Magic Of SMM, Q.Sikander

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  • 1. Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing June 2011 Page For Business Success in the Middle East Qurratulain Sikander, Marketer. Educationist. Researcher College of Business Administration Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • 2. What You will GAIN from this session?
      • Tap into your Propitious Niche in the Middle East through Social Media Marketing
      • Identify why Middle East Region is a Propitious Niche for your business
      • Explore Opportunities and Challenges
      • Create a Success Strategy
    June 2011 Page
  • 3. Middle East is YOUR next GO-TO Market June 2011 Page Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing
  • 4. June 2011 Page
  • 5. What is Social Media to you? June 2011 Page Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing
  • 6. Origin of Social Media
    • Social Media is a part of a trend called Web 2.0. The term ‘Web 2.0’ was coined in January 1999 by Darcy DiNucci, a consultant on electronic information design. Web 2.0 allows participants to do:
      • Podcasting
      • Blogging
      • Tagging
      • Contributing to RSS
      • Social book marking
      • Social networking
    June 2011 Page
  • 7. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING June 2011 Page Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing
  • 8. Changing the way Marketing is done
    • When the concept of Social Media was being explored, the aim was to overcome the current trend of:
    • ‘ Reaching a large number of homogenous mass audience ’
    • TO:
    • ‘ Reaching a large number of individuals’
      • Explored more in ‘Social Media Marketing: an hour a day’; D. Evans .
    June 2011 Page
  • 9. New Perspective on Marketing Mix
    • According to Roy McClean; The Custom Fit Communications Group:
      • Not PRODUCT, but CONSUMER
      • Not PRICE, but COST
      • Not PLACE, but CONVENIENCE
    June 2011 Page
  • 10. Benefits! Benefits! BENEFITS! Exploring the Opportunities of Embracing SMM in ME June 2011 Page Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing
  • 11. June 2011 Page Michael A. Stelzner (2010 Social Media marketing Industry Report) Quantitative research of 1,898 marketers , of both B2C and B2B profiles
  • 12. Big Names in the Big Game June 2011 Page Reference : D. Zarrella , The Social Media Marketing Book
        • blogs, twitter accounts, forum called developerWorks .
      • publishes machinima series on YouTube, uses SlideShare for uploading presentations
      • IdeaStorm website
    • offered users a chance to win a coupon for a free whopper if they ‘unfriend’ 10 friends on facebook
    IBM Dell Burger King
  • 13. June 2011 Page Benefits of SMM in ME Conduct Market Research Bring Attention to your Products Gather Data for Competitive Edge (BI) Establish a Brand and raise Awareness Strengthen Customer Service Increase Customer Loyalty and Trust
  • 14. SMM challenges Recognize the Issues June 2011 Page Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing
  • 15. June 2011 Page Why should Middle East now pay attention to Social Media marketing? Reason 1 Consumers are MORE aware and MORE demanding than ever before Extensive number of Middle easterners are heavily relying on Internet for communication Reason 2 Even though the Cost is less and Benefits much more than all other forms of IMC, it takes extensive planning Reason 3
  • 16.
    • In July 2010, Facebook announced it had over 500 million users worldwide, of which at least 15 million were in Middle East. Survey findings also indicated that one out of five Facebook users is from Asia or Middle East.
    Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing June 2011 Page
  • 17. SMM Strategy Creation Guideline for Success June 2011 Page Exploit the Magic of Social Media Marketing
  • 18. Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan June 2011 Page Source: Q.Sikander SMM Marketing Plan
  • 19. June 2011 Page Track the RETURNS on your SMM
    • Whatever Social Media Option is chosen, ensure:
    • PLAN well
    • Keep it BRIEF
    • Make an IMPRESSION!!!
    Engagement Metrics Business Metrics Activity Metrics
  • 20. Activity Metrics
    • Basic reports generated by Social Network sites indicating such activities like:
        • Number of page views
        • Site visitors
        • Facebook fans, or
        • Members joining your online brand community
    June 2011 Page
  • 21. Engagement Metrics
      • An engagement metric is anything that measures the level of your customer’s involvement, attention, and commitment
      • (David Rogers)
      • Average time spent by members in your online community,
      • Percent of facebook fans who “like” or
        • Comment on your wall posts, or
      • The number of ideas actually submitted to your innovation sourcing site
    June 2011 Page
  • 22. Business Metrics
    • Metrics measure the impact of digital marketing on critical business outcomes
          • A form of KPI
          • Customers are categorized into one of three groups: promoters (9–10 rating), passives (7–8 rating), and detractors (0–6 rating)
          • The percentage of detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of promoters to obtain a net promoter score (NPS)
          • Source:
    June 2011 Page
  • 23. Middle East Success Cases
    • Cadbury
    • Maybelline
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Safi- DANONE
    • And many more….
    June 2011 Page 1 st
  • 24. Issues to Consider
      • No SMM can be a success which ignores the importance of Market Research
      • SMM allows to win your customers TRUST
      • SMM DEMANDS continuous diligence in communicating with the customer
      • SMM is a perfect tool for Public Relations and CRM
      • SMM can become redundant if it is not updated and jazzed up frequently
    June 2011 Page
  • 25. Conclusion
    • For success in SMM, it is important to conduct it strategically! Start with a proper Market Research, and follow through with proper Implementation and Control
    June 2011 Page