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iphone 5 rumor

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I phone 5 rumor

  1. 1. iPhone 5 rumor: come out on June 6Apple will introduce the next iPhone on June 6, an analyst saidtoday."Theres absolutely no reason for them not to," said Ezra Gottheil, ananalyst with Technology Business Research. "The pattern theyve sethas been so good for them, and theyve set expectations that theylldo this every year."The pattern Gottheil referred to is Apples practice of launching itsnewest iPhone each of the past three years -- 2008, 2009, and 2010-- during the keynote presentation of WWDC, an event it has heldthose years in the first week of June.San Franciscos Moscone Center, the WWDC venue since 2003, listsan event on its current schedule for June 5-9 thats titled "CorporateMeeting," a generic placeholder the facility uses to mask events.Last year, the Moscone Center used that same label for the days thatApple later announced were those for WWDC.The AppleBitch blog first reported on the Moscone schedule entrylast week.The last three years, Apple has introduced a new iPhone the firstMonday of WWDC: Last year, that was June 7, while in 2009 and2008 it was June 8 and June 9, respectively.June 6 is the first Monday of the Moscone event likely representingWWDC. Copyright by summy
  2. 2. iPhone 5 rumor: come out on June 6"I fully expect a new iPhone then," said Gottheil, "with a new designand more speed. Ill be interested to see what they do with voice,which is an area Apple hasnt touched much."More intelligent dial-by-voice software -- the feature was firstintroduced in 2009s iPhone 3GS -- would be welcome, saidGottheil.In each of the last four years, Apple has put the iPhone on salewithin weeks of WWDCs conclusion, with a June launch duringthree of those four. The odd-year-out was 2008, when Apple shippedthe iPhone 3G on July 11.Last year, Apple started selling the iPhone 4 on June 24, just overtwo weeks after the June 7 introduction.Although consumers have been trained to anticipate a new iPhoneeach summer, the big question this year is whether Apple will releasea new model not only for its long-standing GSM-based model -- theone sold by AT&T in the U.S. -- but also for the new CDMA-compliant smartphone that goes on sale later this week for Verizoncustomers."Would they want to sync up the CDMA and GSM [models] sosoon?" Gottheil asked rhetorically. "Well..., yeah."Its even possible that Apple will use the opportunity to merge thelines into one device, creating a dual-function iPhone that supports Copyright by summy
  3. 3. iPhone 5 rumor: come out on June 6both network technologies."Clearly, Apple would like to get back to one SKU," said Gottheil,using the acronym for "stock-keeping unit," the code used by sellersto identify products.The possibility that Apple will revamp the Verizon iPhone so soonafter its launch has prompted some experts, including ConsumerReports, to recommend that the carriers customers delay theirpurchase.In a blog post last month, the magazine warned readers that theVerizon iPhone "may be quickly replaced by a newer, cooler versionmore quickly than is customary even for the die-young lifeexpectancy of most smart phones."The AppleBitch blog also noted two other "Corporate Meeting"events in the Moscone Centers schedule -- the first for May 10-11,the second for June 22-23 -- and speculated that those dates couldalso be used by Apple for the iPhone 5 or even iPad 2 launches.The May 10-11 dates, however, correspond to Googles I/ODevelopers Conference, which the maker of Android today said hadsold out in under an hour.In the past, Apple has officially announced the dates for WWDC inMarch or April, but has declined to talk about a new iPhone.With CEO Steve Jobs absent on an indefinite medical leave, Gottheil Copyright by summy
  4. 4. iPhone 5 rumor: come out on June 6expects that several Apple executives will take the stage to introducethe iPhone 5 this June. In 2009, when Jobs was last on leave, PhilipSchiller, the companys head of marketing, did the honors."It may be [Tim] Cook," said Gottheil, talking about Apples chiefoperating officer, who is running the firm while Jobs is away, "orSchiller or [Jonathan] Ive," the vice president of industrial design."Apple will want to show that they are a strong, multiple-leadercompany" in Jobs absence. Copyright by summy