【Zabbix 2.1】trial of vm monitoring function of Zabbix 2.2


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How to set description of the VM monitoring according to Zabbix2.1

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【Zabbix 2.1】trial of vm monitoring function of Zabbix 2.2

  1. 1. 【Zabbix 2.2】 VM monitoring function of Zabbix 2.2 VM monitoring For example in the Zabbix 2.1 2013.09 @qryuu 1 2013/09/29
  2. 2. TwitterID: @qryuu Self-introduction 2013/09/292
  3. 3. VM monitoring according to Zabbix2.2 2013/09/293
  4. 4. I will introduce implementation is scheduled in Zabbix2.2, how to configure the VMware monitoring. I am using Zabbix2.1.6 in this document. VMware monitoring function feature has been implemented in Zabbix2.1.4. VM monitoring of Zabbix 2013/09/294
  5. 5. VMware monitoring template of five exist in Zabbix2.1. If you have installed update from Zabbix 2.0, DB will be converted, but the data is not updated. Template does not register for it. In order to use the VM monitoring template, you need to create a DB using data.sql of Zabbix2.1. VM Monitoring Templates 2013/09/295
  6. 6. Template name Description (unofficial guess) Template Virt VMware vCenter vCenter Server Templates (manual link) Template Virt VMware vCenter Guest VM Templates (automatic linked by host LLD) Template Virt VMware vCenter Hypervisor vCenter Hypervisor(ESX/ESXi)Templates (automatic linked by host LLD) Template Virt VMware vSphere vSphereHypervisor (ESX / ESXi) Templates ESX / ESXi single use (No used vCenter Server) (manual link) Template Virt VMware vSphere Guest VM Templates (automatic linked by host LLD) Type of monitoring VM template 2013/09/296
  7. 7. [libxml2-devel] is required for VM monitoring. You can install yum. Compile options for the VM monitoring function, still - not listed on the "configure --help". Compile by adding “--with-libxml2" to compile options. Compile the VM monitoring function 2013/09/297 #yum install libxml2-devel
  8. 8. There is only ESXi in my hand. We describe the monitoring settings of the ESXi this time for this. I think vCenter environment and operate in the same setting. ESXi monitoring settings 2013/09/298
  9. 9. VMware monitoring makes use of the simple check. Please register the agent interface. ESXi Register Host 2013/09/299
  10. 10. As explained in the type of template Link the"Template Virt VMware vSphere" or "Template Virt VMware vCenter". Template link to ESXi Host 2013/09/2910
  11. 11. In order to use the VM monitoring template, you can get the data for ESXi and vCenter, ID, password, and URL is required. Macro setting for ESXi template 2013/09/2911
  12. 12. macro detail {$URL} URL of the vCenter / ESX / ESXi https://<IP-address> / sdk {$USERNAME} UserID {$PASSWORD} Password The detail of macro 2013/09/2912
  13. 13. VM monitoring if working properly, the value can be obtained in practice. ESXi monitoring 2013/09/2913
  14. 14. VM will be registered in the host group [Virtual machines] automatically by the function of the LLD. Monitoring will start templates are linked automatically. VM monitoring 2013/09/2914
  15. 15. You with the ability still does not work, as well as ability to change in the future. Please do not use it for commercial use. VM monitoring template for now you can get the value, but the trigger and graph is undefined. If you find a Bug Let's report to the bug reporting system Zabbix SIA. Zabbix2.1 the alpha version 2013/09/2915
  16. 16. “libxml2-devel” is required to use the VM monitoring in Zabbix2.1. Compile option “--with-libxml2” VM monitoring template is not introduced in the update installation. URL to be monitored https://<IP-address>/ sdk Template link manually unnecessary Managed ESX and VM because linked automatically by LLD Let's report to the bug Summarized 2013/09/2916