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leap frog reader

  1. 1. ==== ====video gameswww.videogames.com==== ====The dictionary defines leap frog as advancing over others in the quickest way possible. oradvancing in large steps instead of small increments. When you leap frog past your competitionyou do it in less time and more effectively. When you think of leapfrog, you think of overnightsensation, or in sports they call the team a Cinderella story.Any way you slice it, the person or company who is able to master these principles will have asolid advantage over others. When you apply the following principles, youll discover you donthave to take as long as your more established competition took to succeed.We studied people and companies who managed to leap frog over their counterparts anddiscovered they had 5 things in common. By applying these 5 simple but powerful actions you canapply the leapfrog principle to your work, goals, relationships and life in general. Youll start to seemore leap frog opportunities as you apply these principles.Many people make the mistake of thinking everything has to take a lot of time to do. This is a hugemistake because having such an attitude clouds them from seeing and taking advantage of leapfrog opportunities. Most people miss juicy leap frog opportunities everyday.By following these simple principles youll begin to recognize more opportunities and knowspecifically what to do to take advantage of them.1. They Find Out What Their Competition Hates To Do and Masters ItThis is one of the fastest ways to leap frog past your competition in many areas. This techniqueworks best especially when your competition is bigger or more established. Many times you canattract new customers by providing an extra service your larger competitors dont find profitablebut your target market finds beneficial. This is a technique many companies use to leap frog overlarger competitors and often steal the market before the competition knew what hit them.2. They Keep Their Finger On The Pulse Of Their Target MarketThis one step cant be underestimated. In this fast paced marketplace the company who can stayalert to customers changing needs is an open door opportunity to leap frog over a competitor.Most companies, especially the big established ones are often the slowest to adapt to customerschanging needs. If youre a smaller company you have a unique advantage. You can act onchanging customer demands quicker than your larger competitors. For example, while theyreholding endless meetings, emailing memos and waiting for approvals from the home office, youcan react quicker to meet your customers changing needs.
  2. 2. 3. They Embrace Risk Instead of Hiding or Running From ItThis is another trait people and companies have loads of who leap frog to success. The ability tonot only take risk, but embrace it, while everyone around them even larger competitors avoid, hideor even run from it. But if you look closer the risk they appear to take is calculated, planned andorganized with military precision. Often theyve done extensive research, planning and markettesting before the so-called risk was taken.4. They Have Strong Bounce Back AbilityAnother trait we noticed from companies and people who leap frog to success is their ability tobounce back. As mentioned before they embrace risk, and companies and people who do thatface failure, setbacks and temporary defeat more than the average. But what they have is theability to bounce back strong and thats what makes them above average.5. They Quickly Learn From Their Mistakes And Avoid Repeating ThemThis is a trait people who manage to leap frog to success have. They make their share of mistakesbut they react in 3 powerful ways the average person or run of the mill company often miss.1. The quickly learn from their mistakes.2. They avoid getting stuck playing the blame game, making excuses or ignoring it.3. They avoid repeating the same mistakes twice by establishing a written plan of action.These are the 5 proven ways to leap frog past your competition. By applying this simple plan youwont have to depend on luck, chance opportunities or getting a break for your leap frogopportunities like most others, now you can make your own.True Story! Heres Powerful Secrets Average People Are Using to Bounce-Back from Setbacksand Quickly Leapfrog Their Way to Success, Read Free Report Success Through Self MotivationArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Roy_Primm==== ====
  3. 3. video gameswww.videogames.com==== ====