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Bar Camp Rdu Calea Lawful Intercept



Overview of CALEA and Lawful Intercept concepts presented by Jay Cuthrell at BarCampRDU on 08/08/09

Overview of CALEA and Lawful Intercept concepts presented by Jay Cuthrell at BarCampRDU on 08/08/09



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Bar Camp Rdu Calea Lawful Intercept Bar Camp Rdu Calea Lawful Intercept Presentation Transcript

  • BarCampRDU 2009 Presenter: Jay Cuthrell i.e. QTHRUL What can they -really- see (and hear) on your network? How hard is it to “tap” your network? Who has the authority to “tap” your network?
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  • Three Basic Intercept Architectures CALEA Mediation/ Law Enforcement Intercept- Delivery System Agencies capable network elements CALEA Mediation/ Law Enforcement Probes as the Probe Delivery System Agencies access functions Probe Integrated Law Enforcement access and CALEA Integrated Agencies Solution delivery functions source: IP Fabrics
  • IP Fabrics DeepSweep for CALEA Up to 8 Gb Ethernet inputs from taps in designated places in service- provider network To other DeepSweep’s, remote user access, etc ‘e’ interfaces to LEA collection functions  One box, self-contained solution for simple ISP and VoIP networks • Serves as probes, mediation/delivery device, administration system • Does not rely on switches, routers, SBC’s etc for inspection • Easy to install and configure • Very cost effective – entry model is ~ $20K  Passive/Out of line – connects to full-duplex or aggregating Ethernet taps  Safe harbor: Full support of T1.IAS (ATIS-1000013.2007), T1.678 v2 (ATIS-10000678.2006), ATIS-1000021 (buffering) standards, and CableLabs® IP CBIS.  Highly secure source: Fabrics
  • IP Fabrics Company Background  US-owned, Beaverton, OR-based private company  Key technology is high-speed Deep Packet Inspection  Markets served include US CALEA compliance, lawful intercept in US and Canada, as well as electronic surveillance for national security/law enforcement Part of the CALEA Partnership  We’re the ‘Industry’ in the 3-way CALEA partnership:  Law Enforcement  Service Providers  Industry Our Contributions  Key contributors/authors in the standards bodies  We’re not one of the biggies, but we’re fast movers and leaders  Have created an innovative product with the following benefits:  Fully compliant and standards-based, so if offers ‘safe harbor’  Flexible/upgradable to keep pace with changes (read: deficiency petitions)  Much cheaper than the other prominent solutions  Completely self-contained; very mobile; good for tactical deployment source: IP Fabrics