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QTS 4.0 OS features an intelligent desktop allowing users to multitask with multi-window operation, cross-device file synchronization and more! The new design of the series features a cutting-edge brushed metal chassis, which enhances airflow of the system, keeping it cool and efficient. The Turbo NAS is DLNA certified and is the ideal companion for Smart TV to stream your video collection. In addition, mobile apps have been enhanced to let users fully experience and take control of their NAS.

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  • 桌布換掉
  • 加入機器接口照片
  • Dropbox-like replacement for personal cloud
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  • 換圖 +USB 接線
  • 媒體櫃換好看的圖
  • 圖片換成解析度高的圖片
  • 轉檔設定的圖片
  • 加入 upload/download 圖片
  • ICON 拿掉
  • 分類瀏覽 歌曲,歌手,專輯,類型,資料夾 提供建立個人播放清單及分享的播放清單 瀏覽您設定為最愛的音樂 瀏覽最新上傳的音樂 建立播放清單 離線播放 您可將音樂下載到手機,讓您可以在沒有網路的環境也可播放音樂 您也可從歷史紀錄離線播放曾經聽過的音樂。
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  • Add 80+ new IP cams
  • 管理多台 NAS 的 Download Station
  • QNAP QTS 4.0 Overview

    1. 1. Introducing the Brand NewQTS 4.0 OSSimple yet Powerful NAS System
    2. 2. QTS 4.0 Makes a NAS More than a NAS
    3. 3. CloudInstallation
    4. 4. CD-less Installation• Every NAS comes with a “Cloud Key”• Simply connect to the NAS by entering “start.qnap.com” in your webbrowser• QR-Codes are built in, which lets mobile devices connect to yourNAS for system configuration
    5. 5. QfinderThe new utility for you to manageand set up the NAS easily
    6. 6. Fast, Hassle-free Setup• “Quick Setup” allows you to complete the first time setup in just fewclicks!• More add-on features, e.g. resource monitoring, bookmarks,simplified SMTP settings.
    7. 7. Monitor NAS Status• Multiple widgets are provided to monitor the real-time systemresources, capacity, bandwidth, etc. on your desktop.
    8. 8. IntelligentDesktopManage your NASEasily on QTS Desktop!
    9. 9. Intelligent QTS Desktop• Drag-and-drop to create shortcuts• Multiple desktops for easy of categorization your apps• Create a folder to easily organize multiple app iconsFolder withmultiple appsMainMenuEasily openmultiple apps andsettingsconcurrentlyDrag-n-drop !Click “>” toswitch to adifferentdesktop
    10. 10. Personalized Desktop• Personalize your QTS Desktop by multiple default wallpaperchoices, or customize it with your own favorite pictures!• More efficiency! Place your frequently used app icons on the QTSDesktop
    11. 11. Multi-tasking with Multiple Windows• You can open multiple windows on the QTS Desktop, and run all ofthem at the same time• Switch among multiple opened apps by clicking the tabs on thetoolbar
    12. 12. Real-time Event Notification• In case of any warnings and errors, users will be alertedwith a clear sign on the toolbar. Simply click to check itout.• Users will be notified by email or SMS
    13. 13. USB/eSATA External Devices• One click to manage the connected external devices ,e.g. external disk or USB printer• Eject/disconnect the device by a simple click
    14. 14. Background Tasks• View all the background tasks of the NAS at a glance.For example, download, virus scanning, transcoding, andbackup status.
    15. 15. The color of the dashboard picturewill change according to the status.Smart Dashboard• Provides an overview of the NAS system status in a graphic dashboard• System and hard drive health, CPU/RAM, hardware information, storagestatus, and scheduled tasks are clearly presented• Each module can be dragged and dropped to the QTS Desktop
    16. 16. QsyncSync and share with a largecapacity cloud
    17. 17. Synchronization among Multiple PlatformsHome or Business NetworkFiles Music Videos Photos SharedFoldersInternetShare photos to friendsand familySet up a shared folderfor clients andprospectsAccess files from home,school or workInternetInternetInternetQboxCommunitySharingSync and collaborate the data among different platformsand devices!
