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Thetrainingstationinc com

  1. 1.      Resource Directory & Recommended Links Free Website Builder A Business Just For YOU! Build a Free Website with Looking for a business with lowYola. Very easy to use and startup and great profit free hosting! potential? Sexy Adult Singles Fight Lung Cancer Meet Hot Sexy Singles Minimize the risk of LungOnline Now! Membership is Cancer with Jarrow Formulas Inositol Free. Join Now! Animated Exercise Examples Free Website BuilderGive It Away & Get Paid! Over 100 ExercisesGive away free Prescription Created by Doug Walker Build a Free Website with cards & get paid! Very easy to use and free Free details hosting! Your Ad Here Your Ad Here HOLD POINTER OVER EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE (Please wait for page to load completely) The original purpose of these exercise examples was to fit on one sheet of paper for workouts forms. They are not intended to be exact examples. Chest Shoulders Triceps Back Biceps Forearms Traps Lower-back Abs Quadriceps Hamstrings Quads/Hams/Glutes Calves Shins Workout Page Send this page to a friend     Vote for Us Chest Flat Barbell Press Flat Cambered Barbell Press Flat Smith Machine Press Flat Dumbbell Press Flat Dumbbell Flyes Flat Universal Machine Press Incline Barbell Press Incline Cambered Barbell Press Incline Smith Machine Press Low Incline Smith Machine Press Incline Barbell Press Low Incline Barbell press Futron Incline Barbell Press Futron Incline Cambered Barbell Press Low Incline Barbell Press (in squat/power rack) (in squat/power rack)Incline Universal Machine Press Incline Dumbbell Press Incline Dumbbell Flyes Decline Barbell Press Decline Cambered Barbell Press Decline Smith Machine Press Decline Dumbbell Press Decline Dumbbell Flyes Pec Deck Dumbbell Pullovers   Cable Crossovers Upward Cable Crossovers Dips Bench Dips Gravitron Assisted Dips  
  2. 2.   Push Ups Flat Cormax Bench Press Barbell Floor Press Partial Flat Barbell Press   POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top ShouldersSeated Dumbbell Standing Dumbbell Seated Front Smith Seated Front Barbell Press Seated Rear Barbell Press Seated Rear Smith Machine Press Press Press Machine Press    Seated Universal Machine Seated Universal Machine Press Seated Universal Machine Press Dumbbell Side Raises Press Cable Side Raises w/no back support w/no back support (seated or standing) w/back support    Barbell Front Raises Lying Barbell Front One Arm Cable Side Raises Dumbbell Front Raises w/Barbell, EZ curl bar or Cable Front Raises w/rope Raises Super EZ curl bar   Wide Grip Smith Machine Upright Standing Dumbbell Rear Seated Dumbbell Rear Wide Grip Barbell Upright Rows Reverse Pec Deck Rows Raises Raises   "Pee Wee Herman" Dumbbell Side Wide Grip Cable Upright Incline Dumbbell SideSeated Front Barbell Press in Power Rack Standing Barbell Press Raises Rows (Overhand Grip) Raises   Seated Dumbbell Side Seated Dumbbell Press with No Back Clean & Press "Arnold" Dumbbell Press Dumbbell Lateral Throw Raises Support POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Triceps Decline Lying Tricep Lying Tricep Extension "Skull Close Grip Barbell Press Close Grip Smith Machine Press Close Grip Decline Barbell Press Extension "Skull Crushers" Crushers"    Rear View
  3. 3. Seated Dumbbell Overhead Seated One Arm Dumbbell Crossface Dumbbell Kickback Seated Overhead Extensions Extensions Overhead Extensions (one arm or two)    Pushdowns Bench Dips Dips Pushdowns on Universal Machine Pushdowns on Lat Pulldown Machine on Cable Crossover Machine  Underhand Pushdowns One Arm Cable Overhead Cable Kickback - Palm up Overhead Cable Extensions Cable Overhead Extensions Palms up Extensions on Cable on Cable Crossover Machine on Pulldown machine on Cable Crossover Machinew/cloth or chain handle Crossover Machine     Push Ups Cable Skull Crushers Seated Overhead Cable Extensions Partial Flat Close Grip Barbell Press   POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Back (Lats)        Underhand Pulldowns Chin Ups (Underhand) Pulldowns Pull-ups Pull-ups w/ V -handle (palms up) (palms ups)     Bent Over Barbell Rows Close Grip Leverage Wide Grip Leverage Row T-Bar Rows Seated Cable Rows (overhand & underhand) Row Machine Machine ----o---- shaped handle T-Bar Rows One Arm T-Bar Row Dumbbell Row One Arm Seated Cable Row Barbell Pullovers V shaped handle   3/4 Deadlifts 3/4 Deadlifts Rack Pulls Dumbbell Pullovers Deadlifts (off bottom of squat rack) (off bottom of Smith Machine) (start just above knee)       Straight Arm Pulldowns Gravitron Pull-ups Lying Barbell Rows     POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Biceps
