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Final Task

  1. 1. THE FINAL TASK Season 1: Mooncat and 1867
  2. 2. TASK 1 OF THE FINALS Your first task of the finals is to produce three beauty shots. Each photo needs to be a close-up of the model's face in grayscale (black and white, no color) and the model should be wearing limited make-up (i.e. basic foundation, cover-up, MAYBE some eyeliner or light eye shadow or gloss). Each photo should be a raw image of the model that shows the model's personality through facial expression and camera angle, NOT through clothing or hair accessories (clothing should not be visible). Models, think about who you truly are and find a way to convey your inner beauty through your face. The eyes are the windows to the soul so to speak, so pay close attention to what you're conveying with them. Photographers, lighting is incredibly important here as is angle. Backgrounds MUST be a solid color, preferably black or white. Identify with your model and use your camera as an x-ray vision to the model's inner self. TURN IN: 3 photos, NO captions or explanations Beauty Shots
  3. 3. TASK 2 OF THE FINALS The second task of the finals should remind you of task one since it's the same concept. However, instead of receiving separate items to utilize and create a conceptual set of photos with, you will be given the same item: a map. This task will really test your creativity and willingness to go out of the box. Just as a general hint, do not play it safe with this assignment. This task is particularly designed to test your creative mind. As you will only be turning in 3 photos, I do not suggest trying to do a storyboard. GOOD photoshopping can greatly increase the quality of this type of photograph. As with the first task, you need to utilize the item in your photos. However, your item SHOULD be a main component of your concept and you SHOULD stick with a singular concept. Previously the item just had to be in the photo, this time around it needs to be a major player. Models, get expressive. Figure out what sort of emotion or feeling your concept and photos are portraying and mirror it. Remember to convey expression throughout your entire body; face to toes. You really need to embody the meaning behind the photo. Also, pay attention to your interaction with the object and make your concept believable. Photographers, this task is particularly intense on your part. Location, background, and props are so important for this task. Additionally, you need to pay especially close attention to framing, cropping, and, as always, lighting. Make sure you capture the overall mood and atmosphere of the photograph. TURN IN: 3 photos, SHORT explanation of your concept, no captions Utilization: Map
  4. 4. TASK 3 OF THE FINALS High fashion: Valentine's In celebration of the upcoming holiday, your third task for the finals is a fashion shoot in the colors red, pink, and/or white. While your photos don't need to have any explicit references to Valentine's day (i.e. hearts, “be mine,” “I love you”), they should do two things that are a part of the holiday: use one or more of the above colors for your palette INCLUDING clothing, and the photo should express some sort of emotion that goes with Valentine's day. Keep in mind that there are A LOT of different emotions that come with Valentine's (i.e. happiness, loneliness, etc.). This task will specifically test your use of color in conveying emotion, so chose your clothing, set, and props wisely. The overall look of each photo is very important as well as expression. Models, this is high fashion. Get creative with your posing and how well you sell the clothes. Photographers, make the model and clothes look appealing and interesting. These photos need to be captivating. There are more examples for this task on the next few slides. TURN IN: 3 photos, SHORT explanation of your emotion, no captions
  7. 7. DUE DATE: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 8pm (PST) PRIZE: 500k and bragging rights as the winner of Picture Perfect Season I! THE FINAL TASK Please put your best foot forward for this finale. Make it hard for the judges to chose the winner because your photos are both that good. Good luck to our final two!