    18. 18. Team Folders• Using the QNAP NAS and Qsync as the central storage,you can create team folders to sync and share files inreal time with your colleagues, teammates, and friends
    19. 19. Links Sharing• Use shared links instead of sending large files.• Simply click to create and share, the links will direct therecipients to the downloadable files on the NAS.http://XXXX.myqnapcloud.com:8080/xxxxxxxxxxx
    20. 20. Links Sharing• Creating a link is instant and easy!• Mouse right click the file, choose “Qsync” and “Share thelink”
    21. 21. Rich Multimedia Features
    22. 22. File Station• Web-based file management
    23. 23. Thumbnail Preview• View the videos and photos with thumbnails• Easily browse the files by the page-up and page-downkeys
    24. 24. Manage Media with Large Thumbnails• View and manage the videos and photos with largethumbnails in the “Properties” window.
    25. 25. • Double click the media files, stream and play them rightaway by using your web browser• Supports most music and video formatsBuilt-in Media Player
    26. 26. Photo StationAccess your great memorieson the go!
    27. 27. View Photos in a Timeline• Organize and present your precious memories by yearand month. Drag and select the timeline to browse thephotos.View photos by year,month, and more!View photos by year,month, and more!
    28. 28. Folder-01Personalized Albums• Multiple photos can be organized in an album by the Photo Station’slibrary without the need to move/copy the filesFolder-02 Folder-03Album- 2012-2013Folder-04Album-Lucky
    29. 29. Tag and Organize• Quickly tag and comments on your photos so you will never forget themoments. Finish your own story book by creating a slideshow.Lucky LuckySlideshow – My Cute LuckyLucky; Me
    30. 30. Share your Memories• Share your photos by email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or chat appssuch as WeChat, Line, and Skype.PlurkWeChat Line SkypeFacebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest人人網新浪微博
    31. 31. *Applicable to Intel-based NAS only.Video Thumbnail Previews• Each video file is presented with a moving multi-framethumbnail for you to locate the video files immediately
    32. 32. Smart Import• Connect your digital camera to the NAS via a USB port, the NAS willexecute a smart import to copy all the photos to the Photo Station.BetaNote: Supports flash storage, external hard disk, and MTP (Android compatible cameras).
    33. 33. Music Station• Play all your music throughyour cloud
    34. 34. Your Own Music Library• Easily organize your music library• Play your music anytime, anywhere
    35. 35. Share Your Favorite Tunes• Share your music through social media networks• Simply select the songs, enter your message, and share withanyonePlurkWeChat Line SkypeFacebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest人人網Weibo
    36. 36. Online Radio• Access thousands of Internet radio channels• Play through the built-in player
    37. 37. Lyrics Supported• Add the lyrics and display them when playing the music
    38. 38. 38Digital Media Center
    39. 39. Multimedia Management• You can manage and organize your music, video, and photocollections easily, and share them according to the settings of theMedia Library
    40. 40. QAirplay App
    41. 41. QAirplay App• Stream the music, videos, and photos from your NAS tothe AirPlay devices, e.g. Apple TV• Use the your PC or Smart phone with Qfile app as aremote control to browse and select the media files toplay!Apple TV
    42. 42. DLNA Media Server• Now with TwonkyMedia andQNAP self-maintained mediaserver!
    43. 43. QNAP DLNA Media ServerPerfect companion of your DLNA and Smart TV !All the selected photos, music, and video files on QNAP NAS will besorted in a library, and will play on TV without setup required!BetaEasily find the QNAP NAS onyour smart TV via DLNA!
    44. 44. HD Station• Supported by QNAP TS-x69,x70, x79Directly play your media files to TV via HDMI!
    45. 45. Multiple Apps on HD StationXBMC:• Play your HD videos right from yourNAS by using the powerful playerChrome:• Surf the Internet on your TVYouTube:• Enjoy all YouTube videos on your TVMyNAS• Manage your NAS on the TVThrough the HD Station you can enjoy the following applications:
    46. 46. iPhone as a Remote Control• Qremote is a free appavailable on AppleStore.• You can use your iOSdevice to control the HDStation with keyboard &mouse-like modeCurrently only supported on iOS devices;Android version coming soon
    47. 47. Full-featured Mobile Applications
    48. 48. Qfile• Browse, manage, and sharefiles
    49. 49. Remotely Access Files on Your NAS• Easily access your files• Stream your videos and music instantly• Supports almost all file formats• Preview photo files with thumbnails
    50. 50. Upload and Download• The pictures taken on your smart phone can be instantly uploadedto the NAS• The files on the NAS can also be downloaded to the mobile devices
    51. 51. File Sharing• The files downloaded from the NAS can be shared withour friends and family with the “Share Link” feature.