  4. 4. Standing Dumbbell Curls Standing Barbell or EZ Curl Bar Curls Alternating Standing Dumbbell Curls Seated Dumbbell Curls Bicep Exercises Incline Dumbbell Curls High Incline Dumbbell Curls Preacher Curls w/Barbell, Dumbbell or Seated Dumbbell Curls (keep head on bench & elbows back) (keep head on bench & elbows back) EZ Curl Bar Bicep Exercises Cable Curls Dumbbell Curl on an Incline Bench Dumbbell Concentration Curls Barbell Concentration Curls (Seated Cable Row Machine) Bicep Exercises Cable Curls - One arm or two One Arm "CC" Cable Crossover Curl - "CC" Cable Crossover Curls - High "CC" Cable Crossover Curls - Low (Cable Crossover Machine) High   Chin Ups (Underhand) Cross Body Dumbbell Curls Drag Curls on the Universal Machine Drag Curls         Barbell Curls over an Incline       POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Forearms Forearm Wrist Roller Barbell Reverse Barbell Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls Dumbbell Cable Hammer Curls 1 rep = all the way up then back down then all the way up the Wrist Curls Curls (palms up) Hammer Curls w/rope handle other way (palms down) (palms down) then back down   Weight = BodyweightHang from Pull Up Bar for Barbell Hold for Time Time POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Traps     Dumbbell Shrugs Barbell Shrugs Smith Machine Shrugs Universal Machine Shrugs
  5. 5. Close Grip Smith 3/4 Deadlifts Close Grip Barbell 3/4 Deadlifts Rack Pulls Machine Deadlifts (off bottom of Smith Upright Rows (off bottom of squat rack) (start just above knee) Upright Rows Machine) POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Lower-Back 3/4 Deadlifts Lower Back Machine 3/4 Deadlifts Rack PullsHyper-Extensions Deadlifts (off bottom of Smith Good Morning "ab/Back" (off bottom of squat rack) (start just above knee) Machine) POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Abdominals (Abs) Crunches Crunches w/feet up Reverse Crunch Double Crunch 6 inch Leg Lifts Ab Exercises - Abdominal Exercises Ball Crunch Ab Roller Sit Ups on Slant Board Hanging Knee Lifts Hanging Leg Lifts Ab Exercises - Abdominal Exercises Standing Dumbbell Serratus Crunch AB/back Machine Ab Bench Torso Track Jacknives on Ball "Gasparis" Do not bend at the waist     Side/Plank Hold Seated Waist Twist Cross Bench Crunches     POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Quadriceps Free Weight Leg "Bodysmith"Universal Leg Extensions Leg Extensions Single Leg Extension Sissy Squat Machine Hack Squats Extensions Hack Squats POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Hamstrings Universal Leg Curls Leg Curls Free Weight Leg Curls Single Leg Curl Standing Leg Curl Stiff Leg Deadlifts POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Quads/Hams/Glutes Leg Press "Trotter" Leg Press "Bodysmith" Leg Press "Yukon" Vertical Leg Press Barbell Squats
  6. 6. Smith Machine Squats Front Hack Squats Barbell Hack Squats Universal Machine Squats One Leg - Leg Press   One Leg -"Trotter" Leg Press Deadlifts Barbell Lunges Dumbbell Lunges Smith Machine Lunges taller people face other direction back foot all the way back and front foot all the way forward (one leg at a time) (do not alternate legs)   Walking Starter Lunges Bulgarian Squats Smith Machine Bulgarian Squats Barbell Front Squats Dumbbell Step Ups       Box Jumps Dumbbell Squats Box Squats     POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Calves Standing Calf Raises on Standing Calf Raises on SmithCalf Raises on Leg Press Calf Raises on Trotter Leg Press Calf Raises on Vertical Leg Press Universal Machine Machine   Copyright © 2003 Animated Exercise Examples 100+ ExercisesFree Standing Calf Raises Single Leg - Calf Raise on Trotter Seated Calf Raises (one or both feet) Leg Press Interested in using these images? License Agreement POINT AT EXERCISE TO ANIMATE     CLICK TO ENLARGE Back to Top Shins Shin Raises Shin Exercises Animated Exercise Examples Over 100 Exercises Printable Exercise Examples Set margins to 0.5 inches top, bottom, right & left Workout eBooks E-mail this page to a friend Your E-Mail (required not saved)   Friends E-mail (required not saved)    Message (required not saved)   Send        Clear
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