product release procedure• QA Gates• Mandatory tests: - DOS attacks - STRESS - Robustness XXX 2012 Slide 9
    • How it works Version control NightlyWeekly Automated tester Run Tests Code Static Build Nightly = VQVS Report analysis & load Weekly = QVSSWHW developer Email results to Developer XXX 2012 Slide 10
    • RAD’s automation solution• Nightly builds on all major product lines• Automated QVS’s• Automated product release procedure• QA Gates• Mandatory tests: - DOS attacks - STRESS - Robustness XXX 2012 Slide 11
    • Automation value & results• Testing coverage and new phase regression readiness• Unified test results DB.• High level management visibility and control.• Shorten test time by at least x20.• Simplicity – allow broad employees with different skills tocontribute to automation.• On demand reporting – accessible and easy to comprehend XXX 2012 Slide 12
    • Tips1. Quick wins2. Reduce setups3. Generic as much as possible4. Design for management reports5. Focus on strategic product lines XXX 2012 Slide 13
    • SummaryRAD’s quality has been enhanced significantlydue to this process and tools.Customer version and phase releases havebeen dramatically improved.Overall product satisfaction is high.There is no doubt in any of the companiesdepartments of the necessity of automation. XXX 2012 Slide 14
    • Q&A XXX 2012 Slide 15
    • Thank YouFor YourAttention www.rad.com XXX 2012 Slide 16