    52. 52. Qfile HD for iPad• Redesigned Qfile forhigher resolution andusability for iPad users.
    53. 53. Qmanager• Remotely manage your Turbo NAS
    54. 54. Monitor Your NAS at All Times• Monitor the system status• Easily manage the downloads• View backup tasks status• Manage network connections
    55. 55. Remotely Manage Your NAS• Manage services and applications• Turn off or restart the NAS• Locate your NAS on the network• Remotely turn on the NAS by WOL
    56. 56. Qmusic• Enjoy your music on the go
    57. 57. Mobile Music Station• Carry the music collection in yourpocket.• 1-click to play music• Quickly browse the music bycategories
    58. 58. Easy to Use• Manage the songs by playlists• Download and enjoy your musicoffline
    59. 59. myQNAPcloudYour own personal cloud
    60. 60. Your Personal Cloud• myQNAPcloud is your personal cloud that you can access your filesanytime, anywhere• Own a unique host name for your Turbo NAS• Publish and share the NAS services conveniently on the Internet
    61. 61. myQNAPcloud• Connect to your NAS wherever you are• Remotely access servicesa. Auto router configurationb. VPNc. DDNS/Cloud portald. Publish services
    62. 62. • myQNAPcloud helps you convert the overlapped ports, establishconnections to multiple NAS servers under a UPnP router• Supports VPN connectionsLANRemotely Connect to Your NAS
    63. 63. Backup Station• Back up important files from PC to the NAS• Back up the files/folders on a NAS to another one by schedule or inreal-time.• Cloud storage services: Symform, Amazon S3, ElephantDrive
    64. 64. SurveillanceStation Pro• Remote access• Mobile app supported• Monitor on your smart TV
    65. 65. Home SecurityStep 1:Install the IP cameras.Step 2:Open Windows Qfinder or NASSurveillance Station and search forthe cameras.Step 3:Enter the password of theIP cameras, and startmonitoring
    66. 66. Real-time Monitoring and Recording• Monitor up to 40 IP cameras all at once, PTZ control supported• Automatic system startup after power recovery•TS-X10, X12, X19 NAS: Max 8 channels•TS-x69, TS-x59, TS-x39, TS-509 Pro, TS-809 Pro, SS-439/839 NAS: Max 16 channels•TS-X79, X70U NAS: Max 40 channels
    67. 67. Supports over 1,500 IP cameras
    68. 68. Mobile Surveillance: VMobile• Monitor, remote live view, alerts/warnings
    69. 69. Download Station & QGet
    70. 70. PC-less Download• Supports FTP, HTTP, BT, PT, Magnet link, RSS feed downloads• Bandwidth throttling control• Schedule the download tasks
    71. 71. QGet: Remote Management Tool• Integrated with QTS 4.0 Download Station• Monitor and manage multiple NAS servers at once• Support torrent file search• Double click to add/upload torrent
    72. 72. HappyGet 2• Available in Google ChromeWeb Store
    73. 73. Backup Favorite Videos• By installing the HappyGet plug-in on the Chrome Web Store, youcan select your preferred playlist and download an array of videosall at once with the embedded HappyGet button !!And more video site…One clicktoDownloadOne clicktoDownload
    74. 74. Music Playlists• When backing up videos or music, playlists can be automaticallycreated• Click to play the music
    75. 75. Ringtone Creator: HappyCut• You can create your own ringtones from any songs for both iOS andAndroid devices
    76. 76. App Center
    77. 77. Explore Unlimited Possibilities on the NAS• Besides the default built-in applications, more QNAP developed andthird party applications can be downloaded and installed from theApp Center. The apps include photo album, cloud backup,surveillance station, download applications, and Airplay streaming,etc.
    78. 78. Enjoy the All New QTS 4.0!
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